Hisense TV Black Screen no Picture

If you have a Hisense TV with a black screen and no picture this post on Hisense TV black screen without pictures (only sound) is right for you. All you need to do is simple troubleshooting to reset the Hisense TV with the black screen problem. It’s a bit advanced though but it is worth trying.

When your Hisense TV screen turns black and only gives sound you will not be able to see the screen of the TV but can hear the sound when the TV is turned on. With the Hisense TV black screen images or pictures on the TV will remain black. And this is caused by the T-Con board if it’s faulty.

Meanwhile, the T-Con board can be troubleshot and resolve the Hisense TV black screen no picture. Since the T-Con board is the first suspect on your Hisense TV when the screen is black, then, troubleshooting it might be the only solution you need to fix the Hisense TV problem black screen.

It could also mean that the Hisense TV mainboard could be the cause of the Hisense black screen since the T-Con board connects to the Hisense mainboard to control the LCD panel which could lead to the LCD no longer being able to display pictures or images if either the T-Con board or mainboard is damaged.

Hisense TV Black Screen

What is Hisense T-Con Board

The T-Con board on Hisense TV is a controller that connects the TV LCP to the TV mainboard to display pictures or images on your Hisense TV. However, if the T-Con board that connects the TV mainboard and LCD is bad then the TV will not be able to display pictures or images but will only reflect in its sounds that the TV is turned on.

However, some of the underlying problems you might not notice include the following…

  • The Hisense TV button is working fine with sound but no pictures or images.

Hisense TV Black Screen with Sound

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot your Hisense TV problem black screen that produces sound.

  • Check out the Hisense TV power supply voltage whether it’s normal.
  • Also, you want to confirm whether the Hisense TV backlight is lit and working perfectly. And if the T-Con board voltage is not more than 12 volts that implies that the TV backlight system, PSU board, and mainboard are working fine. That means neither the T-Con board nor the mainboard is the reason why the TV returns a black screen with sound.

Hisense TV T-Con Board not Working

If the Hisense TV T-Con board with connects the TV LCD to the mainboard isn’t working the following steps could be what you need to do to fix it.

  • Turn off the Hisense TV with the black screen.
  • Measure the T-Con board SMD fuse (5A, 32V) was opened.
  • Don’t replace the fuse yet. Find out and confirm that the fuse VCC line has less than 100 ohms
  • Trace the Hisense VCC line to IC301 and confirm that the IC was shorted as expected.
  • Now, if you notice IC no shock it is saved to replace the bad T-Con board to solve the Hisense TV black screen.

Hisense TV Display Vertical Lines on the Screen and Off/On

Another problem that you’d possibly encounter aside from the Hisense TV black screen with sound includes vertical lines on the TV screen while the TV turns off and turn on by itself. However, following the steps below could help you to fix it.

Check the TV Power Cable Between the Main Board and the PSU

This is quite easy to fix. Although, this doesn’t fix the Hisense TV with a black screen with sound and no picture but can help to fix your Hisense TV with lines on the screen that are restarting automatically.

  • Check out the cable or connector whether it’s discoloured. If yes, the cable could be the reason why you are seeing lines on your TV. So, it’s advisable to replace it.
  • Once you have done that, use the built-in power supply self-test method to confirm that the cable or connector is working perfectly.
  • Check the TV mainboard cable or connector whether it’s also discoloured. If it is, replace the cable and the main board to clear off the vertical lines.

This should help fix the vertical lines on your Hisense TV with only sound and no pictures or images.

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