How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 83 on Roku

The rule of thumb when the Disney plus app is not working on the Roku streaming device and displays error code 83, the first thing to do is to restart your Roku device or cold boot your Roku device for about 5 minutes. And here in this article, we will discuss all possible approaches you need to know on how to fix the Disney plus error code 83 Roku.

Disney Plus error code 83 on Roku is an unknown error when Roku finds it difficult to stream to your device. This is a device compatibility issue with your Roku device. This could mean that the Disney plus app is not compatible with your Roku device. However, if it does, it means that the Disney Plus app is outdated and thus, it doesn’t work with your Roku streaming device any longer.

We can also describe the Disney plus error code 83 Roku as an issue that has to do with your internet connection or account issue most especially if your Disney Plus account has expired or got terminated for unknown reasons.

What is Disney Plus Error Code 83?

When the Disney plus app displays an error code 83 on your Roku device it means that there is a compatibility or internet connection or account issue with your Disney plus account. And when this happens streaming the Disney Plus on your Roku device will disappear into the thin air.

So, when the “Error Code 83″ pops up on your Roku when you opened the Disney Plus app it means your Roku device is unable to connect to the Roku server.

Now, let us discuss how to fix the error code 83 on your Roku device with the Disney Plus app.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 83 Roku

We discussed 6 different methods to fix the Disney Plus error code 83 on your Roku streaming device.

Check Whether the Disney Plus Server is Down

If the Disney plus server is down you will be able to access the streaming service on all devices including your smart TV with the error code 83. And when this happens, it’s often a global issue that can only be resolved by the Disney technical team.

So before you start troubleshooting the Disney plus app on your Roku or browsers for the error code 83 on your Roku take your time to check if the service is not experiencing a server downtime.

There are different services only to monitor websites downtime and this includes “Downdetector” and some other services. Also, check through the comment section to know what people are saying about the server downtime.

Error code 83 Disney Plus

If it’s indicated that the server is down then you’d have to wait until it’s resolved and you can also hasten the service by contacting the Disney Plus help centre to report the server downtime which I believe they would have been working on it before it goes globally.

Clear Disney Plus App Cache

This is another sophisticated approach you need to consider. Clearing the Disney Plus streaming device can help to fix the Disney Plus error code 83 Roku message.

  • Switch on your Roku TV and press the “Home Button.”
  • Scroll to the “Disney Plus App” and select the app.
  • Press the “asteric” button on your remote control.
  • Select “Remove channel” from the app menu.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds for the app to be removed from your Roku TV.
  • Restart your Roku TV
  • Navigate to the Roku Channel and search for the “Disney Plus” app.
  • Select and install the app on the streaming device.
  • Done.

This is the method we recommend to clear the Disney Plus app cache when there is an error code 83 to fix on the device.

Check your Internet Connection

A slow internet connection can trigger the Disney Plus error code 83 on your Roku streaming device aside from causing the video to buffers on your Roku or skipping. To enjoy the best experience and error streaming on your Disney Plus on Roku, Disney Plus recommends a minimum internet speed of 5.0 Mbps for HD content and a minimum of 25 Mbps if you are streaming 4K content.

So, if your internet speed for HD and 4K is below the minimum requirement it might trigger the error code 83 on your Roku device.

For web-based internet speed, you can use free services like and to confirm the speed of your internet connection. However, if you are using a wired connection you might need to troubleshoot your Ethernet speed.Disney Plus error code 83

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot your internet speed if it goes below the recommended Mbps for streaming Disney Plus in HD and 4K respectively.

  • Bypass your DNS server
  • Decode the blinking light
  • Switch your Router
  • Reduce the number of devices that are connected to your WiFi or Hotspot.
  • Upgrade your Router firmware.

Update your Roku Firmware

If your Roku streaming device is outdated it can trigger the Disney Plus error code 83 when you are streaming on the device. And most vendors roll out new updates to fix the known and existing issues on their devices. And this is also applicable to the Roku streaming device. Therefore, in a bit to fix the Disney Plus error code 83 on your Roku device we recommend that you should also consider updating your Roku device firmware.

  • Press the “Home” button on your remote control.
  • Scroll down or up and select “Settings.”
  • Choose “System.”
  • Select “System upgrade.”
  • Click on “Check Now” to manually check for updates.”
  • Done.

If there is an update available for your Roku device to fix unexpected errors such as error code 83 your system will download and install it automatically on your device. Once the update has been completed your Roku device will reboot automatically.

Update the Disney Plus App on your Roku Device

If the Disney Plus app is outdated on your Roku device it can trigger the error code 83 on your Roku device. So, here I am going to walk you through how to update the Disney Plus app on your Roku device.

  • Switch on your Roku TV.
  • Navigate the screen and select “Settings.”
  • Navigate to “System >> Software update.”
  • Select “Check Now” and follow the instruction on the screen to the “Disney Plus” app.
  • Done.

There is another quick approach to follow. To update an individual app on your Roku TV remove the app from your Roku channel, restart the streaming device and reinstall the app.

Now, go back to your Roku channel and launch the Disney Plus app to see whether the error code 83 has been fixed due to the recent update.

Report Disney Plus Error Code 83 to Roku

If at this point the suggestions above couldn’t fix the error code 83 emanating from your Roku device on the Disney Plus app, it’s high time you report the case/problem to the Roku team for an expert to handle it.

Contact “Disney Plus customer care” to report the problem and seek a possible solution on how to fix it. For a quick response, indicate to them the name of your [Roku] streaming device and provide relevant information to help fix the error code on your Roku device.

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