Fix iPhone Error code 4013

Errors are common in smartphones. The iPhone is not left out in this crisis that attacks when restoring or updating the operating system. This is about fixing iPhone Error code 4013. There are reasons why you could decide to restore or update your iOS. One major reason is so you could enjoy the latest features that the giant company, Apple gives through its OS upgrades.

Now were you trying to upgrade and saw an error 4013 on your iPhone screen telling you that you can’t restore it? That might be hard to digest, knowing you can’t do all the necessary things until it’s fixed. Meanwhile, this read would expose the tricks and solution to getting it solved. Then you will see that it’s pretty easy to fix iPhone Error code 4013.

First, understand that this error code often pops off largely due to a disconnection from iTunes or inability to complete iOS restoration or update due to certain hitches.

The iPhone Error code 4013 is often communicated in this form ” The iPhone (model) could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (4013)”. If you see that, keep calm and follow this guide in solving the issue.

First Step to Fix iPhone error code 4013 is to Check iTunes Status

We said earlier that one of the reasons for iPhone error code 4013 is a disconnection in iTunes or inability for iTunes to initiate or complete the restore or update process. Fixing iPhone error code 4013 would then require you to check the status of your iTunes and make sure it’s the latest version you got installed.

If your iTunes is out of date, make sure to update it. That could be the cause of the error code.

After successfully updating (if need be) and you try again, if the error code 4013 still pops up when you retry the iOS restoration or update process, try the next step to fix it.

force restart iPhone to fix error code 4013

Force Restart your iPhone to fix error code 4013

It’s probably how the iPhone system is wired. A reboot can easily solve minor and some major hitches in the device’s operating system. Force restarting also know as Hard reboot, can help fix the iPhone error code 4013. The cause of the error could be a temporary malfunction in the operating system and can be restored and fixed by a force Restart. Check this read on how to Force Restart iPhone.

Try to restore or update the iOS again after force restarting. In some occasions, this step doesn’t work. This doesn’t mean your iPhone is damaged, it only needs a different method of fixing. Check step the next step and try it out.

fix error code 4031

Update iOS by connecting the iPhone to iTunes

Fix the iPhone error code 4013 by connecting your device to iTunes and try updating. Using an undamaged USB cable, connect your device to a computer to update.

A question from iTunes will pop up as to whether you want to “restore” or “update” your iPhone. At this stage, i is important to choose “Update” and not “Restore” . Selecting the “Update”  option reinstall the operating system while leaving all data and information on the device untouched.

It’s detrimental to click on the “Restore” button as this option deletes and erases all data on your iPhone. It has a tendency to solve the iPhone error code 4013 but should be seen as the last option.  If eventually, after trying the other steps and the problem still isn’t fixed, you might then see the “restore” option as a last resort.

connect iPhone to a computer to fix error code 4013

Using a different USB Cable in fixing iPhone error code 4013

Apple usually calls users’ attention to the risk of connecting damaged cables to iPhone devices. Whether you want to turn your iPhone back on or you want to boost and charge it, never use a damaged USB cable.

There’s another need for its use, and that’s to restore or update your iOS in order to get rid of the iPhone error code 4013. This is to ensure that the error code is not caused by a hardware glitch.

iTunes inability to facilitate the iOS restore or update process might not be an internal or iTunes issue. A faulty USB cable can cause this hitch and render the restore or update uninitializable. Try to change the cable you initially used for a different one so as to clear the doubt and possibility of the error code being caused by a faulty cable.

Use a different computer to fix iPhone error code 4013

Just like the possibility of the error code coming from a faulty USB cable, it’s likely your computer cable port is the problem. You never can tell until you switch it and use a different computer in initializing your restoration or upgrade. This is another instance where hardware could be the source of the iPhone error code 4013. Change the computer, clear your doubt and move to get the error fixed.

Who can then fix iPhone error code 4013?

If all the above steps have failed to work and get rid of your iPhone error code 4013, it’s time to reach out to the Masters. Contacting Apple is the next and safest decision after all trials have proved abortive.

Do not panic, though, the error code would most probably get fixed, and you might not have to go through the stress of reaching out to the ever-busy Masters at the Apple house. Get on with those fixing tips and tell us how you went about fixing your iPhone error code 4013 in the comments section.

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