How to Change your Twitch Name

You are only allowed to change your Twitch name once in 60 days. This implies that you will not be able to change to another Twitch name for 2 months. This is to mitigate the number of times you change names on Twitch and to control spam.

Know that your Twitch name is unique and two users cannot keep the same username on Twitch, so, when choosing your Twitch name, it’s advisable to keep calm and choose the best because I was locked for 60 days when I want to change mu Twitch name for spelling mistake.

So, I wouldn’t want you to fall into the same pit. 60 days might not be far but when it comes to building a brand, it won’t be easy to convince your audience that you want to change your Twitch name.

And when you change your Twitch name, the abandoned or old Twitch name will not be made available until after 6 months. This implies that neither you nor another Twitch user will be able to set the name as their Twitch name.

Twitch hardly recycle partner username except in a special scenario. And you cannot contact Twitch to release the abandoned Twitch name for you even if you are the previous user of the said name.

So, in this article, we will consider various ways to change Twitch name which include how to change Twitch name on mobile and PC (Windows and Mac).

The task to change the Twitch name is different on different devices and OS. So, navigate to your current device OS and follow the direction in it to change your Twitch name.

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How to Change Twitch Name on Windows

This process works on all browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Chromium. All that is required of you is to follow this procedure from start to the finish.

  • Go to the official Twitch portal on and select the “Login” tab to the top right. Please only do this on a computer. if you are using a mobile browser, you will not be able to complete this task except if you switch to a desktop. To use your browser on mobile in the desktop version select the three dots to the top right and select “Desktop Site.”
  • Click on your Twitch profile icon to the top right.Twitch Name
  • Select “Settings” from the drop menu.How to change your Twitch Name
  • While in the “Settings” screen, select “Profile” on the navigation bar in the centre.How to Change Twitch Name
  • Scroll down to “Profile Settings” and click on the pencil edit icon right opposite your Twitch name.Change Twitch Name
  • A pop will appear. Now, input the new Twitch name to use and select “Update.
  • Your Twitch name will be changed and lock for the next 6 month before you can switch back to it.
  • You will receive an email that you have changed your Twitch username and it is now visible to all friends, followers and subscribers in your Twitch channel.

Note: The new Twitch update won’t require a password to change your Twitch name like it used to do. So, be calm and be sure o provide the name Twitch name you wish to change to.

How to Change Your Twitch Name on Mobile App

It’s painful that Twitch doesn’t make it possible to change Twitch name on the Twitch mobile app on Android and iPhone/iPad. However, to change the Twitch name on mobile you need to use a mobile browser instead of the Twitch mobile app.

This is applicable to the Twitch app on Android and iPhone. To change your Twitch name on Android, you must switch to a mobile browser and select a desktop app instead of the Twitch app on your mobile.

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