How to Hide Friends List on Facebook

How to hide friends list on Facebook is one thing to do if you want to maintain a low profile on the social network and also hide your friends from your friends’ friend which Facebook called mutual friends.

By default, your Facebook friends list is visible to all Facebook users whether you are friends or not or whether you are following each other or otherwise. However, if you want to hide your friends’ list from all Facebook users and make it visible to only you it’s achievable.

So, in this guideline, I will walk you through how to hide friends list on Facebook. However, before we proceed, you may want to take a look at how to wave to someone from Messenger on Facebook.

With roughly 5,000 friends on Facebook, I think I have more friends on Facebook than in real life. Who else can have 5000 friends, plus hundreds of followers, and unlimited mutual friends in real life?

This appears impossible to me! A celebrity does not have as much as those friends in real life that they dine and wine with it. But Facebook has made life so easy, you can reach out to so many people friends without knowing them and most of these friends you end up not talking to them.

What is Facebook Friends List?

Facebook friends list is the number of friends you have on Facebook that is added up together to give the total number of friends you have over the total number of friends you can have on Facebook before friends will start converting to followers.

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You can only have a total number of 5,000 friends on Facebook without counting the number of mutual friends, followers, number of people who liked your post, number of people who shared your post, and number of reaction your posts on Facebook has received.

So, if you are concerned about the possibility to hide Facebook friends list without deleting your Facebook account or deactivating your Facebook account or reduce your friends’ list by unfriending them,  here in this article I will share with you the exact procedure I know on the best “how to hide friends list on Facebook”.

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How to Hide Friends List On Facebook on the Web

For me, I choose to hide my friends list on Facebook because I wanted to hide the list of mutual friends I have with most of my colleagues. The easiest way to pretend as if you don’t have any Facebook friends is to hide your Facebook friends list while you still have access to them on live chat and Facebook notifications.

While you hide your Facebook friends you can still see them but your Facebook friends and mutual friends will no longer see them unless you unhide them.

  • Go to on your browser.
  • Log in to your Facebook account to click on your Facebook account profile link.
  • Under your Facebook cover photo click on the Facebook friends’ counter to reveal all your Facebook friends

How to hide Friends list on Facebook

  •  A list of your Facebook friends will be displayed. To the upper right click on “Edit Privacy”

How to hide friends list on Facebook

  • 4. Under friends and who can see my friends select “Only Me” and click “Done”.

How to hide Friends list on Facebook

  • 5. If you are hiding your Facebook friends list for the first time you will see the like of the image below

How to hide Friends List on Facebook

Congratulations you have successfully hide your friends’ list on Facebook, as well as mutual friends on Facebook and no one else, can see it again except you unhide them.

How to Hide Friends List On Facebook App

The steps to hide friends list on Facebook app on Android and iPhone is a bit different from the approach we shared above to hide list of friends on Facebook. For Facebook app users on Android and iPhone, follow the procedures below to hide your friends’ list using the official Facebook mobile app.

  • Launch the Facebook mobile app.
  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the “Hamburger” button located at the top right of the mobile app.
  • Click on “Privacy & Settings.”
  • Tap Settings >> Privacu Settings.
  • Click on “Who Sees your friend list” and select the option to hide your friend list from your friends, followers, and public on Facebook.
  • Click on the “Done” save button to save changes.

Now, click on the back button and navigate to your Facebook profile to see that your Facebook friends list is no longer visible to the public.

The steps above hide your friend list on Facebook depending on your personal settings.  However, when your friends or Facebook users visit your Facebook profile they might see the list of friends you have in common.

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