How to Activate Starz on Roku, Xbox and Smart TV

Activate Starz

Activate Starz on Roku and other entertainment gadgets such as Xbox One and Xbox 360, Apple TV, Smart TVs, Firestick, and Kindle fire to have direct access to Starz premium content.

Here today, you will understand the basic to Starz activation on Roku, Xbox, and on Smart TVs

The websites is an entertainment website with premium contents for both paid and free subscribers. Whether you have Starz account or not, you can activate Starz free trial account on Roku, and Xbox and enjoy Starz original content pending the trial period.

However, for Starz premium account holder, you can simply enjoy the unlimited Starz premium content as long as your subscription is valid.

Therefore, whether you are a Starz premium user or a free user, here in this article, I will share with you how Starz activate works on Roku, Xbox One and Xbox 360, Amazon FireTV, etc.

If you have activated showtime anytime or YouTube or Netflix or Natgeotv or AFdah TV on your Roku or other gadgets, you’d probably want to activate the Starz using the Roku activation code on Starz.

Starz Channels

Starz has a lot of great channels to enjoy blockbuster movies on Roku after activation. The activation grant Roku and other gadgets users to stream Starz content live of media players they activated their account on.

However, after you have activated your Starz account on Roku, Xbox, Smart TV, Apple TV, and Firestick, you will have direct access to the following Starz channels.

  • The Missing
  • Power
  • Outlander
  • Ash Vs Evil Dead
  • The Girlfriend Experience
  • Survivor’s Remorse
  • The White Queen
  • Blunt Talk
  • Flesh and Bone
  • DaVinci’s Demons
  • Party Down
  • Magic City
  • 1ST Amendment Standup
  • The Chair

On these channels, you will enjoy Starz original series as well as on Roku and other devices you linked to your Starz account.

Add Starz on Roku

Starz streaming website is different from Natgeotv or showtimeanytime or other streaming websites when you want to add channels to your Roku media player.

This implies that you don’t need a cable provider to subscribe for a Starz plan activate on your Roku. The Starz monthly plan costs a whopping $8/99 a month or uses it for free for just 7 days during the trial period,

Also, another way to subscribe to Starz before you activate it is using the Amazon prime. If you have the Amazon prime and wouldn’t want to add your credit or debit card to Roku media player you can simply activate your Starz account for the same $8.99 for a month or use Starz for free during the 7 days trial period.

How to Activate Starz on Roku

To activate Starz account on Roke media player follow these steps:

1. Firstly, download and install the Starz app from Snap and activate Starz channels after successful download.

2. Subscribe to Starz on Roku using your credit card or debit card or use the Amazon prime to subscribe.

3. After you have subscribed, navigate to the settings gear icon and click on activate your device.

4. Take note of the Starz activation code on your TV screen

5. Open a browser on either your computer or Smartphone and visit or or

6. Enter the Starz activation code on your TV screen generated by Roku and click on submit.

Activate Starz

7. A list of the available network will be displayed.

8. Choose your favorite network from the list and log into your TV provider account. Wait for some couple of minutes for Starz to activate your Roku media player successfully.

Upon successful activation, the activation code on your Roku media player will disappear and your Roku will show Starz channels so that you can start streaming Starz contents live on your Roku.

How to Activate Starz on Smart TV

Here is a walk around to activate Starz on Smart TV which includes Apple TV, Samsung TV, etc.

1. First, connect your smart TV (Apple TV) and search for Starz play app on the Apple app store

2. Download button to download and install the Starz app on your Apple TV.

3. Now, open the Starz app on your Apple TV and log into your Starz play account.

4. And note the Starz activation code on your Apple TV screen. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a Starz free trial account or paid account.

6. Open a browser’s tab on your computer or smartphone and visit or or

7. Enter the Starz activation code on your Apple TV screen on the Starz activation column and click on submit.

Wait for some couple of seconds for Starz play to validate your Smart TV activation. Upon successful activation, the activation code will disappear and you can start streaming Starz play on your smart TV.

Now, you have an active Starz account on your Roku media player. You can start to stream Starz on Roku.

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