How to Activate Paramount Plus On Apple TV

Recently, Apple introduced a new streaming app for Apple TV users, to stream Live TV channels and their desired content. This streaming app can be downloaded on Appstore to replace the already existing CBS all-access app. Is your TV brand the Apple TV HD version? Then it’s easy to activate paramount plus on Apple TV. Apple TV HD version helps convert paramount plus in case you have CBS access to the app.

Paramount plus has a wider range of latest originals, exclusive TV shows, and hit movies to stream. Paramount + is quite selective with its connections, it’s only recognized on these platforms; Firestick, Playstation, Xbox, Sony, Android, iOS, Smart TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, Google Chromecast, Vizio TV, LG TV, Xfinity Flex, and Portal TV.

In this article we will be focussing on four major aspects; which are, paramount plus subscription, how to activate paramountly plus itself, how to activate paramount plus on Apple TV, and finally how to airplay paramount plus on Apple TV. It’s important to note that Apple TV cannot install any app manually, but you need to cast or screen mirror the app from your iPad or iPhone.

Activate Paramount plus on Apple TV

Paramount Plus Subscription

The basic thing to do before using the streaming service is to subscribe or register an account. Paramount plus subscription plans are the same as that of the old CBS access $99.99 per year (without ads), $9.99 per month (without ads), and $5.99 per month(with ads). If you access the ad pack, then you alone will get limited content. The only without Ad pack is available to Live TV channels and local channels. The Plans are categorized into two, namely:

  • Essential plan (with ads) – $5.99/monthly and $59.99/annually
  • Premium plan (without ads) – $9.99/monthly and $99.99/annually

Subscribing to the Essential Plan

After signing up for Paramount plus via App Store on your Apple TV, follow the steps below to subscribe to the Essential plan

  • Select Settings on your Apple TV home screen.
  • Go to Accounts.
  • Select Manage Subscriptions under Subscriptions.
  • Select the subscription you want by using the available options to switch your subscription from Premium to Essential.

NOTE here that the premium plan has been discontinued, you have switched to the Essential plan. You won’t have access to the local live CBS station. Try not to switch plans in the middle of a free trial, or else you’ll lose the remainder of your free trial and you will be billed immediately.

Ensure you signed in with the correct Apple ID in case you don’t see your Paramount+ subscription yet you are being charged. To watch Paramount Plus, a TV provider is needed. When you have signed up with a particular TV provider, the next thing to do is activate Paramount Plus on your device.

Subscribing to Premium Plan

You can switch plans or otherwise edit subscriptions on your Apple TV, but only for tvOS apps that are installed on that Apple TV. To switch to the premium plan, follow the steps below:

  • On your Apple TV home screen, open Settings
  • Go to Users & Accounts, and select your account.
  • Click on Subscriptions.
  • Open the “Paramount+” subscription, and select “Paramount+ – Premium “ to enhance your plan. If you switch plans in the middle of a free trial, you’ll lose the remainder of your free trial and will be billed immediately.

Ensure you signed in with the correct Apple ID in case you don’t see your Paramount+ subscription yet you are being charged. If this happens, you must have subscribed on a different device, or through, and not through the App Store. Return to that different device or to upgrade your subscription plan.

How to Install/Activate Paramount Plus

You need a TV provider to watch Paramount Plus. You will not need to join up with Paramount if you already have an online account with your TV provider. 

After signing up with a participating TV provider, you must activate Paramount Plus on your device. Follow the step below to activate paramount plus:

  • Open the App Store on your home screen after switching on your Apple TV.
  • Go to the Search option.
  • Search for Paramount+.
  • Select the Paramount Plus app.
  • Tap on getting to download the Paramount+ app on your Apple TV.
  • After the installation, click on the Open button to launch the Paramount+.

How to Activate Paramount Plus On Apple TV

You need to first install the Paramount app on your Apple TV which we already provided the steps above. To activate paramount plus on Apple TV, follow these steps: 

  • To access the Home screen page, click the Menu button on your remote control. 
  • Search for the App Store icon through the Apps and click on it. 
  • Search and go to the Paramount Plus app. 
  • Once you locate it, click on Get
  • To launch the app, select Open
  • After opening the application, select your TV service provider
  • An activation code will be displayed, copy it. 
  • On a browser, go to
  • Insert the activation code
  • Log in with your TV provider

Your Apple TV will reboot, and you are all ready to stream your favorite content.

How to AirPlay Paramount Plus On Apple TV

  • From the App Store, install the Paramount Plus app on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Connect your Apple TV and iOS device to the same WiFi network source.
  • Open the Paramount Plus app and log in with your Paramount plus account.
  • Tap on the AirPlay icon on the Paramount Plus app.
  • Select your Apple TV device from the list of devices displayed.
  • You can now play any video from the Paramount Plus app, and it will appear on your Apple TV.

If you have followed the steps above from back to back, then you can easily watch all your favorite Paramount plus content on your Apple TV screen. You are free to send in your feedback regarding this article. Use the comments section provided below.

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