Zen Business Review 2024: Features, Plans and Costs

Zen Business is a service that specializes in helping clients to form their business services. Even though ZenBusiness is relatively new in the industry, it enters into the competition swiftly with cheap plans and good customer service relations.

ZenBusiness mainly offers three plans to help a client start either a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporate company. Apart from being a known formation service company, it also delves into different numbers of company formations.

So, in this Zen Business review, we will cover an in-depth look into all you need to know about the online company formation service and cover things like the features, price per plan, the reason to use them for online business formation and the reason to turn your back at them if it’s enough for you to do so.

What is Zen Business

Zen Business is an online service provider that provides business registration and some other services that started as a side hustle to earn extra income. And out of the blue moon, Zen Business became one of the most reckoned with when it comes to launcher a limited liability or corporate company with series of services to start any business from the scratch without using a 3rd-party service provider for all the services that you need to keep your new business model up and running.

With the offer to handle all your business from registering the business with the appropriate organization, creating a website for the business and creating a conducive atmosphere for customers’ finances, banking and monitoring taxes. This makes it easy for new business owners to run smoothly using a single service.

Hearing this; is one of the advantages of ZenBusiness as it allows you to save more time for your businesses and even save more money. Although some of the services offered by ZenBusiness are not at the same level as their competitors at a reasonable price, it’s far ahead of some of the competitors offering similar services with high prices per plan.


Advantage of using ZenBusiness Service LLC

Some of the “Pro” why you may want to consider Zen Business for your LLC or corporate business include the following.


With the kind of services and cheap price offered by ZenBusiness it’s a hard nut to crack by their competitors for registering an LLC. With a starting price of $0 including the state filling fees. Aside from that, you can start your LLC with just $5 per month for your business banking and frer tas savings consultations.

Additionally, all ZenBusiness plans has what is called “Worry-free” compliance service which is the company standard service and also include in all services, annyal report fillings and offer at least two business ammendments every year.

Customer Support:

When it comes quality customer support, Zen offers extra customer support hours through the week and weekend inclusive. For weekdays, you can contact Zen customer support anytime from 8 a.m to 8 p.m (CT) and during the weekends, you can get intouch with their customer service representatives from 10 a.m to 7 p.m (CT).

4.7/5 Customers Review on Trustpilot: 

ZenBusiness has a whooping 4.7/5 customers review on Trustpilot which shows that customerrs are fully statisfied with their service. You can hardly find a single negative review about any of the services you receive from them from their customers. This is one of the best business review you can see out there.

Disadvantage of using ZenBusiness Service LLC

Some of the downsisde of using ZenBusiness for your LLC or corporation businnes include:

No Registered Agent Included:

Some of Zen Business competitor included registered agent in their services but Zen is buying the idea at any plan level. This is probably where you will spend extra cost outside the service you get from Zen and it could cost an extra cash to get that.

EIN Service:

To enjoy the EIN service you need to opt-in for the company’s Pro and Premium plan. Other services like the entry level plan is short of the privilege.

Lack Online Business Services:

While Zen Business is seen as a top-notch online business formation service it’s lacking some services such as creating website while competitors provide this service and some others that are not included in the Zen plan even on special requst.

What Does Zen Business Do

Zen Business is in to a businsess service formation, creating website for a new business, service registration, and other services that to start a new business from the scratch until it starts running.

The service you receive from Zen Business depends on the plan your subscribed to. As one of the best LLC services in the market, the plan start at $0 if all you need is to have an LLC or price ranges between $199 and $349 per annum which include your state filling fees.

Zen Business Services

Even though ZenBusiness offers are not robust are that of its competitors but it probably has the largest list of services for all registered providers. So, Zen offers most of the services that you need when you want to register your business and all the necessary services that you need to run your business from the scratch.

  • Business formation (LLC, corporation, etc.)
  • EIN registration
  • Faster filing speeds
  • Business document templates library
  • Certificates of good standing
  • Business license reports
  • Name reservation service (includes name availability search)
  • “Worry-free” compliance service
  • Operating agreements
  • Registered agent services
  • Amendment filings

ZenBusiness Major Business

If you want to know some of the major business that ZenBusiness do here are some details to water your mind. You ca use ZenBusiness for these

  • Name availability search
  • Business formation service
  • Registered agent service
  • Online document access
  • Articles of organization
  • Business operation services
  • Domain name registration
  • Domain name privacy
  • Business email addresses
  • Business website creation
  • Business banking
  • Online payments
  • Tax savings consultation

ZenBusiness Plan Features

Start PlanPro PlanPremium Plan
Starting Price$0$199 per year$349 per year
Filing SpeedStandardFastestFastest
100% Accuracy GuaranteeYesYesYes
ComplianceIncluded (first year free)IncludedIncluded
Employer ID NumberNot includedIncludedIncluded
Operating AgreementNot includedIncludedIncluded
Business Website, Email and Domain NameNot includedNot includedIncluded
Business DocumentsNot IncludedNot IncludedIncluded

ZenBusiness Prices and Features (Starter to Premium)

In this ZenBusiness review part, we will let you know what you are buying when you choose ZenBusiness over the competitors start from the entry level plan to the premium plan.

Starter Pro Premium
Cost $0
Our Standard Filing Speed
Worry-Free Compliance*
100% Accuracy Guarantee
Free for Life
2 to 3 weeks filing

$199 Billed Annually
Our Standard Filing Speed
Worry-Free Compliance*
File in 1 to 5 days
100% Accuracy Guarantee
Our Fastest Filing Speed
Employer ID Number (EIN)
Operating Agreement
$349 Billed Annually
Our Standard Filing Speed
Worry-Free Compliance*
100% Accuracy Guarantee
Our Fastest Filing Speed
File in 1 to 5 days
Employer ID Number (EIN)
Operating Agreement
Business Documents
Domain Name & Email Address
Business Website Builder

ZenBusiness Cost per Add-ons

Whether you operate an entry level plan or premium plan on ZenBusiness you have the privilege to any service you would need in your business if it’s missing in your plan. The add on are all at reasonable pricess. All you are doing is you are paying for convenience while you focus your time on doing something curicial to the growht of your business.

Registered agent$199
Rush filing speed$79 (one-time)
EIN filing$99 (one-time)
Operating agreement$99 (one-time)
Compliance service$199
Business website$129
Domain name$25
Business email$25
Business banking $5 per month
Business name reservation$50 (one-time)
Money Pro bookkeeping $30 per month

Zen Business Customer Service

The first thing you want to ask when you are choosing your online formation service is how response is their customer service. Every organsation operates in a different way to make sure that their customers enjoy the benefits of doubt and have value for their money. This is the area where ZenBusiness is able to convince his customers raking 4.7/5 review rating on Trustpilot as one of the best online formation services with the best customer services.

You can get in touch with Zen Business customer service via the following means:

Zen Business Vs Competitors Price

You can check and compare the Zen Business cost with the main competitive below!

ZenBusinessLegalZoomIncfileSwyft Filings
Registered Agent25% off first year$299Free for 1 year$149
Operating Agreement$99$99$40$35
EIN Registration Fee$99$79$70$79
Processing Time2 to 3 weeks20 days3 to 12 weeks7 to 10 days

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