Your iPhone is Stuck? See How to Force Restart

iPhones are not free from freezing or getting stuck. Your iPhone is getting stuck, means no calls, no assess to emails, and no communication with the online space generally. iPhone getting stuck is rare but not unprecedented. It sure isn’t a sign of damage to your device, either. Just like the usual first trial method of restoring slow or lagging Android devices, a stuck iPhone can also be corrected. How? Force restart!.

These hitches are often caused by a software glitch and could be initiated by buggy apps. Although the iPhone seems to be sophisticated and specially built when compared to previous models, it is not exempted from this potential operational glitch.

If at all your iPhone X freezes or gets stuck, a hard reboot or force restart is needed to return it to its operational mode. While other iPhone models except the iPhone 8 and X series have the same shutdown process, it’s quite a different procedure when it comes to forcing restarting them.

How to Force Restart iPhone X

The iPhone X, which has a two-way shutdown method, has a more practical force restart procedure. Performing a hard reboot, follow these easy steps;

  1. Press quickly and release the volume up key
  2. Also, press and release quickly the volume down button
  3. Press the side button and hold until the screen shuts off
  4. You are to keep holding the side button until the phone comes back up, showing the Apple boot screen.

Taking these steps would restore your frozen iPhone X to normal and give you the chance to find out the cause of the hitch.

We have spoken about the seemingly differently created model; now, let’s provide some help to the loyalists of the Apple brand, users of models 7 and below.

iPhone 7 series seems to have a slightly different reboot and power off procedure different from that of iPhone 6 and earlier models.

To force reboot the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, all you need to do is press and hold the top and side button and the volume down key until the apple trademark pops up.

iPhone not Turning on after Force Reboot

It’s possible for your iPhone to not turn on after the force reboot, a technique given by the Apple Company is to plug in your device and charge for an hour. If after an hour of charging and you don’t see the charge sign or the screen displays the “connect to power” directive, try to use a different cable and check all necessary things like the power adapter and USB cable.

Always Enable Back Up

It’s important to note that force rebooting your iPhone causes you to lose any unsaved data in opened apps before the action was taken. Some iPhone users think their data are automatically backed up to iCloud.

Your best options at backing up your iPhone are iCloud and iTunes. These storage features do not only safely back up your files, pictures, and music but also your contacts, messages application information, and also your iPhone settings.

Since you might not have the opportunity of enabling the automatic back up feature of iCloud, its advisable to always activate it when your phone’s operation is smooth and not when the device is stuck and needs to be force rebooted.

What to do after a Force Reboot of your iPhone

The problem is not eliminated yet. You have to find and check all apps on your iPhone once it’s back on to fish out the troubled app causing your phone to malfunction.

However, finding an app on your iPhone might prove confusing and harder than expected. Here are a few ways to find your apps;

Offload App

The malfunction could arise as a result of malware from an unused app. It’s important to find this app and eliminate it so as to avoid future hitches with your phone’s operations.

You can fish out unused apps in the Settings by going to iTunes and App Store. There is a toggle recently added that allows you to offload unused apps.

This feature is exclusive of the iPhone 11 series, and activating it will automatically remove unused apps. You might have offloaded an app because you haven’t used it in a while.

To be able to eliminate formally it, from your iPhone, you need to bring it back on and uninstall or delete it completely if it poses to be the reason for your iPhone getting stuck.

Spotlight Search on your iPhone

Apple made searching files easy for its devices. If after a force restart you want to troubleshoot an app causing your iPhone to get stuck, you can locate apps with the Spotlight search feature by;

  1. Assessing the Home screen.
  2. Drag the screen down from the middle to assess the spotlight search feature.
  3. Input a suspecting app you want to troubleshoot.
  4. In the displayed results, you should see the app.

Meanwhile, to perform the ultimate solution of deleting a troubled app, you have to enable the restrictions for deleting apps. This feature was brought on along with the new iOS 11 so if you have upgraded to it, follow these steps;

  1. Go to Settings > general > restrictions
  2. Input your created restriction password
  3. Activate the deleting toggle to “On”.

Once you perform are done with this process, head to the home screen and retry holding down the application. The “delete app” option pops up. Delete the app and continue to use your iPhone normally. If any hitch or malfunction occurs again, contact the apple support system. I hope this guide on how to force to restart a stuck iPhone helps. Drop your experience in the comment section. Let’s hear from you.

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