How To Make Alexa Mad

Did you know something about Alexa and How To Make Alexa Mad? If you have known Alexa before and wanted to know more or you are just hearing about Alexa, I want to show you something. Just take a little time out of your time to read and get some pieces of information I will be provide below.

What is this Alexa?

Alexa is a device that uses voice recognition to perform a particular task. It is a virtual assistant technology manufactured by Amazon to serve as help on the internet. Alexa helps to handle business voice interaction between company and customers through voice. It is an Algorithm Intelligence-powered machine. 

What Alexa can do

I will like to introduce you to what Alexa can do in our days, that is to say, technology is taking the upper hand. Let us dive in, it is so so interesting.


Alexa is capable of interacting with voice, informing someone about sports, traffic, weather news, it can play music and stream programs, whether radio or video. Alexa can control various types of smart devices found at homes. It serves as a home automation system.

Alexa can be used with televisions, radios, smartphones, it can be used in vehicles, aircraft, trains, ships, and so on. You can make voice or video calls with another Alexa-based gadget. Amazon that produced the Alexa has different Echo devices that work with Alexa, Echo devices like echo plus, echo studio, echo dot, these are all speakers. there are many Alexas around the world that are usable and perform different tasks.

With the assistance of Alexa, you can order products from anywhere you are, the accurate responses will be supplied to you. Alexa works in the cloud, it is a cloud-based system. The issue of waiting for a customer care agent to respond to you on a website or in a company has become a smoke, that disappears in the cloud.

You can ask any questions about a particular product before you purchase it and make your requests for the products with Alexa. And the p; product will b deliver to your doorstep.

Smart Home

The smart home is a home equipped with different devices which can be controlled by automation. You can control your home devices with your phone or laptop. You can just decide to automate some regular duties you normally do at home, even when you are too busy to attend to some duties.

Alexa is suitable for saving precious time these days, not that you should not some works for exercise’s sake, but the major ones can be automated. MAjor duties like on and off of appliances that are so important to handle for the safety of your home system.

With Alexa you can view the video of your ring bell on Echo Show like you can do on camera. Alexa enables you to have the power to control your home appliances any way you like. Gone are the days, when you will need to be standing up before you can switch on or switch off your lighting gadgets like bulbs, fluorescents, etc.

How to Set up a Smart Home with Alexa

Things are getting better at this time, setting up a smart home has become more simple with Alexa and Amazon Echo. So, if you are interested to get connected with this amazing experience, then, let us move. And take note that every device you will ever need to get started will be communicated below, so, prepare your mind to hamburg the pretty steps I will list for you.

Alexa can work very well with Echo devices like the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Third-party Alexa speakers like Bose portable smart speakers, Sonos, and others. Now, let us have a view of the best echo device you can buy for your smart home connection.

The Echo Show Models, the echo show is the first echo we will consider now, they have display properties, Zigbee Controller, you can view videos through cameras, if they are connected, with echo models you can switch on or switch off your bulbs without your voice.

Like there are echo 5, echo 10 models which are suitable for smart homes, but you make use of echo 5 which is the cheaper for your smart home connection. Though it depends on what your decisions might be, you need to decide on what you valued. The next echo is Echo plus.

The Echo Plus is a suitable echo too, it has Zigbee Controller also but can perform more functions than an ordinary echo. There is no need for a different hub to connect it with your home appliances. You can connect Echo plus with your appliances without a third-party app or device. Now, let us set up the smart home with Alexa.

Steps to Set up Smart Home

The follow steps explain how to set up smart home with your Alexa

Step 1: Get all your home appliances ready for connection, appliances like smart bulbs, smart plugs, smart heaters, cameras, etc. Some compatible devices work well with Alexa.

For instance, for smart bulbs, Philips hue and hive light are okay. For smart heaters, Tado and Hive active haeting are okay. For cameras, Arlo, Ring video doorbell. For plugs, WeMo and Hive plugs are okay.

How To Make Alexa Mad

Step 2: Get your Wi-Fi and Router connected and install Alexa App, locate your device, and enter the password you will be using. 

Step 3: Open the installed Alexa App, go to MENU, then to SKILLS and GAMES, then search for smart home or search Hue or Hive, pick any of the brands.

Step 4: After you have chosen the skill you like, now click ENABLE.

Step 5: After you have enabled it, then you will need to enter your login details for a brand you chose, whether Hive or Hue. And take time to read instructions from the maker of the brand.

Step 6: Download and install the Echo smartphone app also. 

Step 7: You can now talk to Alexa that, “Alexa, search for devices or Scan for devices”

Finally, you can now open your Alexa App and add new devices or remove devices and start to control your appliances just like. If you do the connection well, there would not be any problems. Now, let us look at how to made Alexa mad.

How to make Alexa mad.

In the real sense, none can can make Alexa mad because Alexa is an Artificial Intelligence Machine, Alexa does not have emotions like humans. But you can set up a routine to make Alexa appears mad. But you need to create a room or group first.

How to Create a Room

To make Alexa mad you first need to create a room. To do this follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open your Alexa App

Step 2: Select DEVICES

Step 3: Tap plus sign (+) at the right top side

Step 4: Select ADD GROUP, Add the group and give it a name, for example, Parlour.

Step 5: Select your home appliances you will like to add.

Now, you  can start to control your Alexa, when you say something like Light up my parlour. You can say this in the case of light, you can still say, heat up my parlour in the case of heat. Now, we need to set up routine to make Alexa mad.

How to Set up Routine to Make Alexa Mad.

Taking a look at the following simple hacks, you will be able to set up the necessary routine for Alexa.

Step 1: Open Alexa App on your phone, click MORE, then select ROUTINE.

Step 2: Click  (+) at the upper right side, and NEXT.

Step 3:Now, you will find ” When thing happens and Add button” on this page, just select ” When thing happens”, then Click on (+).

Step 4:  Select VOICE, and type words like ” Get Mad”, then NEXT.

Step 5: Click ADD ACTION, and select ALEXA SAYS, now click CUSTOMIZED. Inside this CUSTOMIZED FIELD, type any words you like. Anytime you say, Alexa ” Get Mad”,  Alexa will get mad or do according to your customized texts. That is so simple, on how to make Alexa mad.

If you follow the steps  well, there would not be any problems. If you have any difficulties, hit the message button below.

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