How to Change Battery in Smoke Detector

Have you ever experienced a fire outbreak in your home or you’ve once witnessed a fire incident in your neighborhood, maybe at one of your friend’s houses? Then you should know the importance of having a smoke detector installed in several parts of a home. In this article, we’d be showing you how to change battery in smoke detector

Fire outbreaks in homes are a danger no one ever wants to experience. Very costly casualties happen during fire incidents at night, in homes that do not have a smoke detector or only have a non-functional one installed.

Cultivating a great maintenance culture towards your smoke detectors properly or other safe home gadgets can prevent a great loss from occurring in a house fire significantly. 

Smoke Detector Vs Smoke Alarm

Although there’s a difference between a smoke detector and a smoke alarm. The smoke detector is built in such a way that it must be connected to a building’s fire alarm system control panel. In other words, they are not a stand-alone unit that senses smoke only and sends a signal to an alarm system that will trigger a loud sound to alert people around. 

The Smoke Alarm is an all-in-one, complete stand-alone device with a detector that also senses smoke that triggers it to audible sounds and sometimes visual warning or alarm. In other words, a smoke alarm detects smoke and sound an alarm immediately to alert the neighborhood.

What to Expect in this Article

In this article, you will learn how to change battery in smoke detector. For a fire alarm system to function optimally, you need to change the battery at least every six months, that’s twice a year.

A non-functional sound detector in your home is as useless as having a car without a battery. Ensure you replace the battery in the smoke detector with a new one once you remove the new one and never leave the space empty.

Once you hear a chirping sound from your sound detector, it simply means the battery is getting old and weak and it needs a replacement as soon as possible.

A low battery won’t allow the sound detector to perform optimally. 

Change Battery in Smoke Detector

How to Change Battery in Smoke Detector

The process of changing smoke detectors’ batteries varies depending on the brand, but there are some common features. Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to change battery in smoke detector. Follow the easy steps below:

  • You need to access the smoke detector using a ladder or a tall chair as most are ceiling-mounted (although very few are mounted high on a wall).
  • Remove the smoke detectors from the ceiling to replace the battery, though some have a front-loading door. Turn the detector counter-clockwise. The smoke detector should release, with the mounting plate remaining on the ceiling. Some smoke detectors have a tamper-resistant feature to prevent children from removing the device.
  • Remove with the locking pin or unclip the body of the smoke detector from its base with a gentle twisting motion. 
  • You will find three main parts inside the smoke detector: the sensing chamber, a loud horn, and a battery (and in some brands, house voltage power source).
  • Ensure you replace the battery by unclipping the old battery from its holder. Most detectors use a 9-volt battery (A lithium 9-volt battery is recommended as a replacement). 
  • Make sure the male and female terminals are correctly oriented and connect firmly with the base.
  • Close the cover or replace the body by replacing the smoke detector in the mounting bracket. Snap the cover shut by gently twisting it anticlockwise or lock the body of the smoke detector back into its base till it engages.
  • Tap the test button on the surface of the detector/face of the unit to ensure the battery is working. 
  • Once you press the button, you will hear a beep or chirp sound from the detector.

Now, you have successfully been able to change battery in smoke detector. The next time you want to change the batteries, you won’t have to check the guide again.

How to Change Battery in Non-wired Smoke Detectors

Below are steps on how you can change battery in smoke detector (non-wired). Follow the steps below:

Ensure to check the Battery type

Once you install the new batteries wrongly, or you use the wrong type, this will cause your smoke detector not to function. Always ensure you are using the correct and specified type of battery and you install the batteries properly to enable the detector to work optimally. Check out the specifications below:

  • Smoke Detectors that use lithium batteries last for ten years. You cannot replace the battery, instead, you will need to replace the complete detector after its ten-year life span has expired.
  • Many detectors make use of a 9-volt battery. However, some may require different types of batteries.
  • Make use of high-qualitylong-lasting batteries. Using rechargeable or low-quality batteries may cause your smoke detectors to fail optimally.Change Battery in Smoke Detector

How to Remove the smoke Detector

Takedown your smoke detector down from its mounting on the ceiling by using a ladder or a tall chair. In case your detector is hard-wired into your house’s power system, you should switch the power off at the fuse box first.

