How to Add Google AdSense Payment Method to Your AdSense Account

Google AdSense is the best way to earn money online. Build a blog, drive legit traffic to it, apply for AdSense account, get approved, place your AdSense at come strategic location like below post, below header, side bar, between post and get paid for every click directly to your bank account. That is simple right? Trust me it’s very simple! The next thing are to verify your account and add your Google AdSense payment method to receive your earn on each payment date.

Even a dummy can start earning money with Google AdSense with huge traffic. But you need to add your Google AdSense payment method before you can get paid every month. Google pay their publisher once in a month and that is every 21st of the month, at most 22nd which is usually Google AdSense payment date.

Failure to receive Google email alert on this payment date that your payment method has been sent every 21st or 22nd of every month means you’ve not earn the minimum Google AdSense payout of $100.

So, instead of asking around how to receive payment from Google AdSense when you have not earn the minimum payout of $100 is like a waste of time. However, working on your traffic over time will help you to earn AdSense minimum payout and you will receive your payment on every Google AdSense payment date.

The good news is that if you have legit traffic you can earn huge amount from Google AdSense most especially if your traffic is coming from a top-tier countries. Needless say that if you have cross Google AdSense payment threshold and would love to know how to add your Google AdSense payment method to your account to receive your publisher account earning during next AdSense payment date here is a post on how to receive Google AdSense payment.

How to Add Google AdSense Payment Method

Here in this post you will learn the simple method to add your bank account to your Gmail account to receive payment when you reach Google AdSense payout threshold of $100.

Below is the step by step procedure to integrate your bank account to your Google AdSense for payment on the next pay date.

1. Login to your Google AdSense account with your Gmail and password respectively

Google AdSense payment method

2. If you have verified your AdSense account you will get one notification that your payment is on hold that you should try to add payment method otherwise you will see two notifications telling you to verify your account as well.

Google AdSense payment method

3. Click on action below your AdSense profile icon

Google AdSense payment method

4. You will be taken straight to your Google AdSense payment information page. Click on update or click on Paymet Method.

Google AdSense payment method

5. On your account payment method page click on add payment method from below the guys playing tennis game.

Google AdSense payment method

6. Choose your payment method and click save. In this case we’d choose ‘add new wire transfer detail’ since we intend to choose wire transfer as our Google AdSense payment method. Then add your wire transfer detail to the section and click the save button to effect your payment method update. You can check for your bank swift code from the swift codes.

Google AdSense payment method

7. Click on the drop menu below the payment method added and make it your primary payment method

Congratulations you have successfully add your Google AdSense payment method to your AdSense account and you can now expect your payment during the next AdSense payment date.

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