[Solved] Google AdSense Identity Verification Failed after 3 Attempts

Google AdSense has changed a lot of lives in the past few decades via the advertising platform for publishers. But, Google rolls out new updates that somehow affect publishers and make sure publishers are incoherent with the platform’s policy at all cost.

However, one thing that has always remain the same with Google AdSense is the minimum threshold after which you have to verify to Google account to receive your first payment.

In the past few years, Google has moved from verifying address from PIN verification which they sent to publishers address during registration to identity verification.

Google probably wants to curb people from having multiple accounts and to make sure that Google account ownership transfer is limited.

As a result of that, Google gives both old and new publishers that have not verified their Google AdSense account to use a government ID card to verify their address.

At this point, things become worse. Many publishers failed after 3 attempts which is the maximum a user is allowed to upload a government approved identity card for account verification.

After the 3 attempts and you received an email that your account verification failed, Google will stop serving ads on your site while the account will still be active.

If the 3 attempts failed you will see a notification saying: your ad units are not displaying ads because you’ve failed identity verification.

At this point, the ads space on your website will remain blank because you are unable to verify your Google AdSense account after you have tried 3 times.

In the failed message on your Google AdSense dashboard, Google suggested that such a publisher should use the contact form to contact Google AdSense team on what to do next.

But, you will find out that, the Google AdSense address [verification] contact form in your dashboard for documentation is not clickable.

However, after a long wait, you will discover that Google will not update you on what to do next and your website page views and impressions will be useless if you are not using other platforms such as Media.net, affiliate, etc to monetize your website.

So, what should do first when this happens? Well, I was once in that position with one of my niche sites with AdSense whose Google AdSense address verification failed after 3 attempts and Google stopped serving ads on it.

However, in this guide, I am going to provide some solutions which you may want to look into, as the way forward.

Google AdSense PIN Verification Failed

Visit AdSense Help

The issue of Google ID verification failed is a universal problem and it has happened to tons of Google AdSense publishers who are seeking solutions to fix it.

Therefore, when you find yourself in this situation, the first move I’ll recommend is to visit the AdSense help center to read about some other publishers who have fallen into this victim and how they were able to fix it [Hopefully]

You can also create your own thread and wait for expert respond. This won’t guarantee that Google will grant you the second opportunity though, but, it’ll give you an idea of what to do.

In most cases, responses from expert always troop-in in within 24hours of opening the thread.

Some will suggest to you that you should use AdSense identity verification troubleshooter. From my findings, this works perfectly for YouTube Google AdSense if the verification failed after 3 attempts but it doesn’t work for me with site contents AdSense account.

Redirect your Domain to another URL

This is probably the toughest decision to take after your Google AdSense identify failed after 3 attempts. However, if the only lucrative way to monetize your website is via Google AdSense, the, you may want to do this.

However, this may take a few weeks to get another AdSense approval for the domain though but it worth it.

Do not forget that you can’t own the same Google AdSense account on the same information such as name, Gmail, etc.

While you can still change your domain name, import all your contents, and apply for a new Google AdSense account while other information such as the important pages like policy, about page, contact page, disclaimer page, etc are in other you can still fall for a possible setback.

It’s possible that Google will reply to your AdSense application as a scrap content and they are unable to approve your application.

Like I said earlier, a lot has changed about AdSense application, policy and users-agreement, terms and condition, and all other information you need to know before you apply for a Google AdSense account.

Note: There is no guarantee that Google will accept your application and they will not give you a reason for that. However, if you are an AdSense guru, it should be very easy for you to apply for Android and get your approval without a delay.

Cancel AdSense Account and Request Reactivation

This is probably a risk worth taking. It has a lot of disadvantages though but if you don’t really care you can try this, it works perfectly OK but the disadvantages are: 

  • All your finalize earning will be gone
  • All the current month earn will be wiped off
  • Ads will stop displaying on your site a few hours if account not verified until the account is verified
  • You only have a maximum of 24hours to request account reactivation, otherwise, the account will be gone for good.
  • Be sure you want to do this
  • No earning will be recorded for you until you verify the account if you are able to push through this method.

Note: This is a Gadgetswright.com idea and whatever negative outcome you find yourself using this approach will be totally yours. We won’t take responsibility for any damage this approach may cause your AdSense account approval or verification option enable.

Cancel your Google AdSense Account

This is the deal. You will still have access to your AdSense account as long as the account is still active. However, to cancel your Google AdSense account follow the procedures below.

  1. Log into your Google AdSense account
  2. Hover to the left panel and click on Account
  3. Google AdSense will display your account information, country, status, publisher ID, customer ID, and an option to cancel AdSense
  4. Click on Cancel account
  5. Read and understand Google’s term for canceling your account and know whether you will be paid on not if it doesn’t work out the way you want it.
  6. Tick I understand and select a reason for canceling your account.
  7. Tick I have read and understood the above including AdSense terms and condition and click continue.
  8. Now, log into your Gmail account associated with the Google AdSense account and confirm you want to cancel your account.

Now, your account will be canceled successfully. Next action is to quickly request for your account reactivation.

Note that you only have 24 hours to do this otherwise the cancellation link will be invalid.

Google AdSense Reactivation

Once you have confirmed your AdSense cancellation, you quickly need to request for your Google AdSense reactivation within the same minutes.

You should let this take time otherwise your Google account will be deleted and you will not gain account to it again.

  1. Go to https://google.com/adsense
  2. Click on sign in and sign in with the Google AdSense account you canceled from above.
  3. Click on request reactivation
  4. Viola… You will be log into your account and the verification option will appear.

Now, after the whole scenario above, what is next to do? How long will it take AdSense to start displaying again?

Create Auto Ads Unit

You can leave the old ads code on your site and you can create a new ads unit. In my own scenario, I left the old ads code and created another Google auto-ads code and paste it on the site header.

In most cases, Ads won’t start displaying instantly. Some experienced delay up to 48 hours before ads will start displaying. And some, after 2 hours the ads will start showing.

In whatever category you fall, your ads will start showing in not more than 48 hours after you have requested for account cancelation.

Verify Google AdSense

After the above approaches, you still need to provide your verification identity to verify your Google AdSense after approval.

The following is very important if you don’t want to fail the verification process again.

  • Only use Google AdSense authorized verification ID
  • Make sure the name on your account and the ID are the same
  • The Address is also important. They must be the same
  • ID card clarity. The picture must not be blur otherwise the verification process will fail again.
  • Do not use a mobile scanner like CamScanner to scan your ID card

When you know that the above information about your identity card is the came, use a computer scanner, scan your ID card, and upload it to your Google AdSense account.

Once the verification has been accepted, the ads will start displaying if it has halted due to your inability to verify the account, the ads will start counting the exact impression, page views, and it’ll start recording clicks.


The above approaches are no longer working. However, we have gotten another approach to do this and it works perfectly. 

We can help you roll out the Google AdSense verification again so that you can upload your ID and verify your AdSense account. In less than 48 hours your ads will start displaying again and you can go ahead to upload your ID for verification.

Just send us an email with the subject: AdSense ID verification failed using our contact form.

Fee: We only charge $20 or the equivalent in your denomination.

Refundable: Your money is $100% refundable if it doesn’t work for you.

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