How to Fix Garbage Disposal Humming But Not Working

A garbage disposal or waste disposal is a device that is powered by electricity and is mounted under the sink basin. The device is designed to collect and shred food waste into smaller pieces.

 When the garbage or waste disposal is powered on, there is a spinning disc or impeller plate, that turns rapidly. Within the grinding chamber, the blade grinds food particles into smaller units. The grinded food particle is then washed by water through the holes in the chamber wall.

Garbage disposal humming but not working is a common issue that you would face with the garbage disposal unit. Another common problem with garbage disposal is the issue water leakages.

If your garbage disposal is giving a humming sound, then this is a sign that you need to quickly fix your disposal. This problem can escalate and lead to damage that would require you to spend a lot of money to repair. It is best to quickly act and save yourself from expensive repairs.

Here in this article, we would briefly discuss how to fix the issue of garbage disposal humming but not working.

Garbage Disposal Humming But Not Working

The main reason why your garbage disposal humming but not working when you power on from the switch is due to a jammed inner flywheel. When the inner flywheel is jammed this will allow the reset button to pop.

If a circuit breaker is connected with the garbage disposal this will cause the circuit breaker to trip off quickly. If the garbage disposal is not turned off the disposal motor can get burned. When you hear a humming sound and the garbage disposal is not working quickly switch it off from the socket.

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Food particles or foreign objects are the common causes of a jammed blade. When the blades are jammed they won’t be able to rotate. When the blades of the garbage disposal get jammed the blades would fail to rotate and would apply extra force on the motor to force its blades to rotate.

If the motor gets burned then you will have to replace the whole unit rather than repair it.

garbage disposal humming but not working

How Do You Fix a Garbage Disposal That Just Hums

Here we would provide you with solutions on how to fix garbage disposal humming but not working. If you are faced with this issue follow the steps below.

Step 1:

  • Turn garbage disposal power off from the electrical service panel.
  • If connected to a circuit breaker turn off the breaker.
  • Turn off the wall switch controlling the disposal.
  • Get ready for an offset wrench, it comes along with the garbage disposal unit. In case you don’t have the wrench ready you can purchase the wrench from a nearby store. You can also use a big Allen wrench as an alternative.
  • Then insert it into the flywheel by turning the hole at the bottom of the unit.
  • After inserting the wrench then turn it in a clockwise direction to move the stuck impeller or flywheel.
  • The flywheel should turn freely when it is dislodged.

Step 2:

This procedure includes the use of a spoon handle or wooden object. The wooden material should be long enough to reach down into the disposal. Then use it to free the stuck flywheel, until the flywheel starts to move freely.

Look down into the disposal with a flashlight to check for the object that caused the jam. Then use a plier to remove the foreign object. once the flywheel is free turn the power back on at the service panel. Press the red reset button on the bottom of the garbage disposal.

Now run some tap water into the garbage disposal, then flip the switch on and off for a short time. Now the flywheel should spin and any dislodged debris should now be washed down the drain.

garbage disposal humming but not working

Garbage Disposal Leaking From Bottom

The garbage disposal is constantly vibrating and this can make it lose its grip over time. The mounting flange holds the garbage disposal to the sink drain.

Step 1:

To re-tighten the mounting flange:

  • Turn off power from the power wall outlet and circuit breaker if connected.
  • Turn disposal in a counterclockwise direction to loosen, then remove it from the mounting flange.
  • Now tighten the bolts holding down the flange to the sink.
  • If the bolts are tight, then loosen the bolt and push the sink flange a little above the surface of the sink.
  • Get a plumber putty or water-tight seal and apply it between the sink flange and sink. Carefully apply the seal to the edges.
  • Re-tighten the mounting bolts from under the sink, and ensure the bolts are tightened between the sink flange and the sink surface. Wipe away excess putty or seal that fumes out.
  • Lastly re-install the garbage disposal unit and turn the power back on from the circuit wall outlet and circuit breaker.
  • Then run a quick test to check for leaks as you allow water to run in the sink.

Step 2:

Leaks in the hose that connects from the dishwasher to the garbage disposal can cause water leakages. The rubber hose that funnels waste water moving from the dishwasher to the garbage disposal should be re-tightened or changed as appropriate.

  • Tighten the connector to the dishwasher inlet on the garbage disposal.
  • Replace the hose if it continues to leak.

Step 3:

The discharge drain pipe is a plastic type of pipe that carries waste water moving from the garbage disposal to the sink drain trap. This pipe fitting often leaks when they get old.

  • Check the bolts holding together the discharge pipe to the garbage disposal, and ensure it is tight.
  • If this does not stop the leakages, remove the bolts and the pipe, then replace the gasket seal between the pipe and the disposal.
  • Reinstall the bolts and tighten them down.

Garbage Disposal Reset Button Not Working

If the garbage disposal won’t turn on when you powered it on and you don’t hear a humming sound from the motor. This is an electrical issue and the garbage disposal is not receiving electric current.

Follow these procedures to have it fixed:

  • Make sure the disposal is plugged in.
  • Then press the reset button at the bottom of the garbage disposal. The red button functions as an in-built circuit breaker. If the reset button has tripped off, pull it slightly outward. Then push it back in and the unit should be automatically reset.
  • If pressing the disposal reset button doesn’t work, then check the main service panel to see if the circuit breaker has tripped.
  • Check the power wall outlet that controls the disposal. If found faulty, use another power outlet or replace the switch.
  • Turn off the circuit breaker that powers the garbage disposal circuit.
  • Turn the power back on from the power outlet and check its operation. If the disposal does not still turn on and the motor is not making noise, then the garbage disposal unit needs to be replaced.

Garbage Disposal Stuck

If your unit gets stuck and your garbage disposal humming but not working. Follow these steps to have it fixed:

  • Insert the wrench into the hole at the bottom of the garbage disposal.
  • Work the wrench back and forth in both directions.
  • Continue working with the wrench till you remove the garbage disposal unit.
  • Check if the overload protector or reset button has tripped off
  • Check inside the garbage disposal grinding chamber and release the jammed blade.
  • Turn on the water and garbage disposal as the issue should now be resolved.

Insinkerator Not Working

Insinkerator Not Working

If your garbage disposal suddenly stops working, we would show you easy steps to reset it:

  • Make sure you switch off the garbage disposer from a power wall outlet.
  • Softly press the red button to reset the garbage disposer.
  • If the reset button retracts and doesn’t stay in, you have to wait for 10 minutes to try again.
  • Turn water on from the tap
  • Then turn the power switch on, and your garbage disposer should run again.

The issue of garbage disposal humming but not working is a minor issue that can be easily fixed. It requires your attention to prevent further damage to the unit. For people with hearing issues, you need to take note of some things such as circuit breaker tripping off or the device shutting off by itself.

These two signs are related to the issue of garbage disposal humming but not working.

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