How to Unclip Peloton Shoes from Bike

Being stuck on your Peloton bike isn’t funny, you could find yourself struggling with the Peloton shoe or tired to unclip it from the pedals but you just can’t get them out. Or maybe you’ve been in such a scenario before, and it took you minutes, or even longer before you could get it off.

All these are pretty frustrating scenarios. And probably it has prompted you to search for different ways you can unclip your peloton shoes from the pedals especially when you are stuck. So, here in this article, we will discuss how to unclip Peloton shoes.

Why Your Peloton Shoes Keep Getting Stuck

A very good sign that the Peloton shoes are going to get stuck is if the grip between the cleats and the pedals is shaky or if your Peloton cleats move when clipping out. You might struggle to unclip it without the necessary tools or guidelines.

Now, In most cases, you may need to tighten the cleat to ensure that it is firm when next you are trying to clip it with the pedals. So, unclipping the Peloton shoes and clipping it again may be the only option you have left if you can wrap your head around it.

Unclip Peloton Shoes: Safety Tips

Unclipping your peloton shoes from the pedal might be a struggle sometimes, you could find yourself injured in the process if you don’t look out for these tips when next you are stuck with it.

  • Firstly, ensure that before removing your sock, you have loosened the elastic band that is around the top of your heel.
  • While you are trying to unclip your toes from the pedals, a better direction to tilt it is to the outward direction because it prevents the shoes from hitting the bike
  • Now, in the second method, I mentioned that you have to remove your legs from your Pelton shoes and to do that ensure to use the thumb and finger of your stronger hand.
  • Next, ensure you twist powerfully but gently by tilting the back of the shoes either to the right or left
  • Avoid placing your peloton shoes on a greasy area After putting them on

How to Prevent the Peloton Shoes from Getting Stuck

To prevent your shoes from getting stuck you have to ensure that the cleats of your Peloton shoes are always tightened and the tension screw isn’t too tight or loose

Always try to get peloton toe cages, a toe cage simply allows you to use any kind of sneakers on the peloton bike pedals when you are done cycling, you don’t have to forcefully remove your shoes from the pedals, simply remove them from the toe cage, here is how it looks.

How to Unclip Peloton Shoes

If after this you are still looking for how to unclip Peloton shoes from bike because the Peloton shoes are hard to unclip just check through the methods below you will be able to find your way around it.

How To Unclip Peloton Shoes

The steps below help you to figure out how to unclip peloton shoes from bike. If you want to change your Peloton shoes you can get yourself some amazing Peloton shoes that we can guarantee.

  • First and foremost bring the Peloton bike to a complete halt.
  • Unclip your stronger foot, if it is the right start from the right by gradually bringing your right foot peloton shoe to the 6 o-clock position
  • After doing that, put all your weight on the toe of that foot.
  • While still applying that weight and force, press down the resistance knob and gently bend that foot outward or inward, till it unclips.How to Unclip Peloton Shoes
  • If it works follow the same process for the other foot, 

Now, if can’t clip out of the peloton bike then you may need to try the second attempt. But if this works, then you may skip the next method or check through to know different methods on how to unclip peloton shoes from bike.

How to Unclip Peloton Shoes from Bike

The approach below offers the fastest approach to unclip your Peloton shoes from your bike. To do this you may need to leave the shoes clipped in bike peloton before you can unhook or unclip the shoes from your Peloton bike.

  • Try to remove your legs from the shoes, not the pedals, since the pedals are stuck to the shoes.
  • After doing this, turn the resistance Knob to the extreme right position. Keep turning it until you feel some form of opposition.
  • Now, roll one of the pedals to the 12 o clock position, and then bend it so that it will face downward,
  • Get the 3-millimeter Allen key and then use it to loosen the tension screw on the pedal.

Note: You don’t have to lose it completely. You only have to loosen it gradually till you can get your shoes off the pedal

  • Now while losing, use your hands to press down the shoes on the pedals and use a gentle force to tilt it outward or inward till it loses its grip from the pedals.How to Unclip Peloton Shoes
  • After doing that, follow the same steps for the other pedal, if it isn’t coming out, then you should keep loosening the tension till it can do so with some force.

It’s safe to say you have learned how to get peloton shoes off bike. You should be able to unhook the Peloton shoes now.

How to Remove Peloton Pedals

To remove the peloton pedals, firstly, you need to have a 15milimmeter wrench and follow the procedures below.

  • Place your hands on the resistance knob and turn it to zero, doing this makes both the crank arm and flywheel halted.
  • Now, get the 15-millimeter wrench and insert it into the axle of the right pedal and begin to turn it counterclockwise. Doing this will loosen the pedal
  • If you are stuck and you haven’t been able to twist the wrench then apply some more force.
  • Moving on go to the left pedal and follow the same steps as highlighted above by inserting the 15-millimeter wrench on the axle of the pedals and then turning it in a clockwise manner

Note: if the wrench isn’t loosening the axle then you should apply oil to the area to reduce its friction before tying it again.

Why your Peloton Shoes are Impossible to clip out?

if you’ve just gotten your Peloton bike, you might experience this issue before it finally becomes easy to clip in and clip out, all you have to watch out for are the tightness of the shoe cleats and the tension of the pedal.

Is it Okay to leave your peloton shoes clipped in?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with leaving your peloton shoes clipped in however it isn’t a recommended practice. it was mentioned above as a way to get out of your Peloton bike if you can’t seem to unclip it from the pedals

Is it Possible to change the pedals on Peloton?

Yes, you can change the Peloton pedals,

How to clip into peloton bike

To clip your peloton shoes into your bike simply follow the steps over here.

Can you ride a Peloton with regular shoes?

You can’t ride a peloton with normal shoes unless you have a toe cage that blends with the shoes or sneakers you want to use


By now you should have figured out how to unclip peloton shoes easily, especially if you have tried endlessly and you’re stuck.

Now, over to you, has this article been helpful if yes, how did you unclip yourself when you first had such an experience with your Peloton shoes?

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