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How to Upload Multiple Instagram Stories [No Trick]

A good news about Instagram stories unleashed regards how to upload multiple photos and videos into your Instagram story. Instagram is popular for the feature to add pictures and video to your Instagram storyline which has to be one after the other. However, the giant photo websites rolled out a new feature to upload multiple Instagram stories (videos and photos) to replicate how multiple pictures and videos are being uploaded to Instagram feeds.

The new update helps Instagram fans to patch more than two photos or videos together and upload them to their Instagram story as their Instagram story once. This new feature reduces the stress of uploading multiple picture or videos to your Instagram story one after the other.

If you are familiar with how Facebook stories and Instagram stories work you will understand that the new feature on Instagram is a relief to all Instagram user to spend less time uploading more than 10 photos or short videos to Instagram at a time.

The new feature to upload multiple stories on Instagram makes it easy to upload multiple live event Instagram video at once. All you just need to do to enjoy the new Instagram feature is to plan how the stories should be uploaded, preview each of them before uploading and click on the upload button.

If you have used the Instagram feature to upload multiple photos to Instagram feed before you’d probably know how the Instagram multiple videos and photos in the Instagram storyline.

Instagram has only rolled out upload multiple stories feature to Instagram Android app alone while iPhone users will receive the update in a few weeks time.

To enjoy the new Instagram multiple stories feature on Android phones, respective Android phone user should head to Google play store and update their Instagram Android app to the latest version as at today, 24th, April 2018.

How to Upload Multiple Instagram Stories

How to Upload Multiple Instagram Stories on Android Phones

To upload multiple stories on Instagram at once…

1. Log into your Instagram account

2. Click on upload media icon and select either from media or camera roll

3. Click on the new icon at the upper right-hand side of the screen

4. Select up to 10 photos or videos from your gallery

5. Click on upload to start uploading

The number in the picture or videos when you start to select the photos indicates how the select videos or images will be uploaded to your Instagram stories in a numerical other. The photo with “1” will be the first photo to be uploaded while the photo with number “10” will be the last to be uploaded.

Before you hit the upload button you can give a touch on your select photos such as editing each of the photos, adding stickers to them, adding location to the photos, and do all sort using the new Instagram story feature.

What do you think about the Instagram stories new feature? I do really love the new feature to upload multiple Instagram stories at once without repeating the same process always when you want to upload more than two photos or videos into your Instagram story.

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