How to Add a Co Host on Zoom

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When conducting a meeting, a host assigns a co-host the role of administrator. They share most of the controls, such as managing attendees, starting or stopping recording, sharing screens, and deactivating members. The only difference is that a co-host cannot start a meeting. Also, there is no limit to the number of co-hosts you can add to a Zoom meeting.

To enable co-hosting in Zoom, you must be a licensed user or have administrative rights on your company’s Zoom account.

Hosting a Zoom meeting with a large number of participants can be difficult. By adding a co-host to your session, you can release host privileges so they can join the workload, e.g., Participant management and screen sharing.

Various roles are available in a Zoom meeting. It is that of a host, co-host, alternate host, or participant. Everyone has their unique privileges and meaning. A host is solely responsible for the meeting and the program. You can even disconnect and join a session by easily reassigning host controls to another user.

A co-host is a participant who is assigned the role of administrator by the host during a meeting. You share responsibility for organizing an online meeting or webinar. A co-host shares most of a host’s controls, such as: the administration of participants. However, a co-host cannot start a meeting.

This is a step-by-step guide to understanding how to nominate a Zoom co-host. If you are a licensed host, you must complete the following steps to grant co-hosting privilege to yourself, a group, or your organization.

Zoom offers the ability to add up to 1000 people to video conferences at any time. With so many people sharing ideas in groups, the meeting leader can hold meetings and monitor members at the same time.

To help meeting organizers resolve this issue, Zoom provides the option to add a co-host during a meeting session. When you co-host another participant, they can share some of your controls, including participant management and other administrative aspects during a meeting.

The following guide will help you set up a co-host for your meeting and show you how a co-host differs from other participants and hosts in a meeting session. Let us move on to how to add a Co Host on Zoom.

Here are the controls that co-host CANNOT access:

Before we move on to how to add a Co Host on Zoom, let’s see the limitation of a Co Host.

Below are this a co hos cannot do.

  • Start with the subtitles and assign someone or third party to provide them
  • Start the live streaming
  • End of the meeting for all participants
  • Co-host another participant
  • Start small breakout rooms or move participants from one breakout room to another
  • Start waiting room (co-hosts can put participants in the waiting room or add/remove participants from the waiting room)

About Zoom Co Host Alternative

There can only be one host for a meeting (the user who scheduled that meeting), and that person is the only person with full permissions to manage the Zoom meeting. However, you can add as many co-hosts or alternate hosts as you want.

Co-hosts and alternate hosts have almost the same privileges. The only difference is that co-hosts cannot start the meeting, unlike other hosts. Therefore, if you want someone else to start the meeting, consider adding them as an alternate host rather than a co-host. Below is How to add a Co Host on Zoom.

How to enable co-host in Zoom

The co-host function is not activated by default. So you need to go to the official zoom page to activate it. After logging into your account, click the Settings option on the left.

How to Add a Co Host on Zoom

You can scroll down until you find the co-host option, but with so many options, it’s easy to ignore it. To open the search option, press Ctrl + F if you are using Windows and CMD + F for Mac users.

When the option appears, enable it and you are good to go.

How to Add a Co Host on Zoom meeting

There are two ways to add a co-host to a Zoom meeting. The first is to co-host someone directly from your video or the Attendees pane.

All you can do is ask someone to help host an ongoing Zoom meeting.

To co-host a Zoom Meeting, open the Participants window by clicking Participants in the Zoom Meeting control bar at the bottom.

How to Add a Co Host on Zoom

In the Participants list, hover over the name of the participant you want to co-host and click the More button next to their name. Then select the Create Co-Host option to share host controls with another user.

How to Add a Co Host on Zoom

When prompted, click the Yes button to confirm the changes and make an attendee your co-host during the meeting.

You can also have someone co-host your video feed. In a current meeting, switch to Gallery View by clicking the View option in the upper right corner. If the meeting has many participants, scroll left or right to see more videos.

How to Add a Co Host on Zoom

In “Gallery View” click the three dots in the upper right corner of the user you want to co-host. Then select the “Create or make Co-Host” option.

If you don’t want someone to be a temporary co-host, you can easily revoke their co-host permissions. First, click the Attendee icon in the control bar at the bottom of the Zoom Meeting window. This will open the Participants window on the right side of the screen.

How to Add a Co Host on Zoom

Move the mouse pointer over the name of the co-host in the “Participants” list and click the “More” button.

How to Add a Co Host on Zoom

Click the plus sign and remove the authorization

Next, select the Remove Co-Host Privilege option to remove the co-host privilege from the meeting attendee.

Remove a co-host from a Zoom meeting

Hope you know now know how to add a Co Host on Zoom. Now let us move on to how to remove a co-host from a Zoom meeting.

To revoke co-host permissions, hover over the co-host name, click the “More” option, and then select “Remove Co-Host Authorization” from the menu.

This method allows you to add an unlimited number of co-hosts to a Zoom meeting. If you need to leave the meeting earlier than scheduled, you will need to bypass your host permissions before doing so. Otherwise, the video conference will end abruptly when you leave the call.

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