How to Download and Apply Settings Icon Aesthetic Pink on iPhone

iPhone has a unique default settings logo on your device’s home screen. While settings icon aesthetic pink brings creativity to your iPhone home screen and offers viable styles to configure your iPhone home screen to define what you need.

The feature to add a new icon to your iPhone first spotted in the iOS 14 which allow users to set app icon based on preference and change the default iPhone app icons instead of using the default settings icon.

With the iOS 14, you can switch between the settings icon aesthetic and set your preferred settings icon on your iPhone. For the ladies that love pink color, we recommend the settings icon aesthetic pink for your iPhone with iOS 14.

There are various settings icon aesthetic for iPhone to download and apply on your iPhone to override the default settings icon on your iPhone. This includes but is not limited to the pink aesthetic, rose gold aesthetic, blush pink, hot pink, pastel pink, baby pink, iPhone aesthetic, and iPhone wallpaper aesthetic.

Settings icon aesthetic pink

What is the iPhone Settings icon Aesthetic?

Settings icon aesthetic is a new feature in iOS 14 for iPhone. The iPhone aesthetic provided a new widget to fill the iPhone home screen with something else instead of using only the iPhone apps.

The aesthetic feature helps to combine shortcuts with customized icon on your iPhone with the new iPhone widget that you can customize to meet the way you wants your iPhone home screen to look like.

Resources to Apple Settings icon Aesthetic Pink on iOS 14

There are two resources needed to apply your preferred settings aesthetic icon but your iPhone must be running the latest iOS. However, there are two third-party apps needed to apply your favorite settings icon aesthetic pink on your iPhone. These apps are;

What is Widgetsmith App?

Widgetsmith app is used to add quick-access functionality to your iPhone home screen such as weather and calendar at a glance. This helps to create a new widget on your iPhone that was not created before and set your preferred color, font, and photo to use with your new widget.

What is Shortcut App?

The shortcut app is a unified app to get automated tasks done via your iPhone apps or by asking iPhone Siri. In addition, the shortcut app can be used to create customized app icons on your iPhone.

With the two apps, we will be able to apply our favorite settings icon aesthetic pink to create a customize and unique home screen icon.

Clean your iPhone Homescreen

Before we proceed to set your preferred settings icon aesthetic on your iPhone iOS 14 you first need to clear or remove your iPhone home screen.

  • Press and hold any app on your home screen.
  • Tap “Remove App.”
  • Choose “Move to apps library” or “delete app.”
  • Repeat the process for all apps until your home screen is cleaned.

Download Settings Aesthetic icon Pink

If you want to get the best settings aesthetic icon for your iPhone apps’ icon we recommended the following sources to search for your favorite settings aesthetic icon for your iPhone.

Go to these sources and type “Settings icon aesthetic pink” and download them to your iPhone and follow the steps below to apply them to your apps’ icon.

Customize your iPhone with Aesthetic icon Settings

With the new iPhone widgetsmith and shortcut, you can customize your iPhone aesthetic icon. However, to do this you have to depend on a third-party app. And here. we will walk you through how to apply settings icon aesthetic pink on your iPhone.

  • Update your iPhone OS to iOS 14 if you have not done so. If you don’t know how to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 14 follow the steps in this article from Apple’s support page.
  • Download settings icon aesthetic pink to use to customize your iPhone iOS 14. If you prefer nude or beige or pink color download it to your iPhone. Find and download an icon pack or graphic to use to replace your iPhone apps’ existing icon.
  • Download and install both the “Widgetsmith and shortcut app” on your iPhone iOS 14.
  • Navigate to your “iPhone settings >> Wallpaper.”
  • Select “Choose a New Wallpaper.”
  • Open the “Shortcut” app you download and installed from the step above.
  • To create a new “shortcut” click on the “+” button.
  • Choose “Add action” and search for the “App Option” and then select it.
  • While on the “New Shortcut” page select “Choose.”
  • Search for any “App” you want to settings its icon to aesthetic.
  • Locate the “three-dot menu” in the corner.
  • Give your new shortcut a new for “Siri” to understand it in case you want to control the new shortcut via Siri.
  • Choose “Add to Home Screen.”
  • Give your shortcut a name and click on the “thumbnail” icon next to it.
  • Choose the “Settings icon Aesthetic pink” to replace the existing app’s icon.
  • Preview the change you have made and click on “Add” to add the app with the new aesthetic app icon to your iPhone home screen.

The new settings icon aesthetic will be added to your iPhone home screen as a bookmark but it will work like an app.

Create Aesthetic Settings Custom Widget

Once you have added the app shortcut to your iPhone home screen via the third-party shortcut app you can now use the widget app to create and customize the widget of your choice.

  • Open the Widgetsmith app from your app menu.
  • Chose your favorite widget size “small, medium & large” click on “Add” to add the select widget size for you.
  • Click on the “Widget” you just created.
  • Click on the “Default Widget” to begin your customization.
  • Once you are done “personalizing” the widget click on the “Back” button.
  • Rename the “Widget” by clicking on the “Rename” button.
  • Select “Save” to save changes.
  • Done.

Now your widget is ready and it’s time to add it to your iPhone home screen.

Add Settings icon Aesthetic Pink to your iPhone Screen

To add the customized widget to your iPhone home screen after personalization follows the steps below.

  • Go to your iPhone widget page to the left of the screen.
  • Scroll down and select “Edit.”
  • Click on the “+” located in the corner.
  • Use the search box to search for “Widgetsmith” and select it from the search result.
  • Choose the “Widget Size” you would love to add and select “Add Widget.”
  • The widget should “Wiggles” and if it didn’t click on the “Edit” button.
  • Press and drag the widget to your home screen.
  • Done.

To create multiple settings icon aesthetic pink on your iPhone repeat the process until all your apps’ icons are edited and changed to your favorite and customized or personalized icon of your choice.

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