How to Present on Zoom: All you need to know

How to Present on Zoom has been explained in this article to help educators, and professionals maximize this feature on the Zoom platform.

During my undergraduate days, I did a lot of presentations as required by the university to complete my degree requirements. I successfully completed a series of presentations and completed the course requirements. But these presentations were all done physically with PowerPoint and the projector to show my professors what I was talking about.

From that time till now a lot of transition has occurred. During my undergraduate days, there was nothing like Zoom or any online video conferencing platform that offered users the now available feature to present online.

This transition was further catalyzed by the pandemic which pushed almost everyone in the world to depend on online education to learn. Platforms like Zoom came in handy to solve the unavoidable problem imposed on the world by the coronavirus pandemic, and since then the app has been improved by the to include online presentations and other advanced features.

In this article Gadgets Wright team have put together ways one could use zoom to present and share the screen with other members, whether it is a project work presentation, seminar presentation, or presentation that relates to your job and products your organization offers, you can use the tips in this article to effectively do a presentation on Zoom and create a long-lasting impression in the minds of your audience.

What you need to do is read this article to the end to fully understand how to present on zoom. We’ve also included other facts about the Zoom presentation that may be of help to you in this article.

It is paramount that we emphasize that you apply everything in this article as they will not be of any help to you if you don’t apply them 

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How to Present on Zoom|Simple Presentation Advice

How to Present on Zoom

The best online presentations are simple and straightforward.

You don’t want your audience to stare at their screens trying to navigate a tangle of text, colors, graphs, and other content.

You want them to look at a particular slide and get the point in one glance.

Use a plain background for the slides, preferably white, and focus each slide on just one point or idea. Do not place too many bullet points or text in the slides.

Also, be sure to center the text in case the edges of the slides are trimmed for some participants.

Finally, use a large, bold font that does not require participants to strain their eyes, even if they are viewing the slides on their phones.

How to Present on Zoom by sharing your screen: The conventional method

This is the default method most people choose because it is the closest to what we would do if we were in a conference room with participants sitting around the table.

In Zoom, you can choose the sharing option called Screen. The audience sees everything on your screen, so if PowerPoint isn’t full screen, they’ll see whatever wallpaper you have and any other open apps that contain potentially confidential information.

They will not be able to see the Teams controls at the top of the screen as they are always hidden from the audience when sharing the screen or window.

You start a slide show in PowerPoint and all the features, including animations and transitions, will work. You can use a presentation remote control to advance through the slides or use the arrow keys.

Even though slides take up the entire screen, you can still access the zoom controls by moving your mouse to the top of the screen and selecting the controls you want.

If you are concerned that any conversation or questions from the audience may be missed, click on the chat option in the zoom controls and the chat window will appear above the slides without the audience seeing it. Be careful because seeing comments in the chat window may distract you from your presentation.

How to Present on Zoom using?

If Microsoft PowerPoint is too heavy for you, you can always choose the effective Google alternative called Slides. It allows you to create fun yet simple presentations and share them as you see fit. Of course, it also needs Zoom’s screen sharing feature to function as intended, which, at this point, should be pretty normal for you.

1. Use the Presenter View to present on Zoom

Now, if you want a more comprehensive experience and also keep track of the feedback you may have, we recommend using Presenter View. With display enabled, Google Slides will create a separate window for all your notes, which only you “d be able to see.”

On the other hand, the main display window will remain free of clutter and free of distractions.

To use Presenter View, first, just go to the presentation page, and click on the small down arrow next to the Present button in the top right.

How to Apply to Zoom

Now, tap on “Show Presenter”.

How to Apply to Zoom

Once you click this button, you’ll get a separate space for all your notes, while another clean slideshow window will appear.

How to Apply to Zoom

2. Use Zoom In to present on Zoom

Now that the windows are separated, you can easily use Zoom to display the slide show window. While in a meeting, click on the “Share Screen” button and select a browser window with Google Slideshow at the top.

Finally, tap on “Share” to start the screen-sharing session.

How to Apply to Zoom

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