How to Download Instagram photos on Android Phones

How to download Instagram photos is widely discussed in Android forum. A lot of avid tech bloggers have discussed much on the best way to grab any photo from Instagram even though the Instagram app does not have a feature to download photos from the platform.

Although, There are a lot web-based app to download photos directly from Instagram most of which are desktop software.

You may now want to ask. Do you need to get a laptop or a desktop computer to download photos from an Instagram account on Android phones? Well, this post provides the right solution to the problem of not being able to download photos and videos on Instagram on Android phone.

You do not need a root access to download videos and photos from Instagram mobile. Although, rooting your Android phone makes it more flexible and useful. At the same times, it bridges the phone warrant meaning that you will not be able to return it to the factory if the phone gets spoilt before it warrants expires.

Therefore, I will not bother to root your Android phone in other to download videos and photos from Instagram on your Android phone.

How to Download Instagram Photos on Android Phones

To download Instagram photos on an Android phone take the following steps…

1. Visit Instagram web page either on a mobile browser or directly with an Instagram mobile app

2. Navigate to the photo you want to save on Instagram and click on the 3 dots to the bottom right of the photo and copy and click on “Go to Post”

Download Instagram Photos

3. Copy the post URL in your browser’s address bar

Download Instagram Photos

4. Open a new tab on your browser and visit “DownloadGram” and paste the copied URL on Instagram and click on the “Download” button.

Download Instagram Photos

5. Wait for some seconds to let “DownloadGram” sync the picture and click on “Download Image”

Download Instagram Photos

Isn’t that simple to do? Did I hear you say yes? So what are you waiting for? It’s time to download photos from Instagram.

How to Download Instagram Photos using an Android App

This is a long process for some Instagram users to download photos from the platform. However, thank God for numerous Android apps to grand photos and videos on Instagram with just copy and paste. Here in this section, I’ll share with you the easiest Android app that can be used to download any Instagram photos.

1. Download and install “Instagram videos & photos downloader app on your Android phone

2. Open Instagram Android app and click on the three dots to the upper right of the post and click on “Copy Link”

3. Open Instagram photos download you installed in step 1 and paste the copied link and then click on “Check URL”

Once you click on “CHECK URL” the photo or the video will start downloading automatically. You can swipe to the app history to see all downloaded photos and videos from Instagram using the Instagram photos and videos Downloader.

These two techniques are the easiest method download Instagram photos and videos on an Android phone without an app and with a downloader app.

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