How to Activate Roku without credit card

The question is can one activate Roku without a credit card? The answer is yes.

We all know that the Roku device is one of the most popular streaming platforms and as the day goes by they add more and more channels to their channel list.

With Roku, there’s no limit to what you can stream, ranging from documentaries educational content, movies, series, sports, comedy, kids channels, and other channels that would keep one glued to the screen all day long.

I’m writing this article for people who want to activate Roku devices without having to put their financial information, like credit card or PayPal account details.

As we all know when you buy a new Roku device to set it up, you’d have to go through a particular setup process which would require you to put your personal information at some point this including your PayPal details or credit card details.

But what if you don’t want to put these details and still watch content on Roku; that is also possible. 

Before the end of this post, I’m going to show you how you can watch your favourite content on Roku without having to put your credit card details during registration.

You must bear in mind that this article is for informational purposes and we do not speak for the official platform and not suggesting whether or not you should register your Roku device without imputing your credit card or PayPal details.

What is important that you bear in mind that if you register your Roku without your credit card details you may not be able to access all the content available on Roku device as there are channels on Roku device like Netflix, Hulu and so on that is the subscription-based channel.

Their channels would require you provide to credit card details to be able to access content from them as they are subscription-based.

Why Activate Roku without a credit card?

Some people like privacy a lot that even the smallest information is a big deal for them so long as it concerns them personally and their finance as well.

I don’t know what your reasons to Activate Roku without credit card might be, but whatever it is we got you covered as this article will explain all you need to know.

If you want to maintain total privacy on Roku without having your credit card details on the platform bear in mind that you have limited content to view on Roku and will not have access to subscription-based channels on the platform.

How to Activate Roku without Credit card

you must bear in mind as we have entered into the man section of this content which is a step-by-step guide on how to activate Roku without credit card.

Activate Roku without credit card

1. After launching your Roku device you need to install it to start making use of it. This installation process will take place on the official Roku website

Open this address, and click on my account section. Since you do not have an account with Roku you have to create an account for the first time by clicking on create an account; provide the necessary information like your email and your name, then choose a password that you will remember and confirm that you are not a robot and then move to the next step.

2. There is a personal pin that you will need for your account, this pain will be important for all transactions, click on the require pin for all transaction, and continue.

3. At this point you’ll be required to provide billing information, choose the PayPal option and enter your PayPal email address.

If you don’t have a PayPal email address you can just enter any email address and provide a phone number then submit it if there is no other information required.

4. After you have provided this information Roku will now automatically redirect you to the PayPal page where you will be asked to confirm that you are linking your PayPal account to your Roku account.

You must bear in mind that you should not confirm anything or click on anything or even log in. What you need to do is just to close the page.

5.After you have closed the page go back to the official Roku page with, then go to my account section and click on it, you find out that there’s a reminder that you need to add your payment details to make purchases.

Bear in mind that this does not stop you from streaming content so long as they are free.

6. Move down a little bit and click on the link a device option, and follow the on-screen instructions and link your device.

That is it, you have now registered your Roku without having to provide your credit card information

How to Add your Credit Card to Roku Later

I have shown you how to activate Roku without credit card, but if you change your mind at some point, and want to have access to subscription-based channels on Roku, then you can provide your credit card information and pay for news channels or make other purchases on Roku.

To be able to do that, open the official website of Roku and go to ‘my account click on it

When the page loads go down to where you will see a message from Roku telling you to provide your credit card details to make purchases, as the message will be there since you did not provide it while registering the Roku device.

Click on it and enter your credit card information. After you have provided this information “click submit”

Roku will check the authenticity of the credit card information you provided and when confirmed you can now pay for subscription-based channels on Roku and make other purchases.

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