How to Change Instagram Name and Usernames

Our names on Instagram define the topic of our account or provide information about who we are. For this reason, choosing a relevant Instagram username is one of the most important steps to having an Instagram account. But if you have already made the bad name selection on Instagram, you can still change it.

There were certainly times when we all felt that we didn’t like the name we chose for our account or we simply decided to completely change the niche we worked in. This forces us to change the Instagram name and also the username of the account to move to another niche. Stay up to date with me on how to change your Instagram name and why this is not recommended.

Choose the best Name for Instagram

Your Instagram name is only visible if someone visits your profile directly. The name is shown in bold under the profile picture.

Your profile provides better search performance and looks more professional if the name and username are different. A name other than your username offers twice as many keywords and search criteria in the Instagram app. Experienced Instagram users take the time to create a good username and name components.

Unlike your username, which is a word, your name must be in an appropriate sentence structure with uppercase letters and spaces. Your name (as well as your username) is limited to 30 characters including spaces.

You can use your real or business name as the name on Instagram. Or you can use a generally accepted abbreviation or description of your company. For example, if your company is a pizzeria called Farm Fresh Pizza, your username could be and your name Best Pizzeria in Boston.

Choosing the best Instagram Username

You need to choose a username when you set up a new Instagram account. Your Instagram username will recognize you on Instagram. Every activity, from the content you post to the way you interact with others, is linked to your username. The username is at the top of the profile.

Your Instagram username is the unique component of your URL on Instagram that defines your account profile. It is indicated by the @ symbol when you identify yourself as a user. The URL of your Instagram account is:

A username on Instagram is limited to 30 characters and should only contain letters, numbers, periods including underscores. You cannot add symbols or other punctuation marks to your user name.

Choose a username that represents your brand, and if possible, differentiates what it does. Your username can simply be your company name or a suitable version of your company name such as @stayinformedgroup instead of James Stay Informed. You can also insert a word or two that describes your industrial or business niche to better define who you are, e.g., @chimezic_prints.

Things You need to do after you might have changed your Instagram name

You are surely active on other social media platforms. Don’t forget to change the other social media usernames that have the same name as those changed on Instagram so people know and recognize them to prevent them from continuing to follow.

The most important thing you need to do right after changing your Instagram username is to let your subscribers know. Most of us would stop following or blocking an account that we don’t recognize. After converting to a new username, create an article or story on Instagram telling your subscribers about the change and ask them to recognize the new Instagram ID you want to create.

We have all certainly tried to share our Instagram photos and videos on other platforms, or sometimes we shared the link to our profile on various websites for purposes such as marketing. Let me tell you that after changing the Instagram username, these links would be completely useless because as the username created our profile links, as mentioned, and the name is now changed, the URL needs to be changed.

Think about the platforms on which you could have shared your Instagram link and change them to replace them with the new username.

How to change Instagram’s name and Username?

After almost a decade since Instagram was created, one of the most common questions that many users still have is how to change a name or username on Instagram, and that’s really one of the easiest things to do. Read on with me to find your answers.

To change your Instagram name:

  • Go to the Instagram app and open it.
  • Go to your main profile, which is located in the lower right corner of the application or in the upper right corner of the Instagram site.

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  • Click on the “Edit Profile” button, which is clearly in your bio area.

  • Now you can change the name and user name of Instagram on the page that opens. Just touch one of them you want to change and write the new ones.

SEO title preview: How to Change Instagram Name and Usernames

  • It’s done! That was all you had to do to change the Instagram name and username too.

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