JooVideo Korean, Movies and Shows Alternatives

JooVideo used to be a free streaming website sharing copyrighted movies, episodes, and evens illegally without the right permission to do so. To many people, using illegal streaming website is ideal.

Joo Video site is specialized in sharing movies from different race, most especially, Korean drama, movies, and shows. This free movies streaming website gather a huge number of website traffic daily from people that love to use the website to download movies for free.

In just the early hours of today, while I was about to start this JooVideo review, I discovered that the official website cannot be accessed and it’s not redirecting to another site.

This means that the site is no longer available except for some other proxies sites with the same content and motive to share copyrighted content without permission knowing fully that it can attract a jail term for its users.

Is JooVideo Illegal?

Yes, JooVideo is illegal. Anu website or platform sharing copyright content without the right or permission to do so is illegal. A run-check confirmed that Joo Video always shares movies that are paid content on streaming websites that require subscriptions such as Hulu, Netflix, HBO, and others.

JooVideo doesn’t own or made its own video that shares it on free will. Rather, the movies streaming website scrap movies from different movies sites using a script. Some other movies that cannot be capture with their script are uploaded directly or link to another source to watch it on their platform.

Is JooVideo Safe?

No! It’s not safe to watch and download videos from the JooVideo website. Downloading movies for free from the JooVideo net website can inject viruses into your phone and computer. Some of these viruses include a Pornographic virus alert from Microsoft.

This is because the Joo website run popup and popunder ads on their website which will redirect you to another website and even sometimes force you to install apps on your phone.

Apart from the JooVideo net website forcing you to install apps from unknown sources that could inject viruses into your phone or computer it all put you on the verge of risking a jail term for streaming movies from a source without the permission to do so.

Can I Access with a VPN?

That is exactly what most people do. Whenever they are restricted from access a website or know that accessing a particular website could pose a threat to their life, they would become on a VPN service.

The purpose of a VPN is to hide your search history and location from being traced. With a VPN, you can easily mask your location to another location pretending you are search from the location and all your search history log will be not be kept for recording purpose.

While we recommend the use of a VPN because we preach to people to use it when their online safety is not guaranteed.

Is JooVideo Down? is currently down and not accessible at the moment. Although this free movies website might come back strong at the moment you can not access the website, and neither can you download movies from the portal nor add your favourite movie for now.

A quick check on “Isitdownrightnow” reveals that “” is down for everyone. And a visit to the website “” host error. So, Joo Video could be back anytime soon but at the moment, the free movies streaming website is down and couldn’t be accessed.

A quick check on as well proved abortive and couldn’t be accessed. is a cloned version of the Joo Video website but is not accessible as well. is also not accessible. Alternatives

There are tons of JooVideo alternatives. This includes Toonily, 123Movies, GoMovies, OnionPlay,  and a whole lot of them. All the free movies download websites are illegal. If you ever want to use them, consider using a VPN. However, below are some best streaming service you should check out since the free movies streaming website is no longer opening or working.

1. AZMovies

AZMovies has been around for a while and it’s one of the few long-standing websites to find and stream movies for free with good qualities. AZMovies’ movies quality includes 1080p and 720p. As stated, the free streaming website portrays its goal and pursue it to the core by letting users watch movies on their website without any limit.

In case the JooVideo movies streaming website decide to stay down forever, you can turn to AZMovies for your favourite movies and watch them until dawn.

This JooVideo alternative is the ridiculous number of as displaying on the website. This could be the turn off for you.


Tubi TV

This is another popular website in the free movies streaming categories. It doesn’t require a subscription just like JooVideo but it runs intrusive ads as a source of revenue but not as intrusive as AZMovies.

The tubi TV popularity gained the owner stardom to the extent that the tubi TV app is available in A-list apps to store such as Amazon App Store, Roku channel app store, Apple Store for iPhone/iPad users and Google play store for Android users.

So, if you are planning to find a similar site to JooVideo, tubi TV could be added to your list.

3. SolaMovie

JooVideo alternative

I have used SolaMovie quite a number of times and it shares some interesting movies both the old and new movies. To stay ahead of other free movies streaming websites, SolaMovie allows its visitors to create an account and log in to their account to receive update from the website’s admin when movies are added.

SolarMovie reduces users activities by letting users be able to sort or filter movies based on category, years, country and even genre. SolarMovie is competing with popular movies streaming websites like Soap2day, 123Movies, and a whole lot of others.

4. 123Movies


123Movies has the largest database among the free movies streaming website. It’s far ahead of The free movies’ stream site has struggled to win a lot of battle with different organisation thereby seeing itself moving from one domain name to the other.

123Movies stream website has a lot of proxies websites to make sure they stay alive. But, different organisation keep coming after the site. However, the best of 123Movies site still remain with different domain name surfacing once one is closed.

As at the time of compiling this A-list of JooVideo alternatives, 123Movies has over 2.2 million monthly searches in the United State.

5. GogoAnime


GogoAnime is a website for Anime fans. All you get from this free movies streaming site is Anime movies and it’s completely free. With GogoAnime you can Watch Animes in the English language online for free. No registration is required. Although, the GogoAnime website is under surveillance as it shares copyrighted Animes with its users.

The downside of this Anime website is that it contains a lot of ads, as well as the website, keep changing address instead of packing off totally and lost all its unique visitors.

There are some other JooVideo net alternatives you can find out there that won’t request registration and subscription. In this guide, we have listed a few. We will keep updating the article to add more JooVideo alternatives so that you can find and watch your favourite movies online and download them to your phone and computer folder.

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