What is Airtel Balance Check USSD

Airtel India has various USSD code to check balance. The USSD code to check data balance is different from the code to check airtime balance and the code is not the same as the Airtel code to check net balance. However, irrespective of the Airtel balance check code or USSD you want to know, this article will detail that.

Airtel network has the highest number of subscribers in India for both 3G and 4G respective.  Being the most popular network in India, Airtel offers considerable cheap data plan and data cap. Affordable call rate and roaming feature on the network.

So, for Airtel network subscribers to check their balance then must rely on USSD code. These USSD codes are different from one another. But, the USSD codes are the same for customers.

Also, it worth to note that Airtel enquiry code is different from USSD code to dial to contact Airtel customer care representatives.

What is Airtel Balance Check USSD?

Airtel balance check USSD is a unique code to check the balance on Airtel Network. This balance USSD is different from one another. Airtel has a unique USSD code to check Airtel net balance which is not the same as the USSD code to check Airtel daily data balance.

However, these codes are all available to use at any time and they all work on all Airtel SIM. The Airtel balance check number is available to all subscribers in the country.Airtel Check Balance

How to Check Airtel Data Net Balance

There are three ways that Airtel created for all its subscribers to check Airtel data net balance without contacting the Airtel customer care representatives.

First method…

  • Download and install the official Airtel customer mobile app.
  • Launch the app and login with your Airtel phone number.
  • The mobile app will display your Airtel data net balance, DTH balance, and even data daily balance.

With this approach, you can check Airtel balance without USSD codes.

Another method to check your Airtel net balance is to use the Airtel self-care service. Here, there is no need to download the official Airtel mobile and log in with your Airtel number to find your data net balance.

Second method…

  • Open a browser on your phone (Android or iPhone) and go to the Airtel self-care portal.
  • Enter your mobile number or service ID.
  • Enter your password or OTP and click “Login.”

Your Airtel data net balance, daily data balance, airtime balance,  and main balance and bonus will be shown to you in the self-care dashboard.

Airtel Balance Check USSD Code: How to

Below are all Airtel Network USSD codes to check the balance and data on Airtel Network.

AirtelNet Balance USSD Code
Customer Care121
DND Service1909
Recharge Offer*121#
Airtel 2G internet balance*123*9#
Airtel Net Balance*123*10#
Borrow Airtel Airtime*141#
Airtel Balance check number*121*2#

These are Airtel net balance check USSD codes as compiled and seen on the official Airtel India website.

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