How to Enable YouTube Parental Controls on Android

Parent has a lot to do when it comes to dealing with their kids before the age of 18. Before this age, we must guide what our children are truly exposed to as this may have a positive or negative impact on their entire livelihood. That is probably the reason why YouTube parental controls are introduced to control what their kids get access to online most especially when it comes visuals.

However, YouTube parental controls are the easiest way to stop kids from using YouTube unnecessarily to watch parental guidance recommended content. For an Android phone, you can easily use IP blocker to block your IP on YouTube. The parental Google controls measure is extended to Google Chrome browser such a way that parent can easily block a specific IP address using the browser.

Another tested and trusted way to block a specific website is via the use of AVG anti-virus feature to block a list of website. This simply blocks all website on a specific IP address and such websites will not be accessible.

But for YouTube parental controls you will have to dig deep into Google website settings on your device to block PG content. While you can set up Google parental controls on YouTube video app you can also set it up on your computer.

Here in this article, I will share with you how to set up Google parental controls for YouTube on your computer and on Your Android phone using YouTube app.

How to Set Up YouTube Parental Controls on Computer

When you access YouTube on your computer click on the settings icon on your YouTube video page. You don’t necessarily need a YouTube channel before you can control what your kids watch on the platform. When you click on settings scroll down the page and click on restriction to enable Google YouTube parental controls measure.

1. Open any browser and visit the YouTube video search engine platform

2. Login to YouTube using your Gmail username and password. If you don’t have a valid Gmail account here is a comprehensive guide on how to create a Gmail account

YouTube Parental control

3. Click on your YouTube image and select RESTRICTED MODE from the drop menu

YouTube Parental controls

4. A new window will pop-up containing the benefiting of enabling YouTube restricted mode. Toggle to enable the restricted mode.

YouTube parental controls

5. YouTube website will reload automatically with the same content but you will be left in awe that all content that requires PG will be hidden when accessing YouTube from that browser.

How to Enable YouTube Parental Controls on Android

If you turn on Google parental controls on YouTube with the above process and think you’ve cubbed every activity of your children on YouTube relating to the adult content or PG content, you are absolutely wrong. The parental controls on YouTube requires you to ensure you enable the restriction on all your devices to filter all adult content.

The implication is that enabling YouTube parental controls on Chrome browser doesn’t affect or changing anything on Mozilla Firefox or on Opera Min, rather you need to login to YouTube account on each browser and filter adult content on it.

The same thing goes for an Android phone or an iPhone. When you filter parental content on your Android phone it doesn’t affect the adult content on iPhone. So, you have to make sure you enable restriction on each device to ensure effective adult content filter.

1. Download and install YouTube video app on Android phone via Google play store to your phone. You should always get the latest version of bugs fix.

2. Open the YouTube Android app and click your YouTube account user icon

How to Set Up YouTube Parental Controls on Computer

3. From the pop-up window click the settings gear icon

How to Set Up YouTube Parental Controls on Computer

4. Under settings click on the general option [First option from the list]

How to Set Up YouTube Parental Controls on Computer

5. Scroll down the page and toggle to enable “restricted mode”

How to Set Up YouTube Parental Controls on Computer

Now you have successfully filtered adult content on your Android phone. Note that this doesn’t affect the same YouTube account on iPhone. You also need to pick up your iPhone and follow the following instruction to enable restricted mode on the device.

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