How to Copy Data from an Old Android Phone to a New Android Phone

With a new phone being released every day it’s very had to stick to a single device for long. And even when you decided to focus on something else rather than focusing on gadgets, when the phone spoilt or the phone screen breaks you will want to get another phone and transfer your data from the old phone to the new phone.

While you may want to transfer your old phone back to the new phone because the phone screen is bad or the soft touch isn’t working again. The best approach you could think about is to copy data from the old phone to the new phone using a recognized software that is tested and trusted.

Some software to clone Android phone can steal your information and make your phone vulnerable. However, here in this regard, I will introduce you to a smartphone tool we’ve been using to transfer data to a new phone from our old phone with simple and flexible UI.

The software can be used to transfer files from old Android to a new Android phone on Windows and Mac computer. You will be amazed to know that the software that does the work transfer pictures from phone to phone is a lightweight app that won’t affect the performance of your phone in any form.

Just imagine that you want to transfer Android file to another Android without using a Bluetooth or other forms of transferring files on Android for free, the easiest way to go about it is getting a tool that requires less stress to transfer data from Android to Android for free without charging you for doing it.

However, here in this guide, I’ll explain in detail to you how to transfer photos from Android to Android.

Have you Heard about Dr.fone?

Dr.fone is an Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Windows and Mac software to switch data on your old Android phone to your new Android phone using your USB connection to your PC.

You can transfer all data from your abandoned Android phone to the new one you just got using this tool. You might want to say there are other products to clone an old Android phone to a new Android phone.

These tools are less trusted apart from the Dr.fone software we’ve used which also work for iOS such as iPhone and iPad. So, we can’t risk the trust you have on us. When we have alternatve to Dr.fone we’ll let you know about it on this platform.

The Dr.fone Android data transfer software works with Android and iOS, and it can be used to transfer Android data to iPhone and transfer data from iPhone to Android.

An average software with a well to do features like the Dr.fone phone switch software will cost nothing less than $300. However, with this Dr.fone review, you will be able to get all the package for as low as $139.95 with access to transfer data from Android to iPhone using a Windows computer or Mac computer and full features.

Dr.fone Activation Code

Dr.fone has a free version (with limited features) and a pro version which allows you to enjoy all the features to switch your old Android phone data to your new Android phone.

However, after you’ve purchased Dr.fone software you will be given an activation code depending on your license offer. You can request for a single license as well as a license for multiple users. Whichever license you bought, the Dr.fone activation code will be sent to you and which it can be used to activate the Android to Android data transfer software for Windows.

However, Dr.fone Windows license cannot work for Dr.fone Mac license. So, if you are using a Windows computer, you must order for Dr.fone Windows activation code and Mac, you must order for Mac activation code for Dr.fone.

The activation code is a series of code combining numbers and alphabet to turn Dr.fone free to pro. This code must be entered accordingly to be able to activate the Android and iOS data transfer software.

How to Activate Dr.fone Software

If you have purchased the Dr.fone software I’d work you through how to activate the software here.

1. Download Dr.fone software from the website official download page

2. Go to your computer download folder and click on the installer. Follow the instruction on the screen to install. The installation procedures should take about a minute depending on your system performance and internet speed.

3. Once the installation is completed the Android data transfer software is auto-launch

4. Click on the headgear icon and enter your Dr.fone email and password or activation code and click on the sign/register button.Transfer data from Android to Android

5. When you are logged into your Dr.fone dashboard you can change your username and password. All you need to do is click on headgear >> profile picture >> edit profile and select whether you want to change your password or your username and click on the confirm button after you have made the changes.Transfer data from Android to Android

How to Transfer Data from Android to Android

If you have an old phone you can transfer the phone data such as contacts, pictures, messages, etc to your new Android phone using Dr.fone and here is how to do that.

1. Launch the Dr.fone software and log into your account using your username and password/activation code.Transfer data from Android to Android

2. Connect both the old Android and the new Android phone to your PC (Windows or Mac) using a different USB.

3. Go to the two Android phone USB settings and select files transfer and click on install Dr.fone from the pop up on your computer screen. You may need to enable developer option on your phone if you have not done that.Install Dr.fone

4. The two phones will be shown on your PC screen indicating source and destination for the file transfer. Now, select all the files to clone from the old phone to the new phone and click on the start transfer button.Clone

5. You can also flip the device to change the source to the destination and change the destination to the source by clicking on the flip.

6. Once the selected data have been transferred successfully you will see a success message.Successfully transferred

After this, disconnect your phone from your PC and cross-check if there is anything that you have on the old Android phone that is not on the new Android phone.

The Dr.fone software is fast and easy to transfer data from Android to Android using a Windows and a Mac computer.

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