How to Activate a Sprint Phone

How to activate a Sprint phone if you just pick a new phone can be irritating but that’s the norms of using a Sprint phone. Sprint Phone isn’t just a regular phone you can just pick and start to use it without activating it. It’s not the only phone though. Some phones are like that. So, here we will explain in detail the steps to activate Sprint phone and start using it immediately.

And it’s not even immediately after you complete the process to activate Sprint new phone that it will be working. Sometimes, you need to wait for a couple of hours or days before it will start functioning properly.

However, know that it’s easier to activate a Sprint phone with a new SIM than buying a Sprint phone separate or buying a new SIM separate to be used with the new Sprint phone.

And as it stands, there are two ways to activate your Sprint phone. The easiest way is to activate the Sprint phone online. But, if you have all the time to wait on Sprint customer care, you can activate Sprint phone with the help of the Sprint customer care representative.

Note: To start with, we recommend that you charge your Sprint phone to at least 70%. Then, proceed with the steps below to activate your Sprint phone.

How to Activate a Sprint Phone

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How to Activate a Sprint Phone Online

This is a DIY approach to active your Sprint phone without contacting the Sprint customer care service department.

  • Tap on your Sprint phone dialer and dial “*#06#” without the quotes, please. This will display your Sprint phone IMEI number. Do keep it safe so as to be able to track your phone if stolen.  You can document it if you are pleased with that.
  • Launch your Sprint phone browser and visit the Sprint phone activation website. When you get to the activation page, select the Activate” button. This is indicated by a yellow button.
  • Your sprint phone will become registered. All other necessary settings will be taken care of by the system.

That’s simple. And that is all you have to do to activate your Sprint phone online yourself without contacting the Sprint phone activation team in the customer service department.

How to Activate Sprint Phone on Phone

An alternative way to activate a Sprint phone is to contact the Sprint customer service activate phone department. So, here, we will state the requirement and how to safely contact the Sprint customer service activate phone section and provide the required details for the activation process.

However, to ask the Sprint phone customer representative to help you activate your phone over the phone get yourself prepared with your Sprint phone IMEI number. you can dial *#06# to get your IMEI number or check the basement of your phone battery to find the IMEI.

The number to call to activate a Sprint phone is to call the Sprint customer service phone number at 1(888)211-4727 and wait until a representative picks it up. Once connected narrate your setback to the representative asking him or her to activate your Sprint phone.

You need to provide all the basic needs including your Sprint phone IMEI and other information to activate your Sprint phone.

How to Activate Sprint SIM

You cannot automatically activate your Sprint SIM. But, once you put or insert your new Sprint SIM into your Sprint phone it will walk you through some process to activate the new SIM on your Sprint phone.

  • Remove your Sprint phone SIM tray. Remove any SIM there if you have any and replace it with the new Sprint SIM.
  • A pop-up will appear asking you to restart your phone to start your SIM activation process. To start, click on the “OK” button.
  • Your Sprint phone will reboot with the new SIM card.
  • A message will appear that the new SIM has not been registered with an account. You will be asked to activate the new SIM. Now, click on “yes.”
  • An option will appear. Swap this device or add a new line.
  • If you wish to use your old SIM select “Swap this device.” To add the new SIM and activate it, select “Add a New Line.”
  • To sign in and add the new line, enter your Sprint account number and PIN. Allow Carrier hub to have access if you wish to. It’s up to you.
  • For Sprint to send you the confirmation/activation code, choose where to receive the code. You can choose your old SIM. Once your receive the confirmation code, type it in the provided column.
  • Select the phone to replace as well as the number or line you will migrate to the new Sprint phone.
  • Once you have made up your decision, confirm your choice.
  • An option to protect your Sprint with Sprint complete will pop up. Choose whether to use it or not.
  • Select the “Done” button.

Now, turn off your old Sprint phone or device and wait until the new Sprint SIM is activated. This might last for a couple of hours to days to complete. And sometimes, you need to turn off your WiFi to complete the process fast.

How to Activate Sprint Phone SIM Online

Just the way you can activate a Sprint phone online you can also activate your Sprint phone’s new SIM online and get the same result.

  • Go to the Sprint SIM activation portal using a different phone or a computer.
  • You will see ready to “Switch.” Charge your Sprint phone battery to the maximum.
  • Don’t be far from your phone and its box. You will need some information in the package.
  • Tap the “Get Started” button and sign in to your Sprint account. Else you need to create a new account.
  • Follow the instruction after sign to complete your Sprint phone SIM activation.

If you follow this article from the top to the bottom you’d have learned how to activate a Sprint phone with or without contacting the Sprint phone customer service phone activate department and how to successfully activate your Sprint SIM.

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