How to Fix Facebook Not Working on Mobile Phones

Do not feel devastated when your Facebook app stopped working for no reason and you couldn’t log into your Facebook account on the mobile app just like what happened when Facebook not working struck the entire world with global outages alongside WhatsApp and Instagram.

If the Facebook notification not working problem or can’t load images and videos on the Facebook platform is limited to the mobile app or the Facebook messenger app, it means that the problem is not a global problem, you are the only one experiencing it. Don’t worry, we will provide a direct solution on how to troubleshoot the Facebook app and Facebook marketplace not working and possible ways to fix this.

There was a global server outage with Facebook on mobile and desktop a few days ago until the service was restored. That was an internal error popularly called the server issue. With this, the Facebook server not working will affect both the Facebook mobile app, Facebook messenger, Facebook marketplace, and even Facebook ads will not load.

The entire world was thrown into a tantrum when the Facebook app not working struck the entire globe for hours. However, there has been a series of questions on how to fix Facebook not working on Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac computers.

Why is Facebook not Working

Why is Facebook not working? Is the server down? Is Facebook not going to work again after several hours? Has Facebook been shut down? These types of questions can keep coming until you find out how to fix your Facebook app not working.

Well, with whatever question you have in mind as to why my Facebook app is not working this article will provide a solution to it and help you to fix it provided that the Facebook server is not down.

When the Facebook server is down all you have to do is to wait until the server is restored to be able to re-access the Facebook platform again. And majorly, when Facebook is not working, it results in a global outage. But if you are personally experiencing the Facebook glitch here are some reasons why Facebook is not working and possible solutions to fix Facebook not working on Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac.Facebook not Working on Android

How to Fix Facebook Not Working

Here are the fixes to the Facebook app not working on iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows computers as well as how to troubleshoot the Facebook notification and marketplace not working on smartphones and PCs.

Facebook Server is Down

The first thing to check when you discovered that the Facebook app is not working or not loading images or videos or can’t update your status on Facebook is to check out whether the Facebook server is down. This will help you to understand whether the glitch with the Facebook app is an internal error or external.

Internal in terms of the Facebook server and external regarding the Facebook app cache, outdated app, and other errors that can be fixed without contacting the Facebook customer service department.

There are tons of websites out there that provide information about the server’s status of a website including Facebook to know whether the website is down or not and to find out what people are saying about the website’s online status.

If the Facebook app is not working or Facebook is not working generally, go to “Downdetector” to find out whether the Facebook server is down. If the server is down you’d have to wait until the server is up and running before you can post, comment, read notifications, and even share your status with your friends.

That is the number one internal reason that can cause the Facebook app not to work for long. So, always make sure to confirm it before moving to an external which is a bit advanced to fix Facebook not working on your device.

Restart your Phone

The basic step to take to resolve the Facebook app glitch when the messenger app refuses to work or opens on your Android phone is to reboot your Android phone. Although, the steps to restart an Android phone differ but the result is the same as fixing the Facebook app not working.

For most phones, follow the steps below to restart your phone.

  • Press and hold the power button for about 5 – 10 seconds.
  • Choose the restart button on the screen. On some phones, you might need to slide the restart button to accomplish the task.

Wait for some seconds for your phone to restart completely and open the Facebook app whether the not working error has been fixed.

Update your Phone System

Most times, when your phone operating system is outdated it will cause the device to malfunction and this is not limited to the app not working alone. It can also cause apps not responding on the device. So, if the Facebook messenger not working occurs to be one of the few problems to tackle on your Android phone consider updating your phone operating system.

  • Go to your Android phone settings.
  • Scroll down and click on “System” and in most phones, you may have to select “about” to access the system option.
  • Choose “Software update” under “System.”
  • Tap “Check for update.”
  • Done.

If there is an update available click on the update tab to download and install the new OS but if you are running the latest OS you should see “your software is up to date.”

Disable Facebook Background Data Restriction

There is no way you will be able to receive your Facebook app notifications if the background data restriction option is turned on. So, you need to check this and make sure that the option to restrict the Facebook app from working in the background is restricted.

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Select “apps and notifications” and for Huawei, users choose “notifications.”
  • Click on the Facebook mobile app from the list.
  • Tap on “Data usage.”
  • Scroll down and enable “background data.”
  • Done.

This should help to solve Facebook app notification not working if you restricted the app background data. Do not also set a data usage if you do not want the Facebook app to stop working or receiving notifications when the data cap is exhausted.

Use the Official Facebook Mobile App

If you ain’t using the official Facebook app it’s time to switch to it now. With the constant Facebook app update in the Google play store, Apple store, and, Windows store, all bugs are fixed, and using a non-official Facebook app can make you lack the new feature to fix it. That is why you should switch to the official Facebook app instead of the APK version.

To download the official Facebook app follow the steps below depending on the phone OS.


Follow the steps below to download and install the official Facebook app on your Android phone.

  • Launch the Google Play Store app on your phone.
  • Type “Facebook app” on the search box and select it from the suggestions.
  • Tap on the “Install” button to download and install the Facebook app on your phone.
  • Done.

Now, open the official Facebook app (after you have uninstalled the APK) and sign in to your Facebook account. Is the Facebook app not working after downloading the official Facebook app or you can’t sign in to your Facebook account? Please check the next solution below.


This approach is similar for iPhone and iPad users. Just follow the steps below to download and install the official Facebook app on your iOS device.

  • Open the Apple apps store on your phone.
  • Search for the Facebook app and click on the Get button.
  • The app will start downloading and install on your iPhone.
  • Done.

If you have the Facebook app installed on your phone then you should consider updating the app to fix the Facebook app not working on your iPhone or iPad.

Clear Facebook App Cache

When the Facebook app cache is excess it can contribute to the app not working. Therefore, endeavor to clear the Facebook app cache to fix the Facebook app not working [IF] the Facebook app not responding or Facebook app crashes message is caused due to the app cache.

Android Phone

Follow the steps below to clear the Facebook app cache and data to restore the app to normal.

  • Go to your “Phone settings”
  • Scroll down and click on “Apps or Apps manager or Applications manager.”
  • Find the “Facebook app” and click on it.
  • Tap on “Storage >> Clear Cache >> Clear data.”
  • Done.

Launch the Facebook app again and sign in to your account. If the Facebook not working error emanated from excess cache on your Android phone the app will be restored back to normal after the above steps.

iPhone/iPad Device

Follow the steps below if you are using an iPhone or iPad to clear the Facebook app cache and restore the app to normal.

  • Go to your “iPhone or iPad” settings.
  • Find the Facebook app from the list and select it.
  • Find the “Clear cache”  option with a green indicator next to it.
  • Select “Clear cache” to clear the Facebook app cache.
  • Done.

In case this doesn’t suit you consider deleting the Facebook app from your iPhone or iPad, restart the phone, and reinstall the Messenger app again.

Reset App Preferences

Another method to fix the Facebook app not working on your Android phone is to reset your app preferences. This will not only fix the Facebook app it will also reset other apps that are malfunctioning.

  • Go to your phone “Settings.”
  • Scroll down and select “Apps.”
  • Select the “three dots” to the top right.
  • Select “Reset app preferences.”
  • Select “Reset” from the pop and this option will reset all preferences for
    • Disabled apps
    • Disabled app notifications
    • Default apps
    • Background data and restrictions for apps.
    • Permission restrictions
  • Done.

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that you will not lose any app data with the “reset app preferences.”

With all these suggestions you should be able to tackle and fix the Facebook not working glitch on your device. Do let us know which of the methods works for you in the comment section below.

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