How To Cancel Ipsy Subscription [A Quick & Eassy Guide]

It is okay to cancel Ipsy subscription if you know longer need the service. No doubt, Ipsy is one of the top subscription shopping websites for beauty products. If you no longer need their products, then it is best to cancel your subscription early enough since the Ipsy automatically renews your subscription every month or year.

There is nothing more painful than being charged for a service you no longer need. That is why we will be showing you how to cancel Ipsy membership fast so that you can invest the money you pay for your subscription elsewhere. Follow our step by step guide below to successfully cancel your Ipsy membership.

What is Ipsy?

Ipsy is one of the largest beauty subscription service and discovery platform that was founded by YouTube beauty influencer Michelle Phan. She started the company after her makeup review videos generated millions of views worldwide. The company was first launched in 2011 on the beta site,, it launched its proprietary website in 2012.

Its major product offering that is very popular across the world on the subscription box trend is the “Glam Bag,” which contains personalized beauty products, but this is not all the company has to offer. Ipsy is also growing as a huge content platform where there are various video tutorials on makeup selection, application, and also review, which are created by various consumers for those looking for makeup tips and advice.

Today, Ipsy has become a community of over 25 million people in every corner of the world. The platform also has over 160 million product reviews and more than 500 million monthly content reviews.

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How Ipsy Works

Ipsy is a Glam Bag subscription-based program that offers three different types of subscriptions. With a subscription fee of about $12 per month or $132 per year, every subscriber will be entitled to a Glam Bag. This is a collectible makeup bag that is filled with up to four deluxe-sized beauty products with free shipping as well.

The bags are also compiled to help subscribers achieve a complete makeup look and also includes at least one product for the skin, eyes, and lips. While the Glam Bag Plus subscription, you will receive about five full-sized products priced at $25 per month.  The Glam Bag subscription, on the other hand, is priced at $50 per month and contains up to 12 beauty products.

All these products sent to users are usually issued based on a survey. The survey is usually completed by subscribers during the signup process. They also take a quiz that will determine each subscriber’s eye color, skin color, hair color, and even favorite brands as well as preference for items. There will be a few questions asked as well to get information about each user’s previous makeup experience, looks they have tried on, and the products they will be interested in.

Michelle Phan also tries to cater for subscribers who will love to use brands they ordinarily cannot afford or brands that they have never tried out before. She also works hand in hand with a couple of other stylists to release regular make tutorial videos along with each glam bag, which are designed to give each consumer a complete experience. Subscribers will also get to enjoy these tutorial videos, which can be easily accessed on Michelle Phan’s Youtube channel as well as the channels of each stylist. Most importantly, the stylists use the products that are in the glam bags to demonstrate to subscribers how looks are created.

How to Cancel Ipsy Membership

To cancel your Ipsy account, follow the steps below.

  • Start by logging into your Ipsy account and navigating to account, then select Edit Account Settings. Click on Membership.
  • Select Manage Membership and then, select “Help me stop my membership.”
  • You will receive a pop up asking you if you want to skip a Month instead, Select Continue to Cancellation if you are not interested in this offer.
  • Afterward, you will be asked to provide a reason for cancellation to help them improve their service in the future. Once you do so, you will get an email with a link you must click on to complete your cancellation. How to Cancel Ipsy Membership
  • Ensure you are still logged into your Ipsy account and select the link to confirm your cancellation and that is it!

Note that you will need to confirm your cancellation through your email by 12pm PT on the last day of the month when you don’t want the next month’s Glam Bag. If you confirm your cancellation afterward, your membership will end the following month.

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Now, you know that you can easily cancel your Ipsy membership and save yourself the monthly subscription fee. If you have any challenges following our guide above, let us know in the comments section below.

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