How to Backup Samsung Phone without Smart Switch

You need to constantly back up your Samsung phone whether you want to change your phone or reset the phone because it is malfunctioning or slowing down.

With your backup files, you can easily restore the file on another Samsung device and continue from where you stopped. So, here in this article, you will learn how to backup Samsung phone.

Meanwhile, the process to back up Samsung phones is the same. Whether you are using the Samsung S series or you are in the A series the same procedure works for all Samsung devices.

Samsung offers a variety of options to back up your Samsung Galaxy device. Samsung offers the option to back up your Samsung phone to the Samsung Cloud, Google Drive, microSD or SD Card and you can also backup your Samsung phone photos, videos, contacts, apps and other valuables on the device to your PC or an external storage device such as Hard Drive.How to Backup Samsung Phone

How to Backup Samsung Phone to External Hard Drive

You need an external hard drive or SD card to be able to back up your Samsung phone to an external storage device. With this, you can keep your backup for future purposes.

  • Go to your “Samsung Phone Settings.”
  • Choose “Accounts and backup.”
  • Scroll down and select “External Storage Transfer.”
  • You will see your “External Drive” size on the screen.
  • Tap the “Backup” button on the “External Storage Transfer” screen.
  • Select all the “Content” you want to backup to an external hard drive or microSD.
  • Hit the “Back Up” button to start the backup process.

You will see the phone backup process on the screen. Once the backup is completed all selected content will have a checkmark to confirm that you have successfully backed up your content to the external drive.

How to Backup Samsung Phone to Computer

The Samsung device allows users to transfer files from their old phone to the new phone without a backup file. But the easiest way to restore your Samsung phone backup to your new phone on PC is via the backup file.

So, here we will consider how to backup Samsung phone to computer for transfer to a new phone.

  • Download and install the “Samsung Smart Switch” to your “PC” or “Mac.”
  • Launch the “Smart Switch” on your computer.
  • Connect your Samsung Phone to your “Computer” using a “Data Cable” that supports “File” transfer.
  • Your “Phone” backup will start automatically. However, you can control what you back.
  • Choose the “More” option at the top right.
  • Select the “Preferences” option.
  • Tap “Backup item” and select what to backup
  • Tap “Allow” on your phone if you are prompted.
  • Tap “OK” once the backup is complete.

Your Samsung Phone backup will be saved to the predefined directory on your computer. You can change it to your preferred location before you initiate the backup process.

How to Backup Samsung Phone to Google Drive

If you have a Google account linked to your Samsung phone you can simply use the advantage to back up your Samsung phone to Google Drive. This is by far the fastest means to back up a Samsung Galaxy phone using a 3rd party service.

  • Go to your “Samsung Phone Settings.”
  • Scroll down and choose “Accounts and backup.”
  • Tap “Back up data” under “Google Drive.”
  • Tap on “Account Storage” to change the “Google Drive” account or “Add Account” with the Google Drive account that you want to backup your phone to.
  • Toggle on “Backup by Google One” to automatically back up your Samsung phone periodically.
  • Tap “Back up Now.”
  • Choose “Back up Now” from the popup that says “back up using a metered network.

The backing-up process will begin. You need to wait for a couple of minutes to complete the backup process. To skip the question of whether to back up using a metered network or not you need to scroll down to advanced settings and toggle on “back up using mobile or metered Wi-Fi data.”

If you swipe down your phone notification you will see the backup process.

How to Backup Samsung Phone to PC without Smart Switch

With Samsung Smartthings Find you can back up your Samsung phone without Smart Switch remotely. This process is recommended if you misplaced your Samsung Galaxy phone and you don’t want to lose its data before you proceed to erase it.

  • Go to the official “Samsung Smartthings Find” on your computer or mobile browser.
  • Sign in to your “Samsung Account.”
  • The Samsung smartthings Find will locate your phone on the maps. This might take a few seconds. Just give it the necessary time.
  • Choose the name of your “Samsung Phone” if you have multiple phones linked to your account.
  • Tap “Back up” at the top right.
  • Choose the “Content” you want to back up from the options.
  • Tap “Backup” to begin the process of backing up your Samsung phone remote.

The time needed to completely backup your Samsung phone using the Samsung Smart Switch depends on the size of your file. You will see a radar showing the timestamp of your phone backup.

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