  • The method used in removing the smoke detector from its mounting varies depending on which model it is.
  • Most smoke detectors are removed by twisting or sliding the detector away from the mounting.
  • You might need to remove the entire detector for some smoke detector models. These models require that you remove only the section that covers the internal components and battery.
  • Note that not all hard-wired smoke detectors have a backup battery.

Open the battery Cover to Install the new Battery

To get access to the battery, you need to remove the cover that houses it. The exact location of the battery, and how it is secured varies from one model to another model. Normally, once you remove the cover of the smoke detector, you will be able to see where the battery is located without any hassle.

  • The location of this cover varies from model to model, and some may be secured with a screw or other fastening to protect it.
  • Most coverings will slide off and away from the smoke detector’s body.
  • Once you can open the battery compartment, you can remove the old battery or batteries.
  • Ensure you install the new batteries properly. Check that the negative and positive connections are matching the labels on the smoke detector.
  • Now, close the battery cover.
  • Check your manual for the smoke detector in case you are having trouble locating or removing the battery.
  • However, if you don’t have the physical copy of the manual, you may need to find it online, at the manufacturer’s website.

Test the Installed Batteries

Just before you reinstall the smoke detector, you need to ensure that the batteries are working properly. You can locate and use the button on your smoke detector that will test the batteries.

  • The location of the test button varies from model to model.
  • Most test buttons need you to press the button for a few seconds to engage the test.
  • If successful, then you will hear the alarm sound.Change Battery in Smoke Detector

Check again in case the test fails

In case the alarm doesn’t sound during the test of the batteries, you will need to check them again. Never reinstall your smoke detector until it passes this battery test and has shown that it is functioning optimally.

  • Be sure the batteries are installed correctly. Ensure the positive and negative terminals are matching the correct terminals in the smoke detector.
  • Once the batteries are installed correctly, and the test failed, ensure to replace the batteries and try again with new ones.
  • In case none of the new batteries are working, your detector may need replacing. You may need to contact the manufacturer, so they can replace the detector if it is under warranty.
  • Some alarms have a LED light that indicates if the alarm is working properly. Once you see a green light, it indicates the alarm is working properly, while a red light indicates an issue.

Review your smoke detector’s instruction manual

Do you still have the manual? You can review the information to help you better understand your model of smoke detector and to optimally maintain its functionality.

  • The location of your battery and also how to access it, vary from one model to another model.
  • The manual may also indicate what type of battery is required by your smoke detector, ensure you check.
  • Do not throw the manual away. Keep it in a safe place you can always access when you need it.Change Battery in Smoke Detector

Smoke Alarm Safety Tips

Smoke detectors are installed to keep you and your loved ones safe in case of any fire outbreak. To change battery in smoke detector, you can also make use of these safety tips to keep your devices updated and working optimally for years to come.

  • Ensure you Test every alarm, including those on every floor of your house, bedrooms, hallways, kitchen and dining areas, as well as rooms with fireplaces.
  • You can choose a day of the month to check all alarms so it becomes routine.
  • Check the expiration date behind your devices. Most last ten years from the manufacture date.
  • Check detectors that sync with your professional security system to ensure monitored coverage 24/7 even when you are away from home.
  • Make sure fire alarms send alerts to your smartphone, tablet, or computer in the event of an emergency.
  • You can schedule a system inspection with your security company at least once every two years. This usually includes replacing dead batteries in both smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.
  • Create a fire escape plan in case you need to make an emergency exit from your home. This is very important.

Not every home has the exact security or safety needs, especially when it comes to personal fitness. Just get one that works best for you and utilize it well. 

I hope this article has helped you change battery in smoke detector successfully. Kindly feel free to drop your comment in the section below to let us know if this post was indeed helpful. It sure encourages us to want to write more. 

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