Fixed! How to Reset Jlab Go Air Earbuds

Are your Jlab Go Air earbuds malfunctioning and you are wondering how you can fix the issue? Well, many factors may be responsible for the glitches but this article will guide you through how to reset Jlab Go Air earbuds without any hassle and get them working perfectly again. 

In case it’s one of your Jlab earbuds that stopped working, this post will provide a lasting solution on how you can fix the problem. Here in this article, you will be exposed to the features and functions of Jlab Go Air Earbuds and how to reset Jlab Go Air manually, and also how to hard reset it. Read on for more information!How to Reset Jlab Go Air Earbuds

Features of Jlab Go Air Earbuds

The Jlab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds are very portable and even smaller than JBuds Air. It offers 20+ hours of Bluetooth playtime. Its smaller case can be accessed easily, and it has a strong magnet that secures the buds particularly when you are on the go. The following are the features of Jlab Go Air Earbuds:

  • The Jlab Go Air True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds come with a charging case.
  • Jlab Go Air Earbuds are easy on the wallet and feature dual connect and touch controls.
  • It has a rating of IP44 Sweat resistance.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connection.
  • JLab Go Air can be used independently.
  • It features the 3 EQ Sound Settings namely: Balanced, Bass Boost, and JLab Signature.

The following features above are some of the features of Jlab Go Air earbuds that make it an amazing device. How to Reset Jlab Go Air Earbuds

Functions of Jlab Go Air Earbuds

To maximally optimize the usage of your Jlab Go Air earbuds, you need to know their functions and get acquainted with them. Some of the functions are:

  • The left or right Jlab Go Air earbuds can be used separately for music and phone calls, all you need to do is select one and remove it from the case to connect.
  • Just one Bluetooth device can be connected at a time and turn on Bluetooth on the selected device to connect.
  • Although the earbuds are sweat/water resistant, the case is not. Always dry off the earbuds before placing them back in the case to prevent damage. 
  • JLab earbuds fit greatly in their charging case. 
  • Just like the earbuds can run out of battery, the charging case can also do likewise.
  • You can use just one Jlab earbud instead of using the consecutively especially when you working out, jogging, or even driving. Simply place the earbud, not in use inside the charging case.
  • Jlab offers a 2-year warranty on most of its models. 
  • Jlab earbuds have in-ear voice prompts which help you while troubleshooting.
  • The prompts differ slightly based on the specific models you have, but generally, the “Hello” prompt shows that the earbud is turned on, while “Ready to Pair” means that the earbud is in pairing mode, and “Connected” or “Bluetooth connected” means that the earbud has been paired successfully to your device.
  • Jlab also has more standard technical support than most budget headphone companies. How to Reset Jlab Go Air Earbuds

Why do you need to reset Jlab Go Air Earbuds?

An issue must have occurred while using your Jlab Go Air earbuds that is causing you to reset them. Some of those reasons are:

  • Connection failure or your earbuds are disconnected from each other.
  • The left or right earbud is not working.
  • Pairing issues with other devices.
  • Wrong Bluetooth setup.
  • Earbuds fall and it leads to internal damage.
  • Earbuds were used in extreme humidity, heat, or cold.
  • Earbuds were cleaned and placed in the charging case without allowing it to get dry properly. 
  • Even though Jlab earbuds fit firmly in its case, you can still wrongly place the earbuds in the case.

Therefore, before you go ahead with the troubleshooting steps, ensure that you charge the earbuds properly. Below are the steps on how to reset Jlab Go Air earbuds. How to Reset Jlab Go Air Earbuds

How to Reset Jlab Go Air Earbuds

If you are experiencing one of the aforementioned issues, then you have no other choice but to try out the following troubleshooting tips on your Jlab Go Air earbuds. One of the solutions that will help solve most of these problems is resetting your device. Follow the steps below on how to reset Jlab Go Air Earbuds:

  • Go to your connected Bluetooth device settings and place both earbuds in the case, then “forget” the Jlab Go Air earbuds.
  • Then, turn off Bluetooth.  
  • Open the charging case and leave both earbuds inside.
  • Starting with one of the earbuds, quickly tap the earbud’s button 7 times (while still in the case). 
  • The earbud will blink blue light 3 times.
  • Now, tap on the other earbud 7 times quickly (while still in the charging case). The blue light will also blink 3 times.
  • Take both earbuds out of the case and place them within 2 inches of each other.
  • Wait for one of the earbuds to turn solid white while the other one should blink blue and white.
  • Once you see these lights blinking, then it means that the earbuds are now ready to pair to your Bluetooth device.

This should fix your problem if you followed the steps carefully. However, in case it doesn’t, you can follow the steps below on how to reset Jlab Go Air earbuds manually. How to Reset Jlab Go Air Earbuds

How to Reset Jlab Go Air Earbuds Manually

Here’s how to reset Jlab Go Air earbuds manually, follow the steps carefully below:

  • Place the earbuds in the charging case and forget “JLab Go Air” from your Bluetooth device Settings.
  • Quickly press one of the earbuds 7 times while in the charging case, the earbud will blink blue light 4 times.
  • Also, tap quickly on the other earbud 7 times in the charging case and the earbud will blink blue 4 times.
  • Remove the two earbuds from the charging case.
  • One of the earbuds will display a solid white light while the other one will blink blue and white showing that it is ready to pair to your device.

This is all about resetting Jlab Go Air earbuds manually, although the steps are similar to hard resetting the earbuds just that the blue light will blink 4 times after tapping the earbuds 7 times instead of the normal 3 times when you hard reset your Jlab Go Air earbuds. 

If your 2 years warranty is still on, then you can always contact JLab customer service via their email at or online at In case you have tried resetting your earbuds and they are still not working, then it’s probably the best time to look into getting a free replacement.

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