[2022] – Proven Way to Fix Roomba Flashing Red Light

How do you handle your Roomba flashing red light? If you are seeing this for the first time; you need to take your time to go through this article and how to handle and fix your Roomba vacuum cleaning if it keeps flashing red light.

When your Roomba vacuum signifies or indicates an issue somewhere, it does that by showing you a signal through its voice or by flashing a light.

A good example of that is when you see the Roomba flashing red around the CLEAN button area and it begins to move toward the rear. In a scenario like this, one of the most likely culprits is that your Roomba vacuum cleaner bin is filled up.

When faced with it, all you have to do is empty your Roomba bin and you’re good to go, but in most cases, you might do that and still keep seeing the Roomba’s flashing red light.

Additionally, the red flashing light could mean that the battery is low and insufficient to charge the Roomba vacuum.

Whatever the nature of the Roomba device flashing red light; I implore you to read the article till the end to figure out how to resolve Roomba flashing red light and what to do when the light keeps blinking.

How to fix the Roomba flashing red light

Roomba flashing red light

If your robot vacuum cleaner is flashing red light, you have to first determine where the problem is coming from by looking at how the red light moves or is displayed.

If it is coming from the “Clean” button area, then the battery of your Roooma vacuum is low and needs to be charged.

But, if the Roomba flashing red light comes from the “Clean” button area and begins to move toward the rear, then you need to empty the bin.

That being said, let’s break down what you should do if you want to fix these.

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Clean the vacuum Bin.

Roomba flashing red light

Since you’ve been able to identify the possible cause of the problem, you have to remove the bin from the vacuum compartment and clean it thoroughly.

However, there are other parts you might want to clean as they have a direct relationship with the dirt that is passed on to the bin.

Clean the onboard dustbin

  • To begin, press the bin release button, which retains the bin attached to the Roomba’s body.
  • Remove the bin afterwards. Some dust may fly out as you do it. It is preferable to relocate the bin from a windy location.
  • Next, you’ll see that the bin has a door that keeps the dust inside.
  • Now, tip the bin over your garbage can and shake off all the dust.
  • When you’re sure the trash is empty, look inside for any obstinate bits of dirt, dust, or debris and clean them up.

Remove the Air Filter

Roomba flashing red light

After cleaning the bin, you also have to clean other supporting parts since the air filter is directly attached to the bin, you want to ensure that the air filter is also clean to avoid doing extra work.

Anyway, here is how you should clean the filter.

  • The air filter for your Roomba is placed behind the filter door on the dustbin. So, to start, open the filter door to reveal the air filter.
  • After that, take the filter out of the bin. You can do that by pulling a tab to remove the filter.
  • Then, take the filter to the garbage can. Shake and press the filter against the edge of your garbage can to remove the dust in the filter.
  • When you’re certain that the filter is clean, place it in the trash and close the filter door behind it.
  • It’s also a good idea to inspect the filter while it’s being cleaned.

Remove the Full Bin Sensors

Roomba flashing red light sensor

Now that you have cleaned the bin and the air filter, another thing you would want to clean is the sensor because sometimes you might still get a Roomba red flashing light if the sensor is clogged with dirt.

That being said, here is how you can go about that:

You will need to clean the six full bin sensors in your Roomba vacuum. If you need assistance discovering all of them, please see the user manual.

Cleaning the sensor

The process of cleaning the sensors is quite simple and quick. All you have to do is clean each sensor and its surrounding components.

NB: Make sure that after cleaning, the sensors and the areas around them are dust-free.

Roomba Flashes a Red Light While Charging

Now that we’ve gone through that, let’s delve into how you can resolve your Roomba vacuum cleaner when the red light is flashing.

Now if the Roomba flashes a red light and the bin is empty, then the battery is very low and needs to be charged.

Depending on how low the battery is If it shows a red stagnant light the Roomba may not be able to be turned on until it charges for a while.

Roomba’s Red Light won’t go Away.

If you’ve cleaned the bin and the red light is still flashing, make sure you’ve cleaned the sensor and the filter to be doubly sure the problem is not dirt-related.

If it is not from the bin, ensure that your robot vacuum is well-charged before turning it on.

However, if it persists, try power cycling your vacuum cleaner.

If you don’t know how to power cycle, it’s not rocket science; simply remove the battery from the Roomba vacuum cleaner for 5 minutes, replace the battery, and turn it on.

Doing this should stop the Roomba from flashing red light.

If it doesn’t, you might have to take it to a technical support provider or contact Irobot customer support.

Roomba Blinking White Light

If your Roomba vacuum is blinking white light, two things could be going on.

  • Roomba is updating its software
  • The Roomba is charged but still docked (curved white light).

Roomba i7 Red Light Blinking

If your i7 Roomba robot vacuum is blinking a red light, it will blink a red circular light. In this scenario, the Roomba is too low and cannot start.

However, if the red light is starting from the rear top and swings to the bottom, then you need to empty the bin or clean the sensors as discussed above.

Roomba i3 Blue Light

If your i3 Roomba vacuum is displaying a blue light, it means the Roomba is in wifi pairing mode.


By now, you should have been able to figure out how to deal with a Roomba flashing red light, the different reasons for the Roomba flashing red light, and what to do about it.

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