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How To Activate Amazon Prime through Amazon.com/mytv

If you are one of those people that like to find new TV shows and movies to watch, then Amazon Prime is definitely for you. This amazing streaming platform is only available to Amazon Prime members. In this article, we will show you how to activate your Amazon Prime through amazon.com/mytv.

To have access to tons of movies and TV shows, you will need an Amazon Prime membership. You will also have the option to buy or rent TV shows and movies that are not on the Prime Video application. Amazon Prime members can also subscribe to a great collection of premium channels

What is included in Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime members enjoy a great collection of TV shows and movies that cut across different categories. Members also enjoy access to all of Amazon’s original series and movies as well. Luckily, users can download their favorite movies or shows to watch later.

Devices that are supported by amazon.com./mytv

Almost every device that can connect to the internet works with the Amazon Prime video application. However, it is necessary to have a stable internet connection when activating your Amazon Prime membership. You can do this by visiting amazon.com/mytv. Some of the Amazon Prim supported devices can include: Firestick, Roku TV, Apple TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Vizo TV, and many more.

How To Activate Your Amazon Prime Through Amazon.com/mytv

Amazon is an E-commerce giant and it gets more popular by the day because it has ventured into different media players and services. Amazon Prime is one of Amazon’s exclusive service available only to members. Amazon Prime Video allows people to watch thousands of video content on their streaming devices.

People can also watch Amazon Prime movies and series on Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and many other streaming players. To begin to enjoy Prime Video services, simply visit amazon.com/mytv with the help of the activation code you will get on the TV screen. Follow our detailed guide below to achieve this.

  • First, open the app store on your smart TV.
  • Then add the Amazon Prime Video app to your channel by searching for it.
  • Once successfully added, launch the app.
  • Then select the Registration option.
  • Copy or take note of the verification code that will pop up on your TV screen.
  • Launch your browser and visit amazon.com/mytv.
  • Sign in using the credentials of your primary Amazon account.
  • Then enter the unique code you copied from your TV screen.
  • You will successfully register the device after you confirm the activation code.

How to Create an amazon.com/mytv Account

Note that Amazon Prime activation explained above would require people to sign in to their Amazon Prime Video account at some point. So, if you don’t already have one, there is a need to create one in advance. To create an account on www.amazon.com/mytv, follow the steps below.

  • Launch your browser and go to the Amazon website.
  • Select the New to Amazon option.
  • Under this tab, select Create Your Amazon Account.
  • Fill all the blank fields with the required information and click Create an Account.
  • Then, you will be prompted to verify your account with a verification link that will be sent to your mail. You can also choose to use the OTP which you can enter when requested and continue with the registration process.
  • If you choose to get the paid prime membership, then enter your card details as well as your preferred payment method.

Once you follow these steps, your Amazon Prime membership account will be verified without any issues. You can also activate your Amazon Prime account on www.amazon.com/mytv after subscribing to the service. For students, the Amazon Prime membership costs $6.49 per month and $59 per year. For the others, subscription costs $12.99 per month and $199 per year.

Note that the Amazon Prime activation process through amazon.com/mytv might be different on various devices. However, the activation process on all devices remains the same. To activate, follow the guide below.

  • Log into your Smart television and install the Amazon Prime application from your television’s app store.
  • Open an Amazon user account on their official website.
  • Then register your device on www.amazon.com/mytv using your unique activation code.
  • After completing the registration process, you will now be able to select your TV cable service provider, log into your user account and begin to enjoy Amazon Prime Video content on devices.

You should also read on how to change your Amazon account email here.


Amazon.com/mytv is the ideal website to go to when you want to activate your Amazon Prime Video subscription on a Smart TV or any other device. You can also create an Amazon account to complete the process. If you have any challenges following this guide to activate Amazon Prime through Amazon.com/mytv, let us know in the comments section below.

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