4 Gadgets that Will Skyrocket your Productivity

Over the past two years, more people have made the switch and started working remotely. The coronavirus pandemic has also forced employees to start working from home more. But remote work isn’t all rosy.

A survey shows that 53.1% of workers believe working remotely has made it more difficult to separate non-work activities from work activities due to distractions. They find it hard to maintain the same level of productivity they had in an office setting.

Fortunately, there are tools and gadgets you can use to boost your productivity. Turn things around with these 4 gadgets

4 Gadgets that will Skyrocket your Productivity in 2021

Amazon Echo

In 2020, there were about 53.9 million Amazon Echo shipments worldwide. Amazon Echo is one of the most sought-after smart speakers, this voice-controlled gadget is used as a personal assistant by many people.

You can use it to control smart home equipment, play and search for music, and stream videos using voice commands. You can use Amazon Echo to perform some of your daily activities without leaving your desk as you work from home. This improves your productivity in the long term because you move less.


Saent is designed to block online distractions and increase your productivity. As you work, it’s easy to get distracted by social media and interesting websites. Saent allows you to block all these distractions by simply pressing it–you have time to focus on work.

This smart device ensures you use only one website or app at a time, improving your productivity. The device is portable, so you can carry it with you to any workstation.

Multi-Device Keyboard

With a multi-device keyboard, you can connect Bluetooth devices like a laptop, PC, Multi channel home theatre, or tablet at the same time. It has a slot that holds tablets and smartphones in an upright position as you type.

You can easily switch between devices and put them all to use. This wireless gadget works with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. You can switch between paired devices by using the selection dial.

According to research, remote work increased the regular work day by three hours. This means employees are sitting for longer than before. According to Loan Center, a top online issuer of car title loans, a good wireless keyboard can help you type faster and more comfortably. This means that even if you work for longer, you’ll still be comfortable.

Kevo Smart Lock

According to Statista, the global smart lock market size will be worth $4 billion by 2027. To avoid many distractions as you work, use the Kevo smart lock to unlock your doors with your phone. You can use the gadget to schedule a time to open doors when you have regular visitors or cleaners coming to your home. You won’t have to keep getting up to let people into your home.

These productivity gadgets are vital for remote work. Technology has made it easier to turn your home into an office that promotes productivity. These 4 devices will come in handy as you work from home. They will boost your productivity and simplify tasks.

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