How to change Battery in Quip

Quip electronic brush is powered by a rechargeable battery that you can remove when dead and replace with a new one. Despite that the Quip battery can last 3 months on a single AAA battery replacement, you still need to change the battery at an appropriate time. Therefore, here in this article, we will discuss how to change battery in quip electronic brush.

The quip brush isn’t everlasting as it losses its charges over time when it is almost due for a replacement. Although the quip toothbrush batteries are also compatible with rechargeable AAA batteries. So, you can use it if you have one.

So, you can either replace the old battery with a AAA rechargeable battery or with a non-rechargeable battery. What is important is to change your quip brush battery without damaging the motor.

Although the process of changing your quip electronic brush battery is simple but should be done with care; in other not to spoil the quip brush during replacement.

Meanwhile, if after you’ve changed the quip toothbrush battery and it doesn’t work, you should consider troubleshooting it. 

Therefore, you will also learn how to change battery in quip brush and troubleshoot your quip toothbrush if it’s not working after changing the battery.How to change Battery in Quip

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How to Charge Battery in Quip Brush 

If you are using a rechargeable quip toothbrush, you can charge it when the battery runs low instead of getting a new battery as a replacement.

Therefore, follow the steps below to charge your quip battery when the battery becomes weak.

  • Remove the quip toothbrush head and place it on a travel case.
  • Insert the charger into the charging port on the electronic brush.
  • Plug the charger’s adapter into your power source.
  • Wait for the brush to charge fully.
  • Once the charging is completed, remove the quip electronic toothbrush from the charge.
  • Couple the brush head you placed on the travel case.
  • Turn on the brush and see whether the battery isn’t weak again.

If this fixes the quip toothbrush battery, there is no need to get a battery replacement for your quip electronic brush. However, if the battery works for a couple of days and becomes weak, then you might have to get a replacement that would last for at least 3 months before the next charging.

How to Replace Quip Battery

It’s easy to know that you need to change or replace your quip battery without technical advice. It could be that the quip brush is not working as it should or the quip brush motor works slowly.

While this is not limited to the reason why you should consider changing your quip battery, we will run over how to replace quip battery here.

Note: When you have concluded that your quip toothbrush battery is weak and you are ready to get a replacement and change it; follow the steps below to successfully remove the old battery and replace it with a new one.

  • Remove the quip brush from the battery compartment.
  • Remove the toothbrush motor and weak battery from the toothbrush.
  • Insert your AAA negative (-) end battery into the quip battery with the (+) facing the region where the toothbrush is removed or detached from the bottom side.
  • Insert the quip motor back into the brush in the correct way. If you are confused about how to insert the motor after detaching it, insert the motor following the arrow indication.
  • Take the removed toothbrush from where you kept it and fix it back into the toothbrush until you hear a click to confirm that the brush has been fixed perfectly.

If everything is executed perfectly as explained above, your quip brush should be working perfectly at this point.

However, before you start using the quip brush with the new battery, ensure that the AAA rechargeable battery is charged for about 3 hours or follow the instruction of the battery to confirm how long the battery should be charged before use.

How to Charge Quip Battery

The previous headline detailed changing batteries in quip toothbrush without damaging the batteries. However, it’s important to charge the battery for at least 3 hours after replacement before putting the brush to use to avoid shortening the lifespan of the battery.

So, once you have learned how to change battery on quip toothbrush above and you have changed it successfully, follow the steps below to learn how to charge your quip brush.

  • Clean the quip toothbrush and ensure that the brush is free from water.
  • Insert the quip brush charger into the quip toothbrush port
  • Plug the other end of the brush into a power source.

Your quip toothbrush should be charging.

Note: For an electric quip toothbrush with a magnetic charging feature, you can charge the brush by snapping the magnetic charging contact to the base of the brush to recharge. To ensure that your battery lifespan isn’t shortened by overcharging; you are advised not to charge it more than 4 times in a calendar year.

Quip Toothbrush Battery Replacement

Here is an overview of the quip toothbrush battery replacement process to change and replace your dead or old quip toothbrush battery.

  • Place your thumb on the dots, then gently pull the head off in a slight arc motion (don’t snap it directly toward yourself!).
  • Gently detach the brush motor and battery
  • Lift the quip toothbrush wing to remove the motor. You can also use the thumbnail notch.
  • Once you have removed the motor; tip the brush handle to remove the battery.

You should have the electric quip toothbrush dismantled [all the brush components removed] Now, to replace the quip toothbrush battery you need to follow the same process as discussed above or the steps below.

  • Insert your new AAA battery. Only use recommended quip toothbrush battery.
  • Insert the motor in the right direction to establish a connection between the battery and the quip toothbrush motor.
  • Screw the quip brush head into the battery compartment and you are done.

Although, the quip toothbrush battery replacement is straightforward but you need to understand the simplicity of how to replace it properly.

Quip Brush Battery not Working after Replacement

What if your quip brush isn’t working after replacing the battery? What can you do to fix this, or do you have to get a new quip brush? Well, here are some of the steps to take to troubleshoot your quip brush not working after battery replacement.

Remove your Quip Brush Head

First, remove the quip brush head from the motor and battery compartment to start with. To do this, you need to hold the head and handle in the opposite hands with the quip brush facing the other side instead of facing you.

Ensure you place your thumb on the brush dots and remove the head from the quip in a slight arc motion. Do not snap the brush in a backward direction so that you will not damage it.

Clean the Brush Handle

A dirty quip handle could cause the brush from working perfectly. Therefore, it’s advisable to clean the handle. So, to do this, you need to ensure that there isn’t toothpaste residue on the brush.

And if you have added the toothpaste residue, wet the bristle of your old brush and remove the toothpaste residue on it with care.

However, if you do not have an old toothbrush, you can use it to clean the handle, damp your towel, and use it to clean the handle. This is a DIY at home you need to follow.

Wipe the Quip Brush Motor

If the quip brush motor is wet after changing the battery can damage the electronic toothbrush. And this can result in the quip brush not working problem.

Therefore, when your quip toothbrush isn’t working after you replaced the battery, disassemble the brush, take out the motor, get a towel and clean the motor from all wet or water substances in it. Don’t assemble the brush yet; wait until the motor is dried from any liquid, and then assemble it.

If your quip brush isn’t totally damaged, the steps above should help revive the brush if it’s not working after battery replacement.

So far, you have learned how to change the battery in the quip toothbrush and fix your quip brush not working glitches. If there is a comment regarding your quip brush, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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