How Do I Turn on Dark mode Instagram?

Dark mode Instagram changes the look of your Instagram to a darker appearance. This reduces the light intensity of your screen brightness and also, the potential harm it may cause your eyes. Turning to dark mode can minimize the symptoms of digital eye strain, which includes, eye muscle fatigue, itchy eyes, dry eyes, blurry vision and sometimes, double vision.

How Do I Turn on Dark mode Instagram

Some other Benefits of Instagram Dark Mode

  1. Reduce power usage significantly (although this sometimes is dependent on the device’s screen technology).
  2. Improve visibility for persons with low vision and those who are sensitive to intensified light.
  3. Make it easier for anyone to use his or her accessory in a dim or low-lit environment.

How to turn on Dark mode Instagram

To turn on the feature, go to your iOS or Android settings. The settings is only available to those who are using iOS 13 or Android 10, those who are using versions below iOS 13 and android 10 should upgrade their accessories to be able to access the dark mode.

How to set the Dark Mode for iOS Devices

Here is our take on iOS users guide to enable dark mode on Instagram.

Method 1: For iOS accessories,

Stage 1. Open your settings. This is often found in your home screen.

Stage 2. Open Display and Brightness: this has an icon labelled with two different sized “AA” and is located in the third grouping.

Stage 3. Tap to select “Dark.”

Method 2:

You can also swipe up from the bottom to get the Quick Control settings and enable dark mode with the button on the bottom left.

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How to set Instagram Dark Mode for Android devices 

Here is the manual approach to set Instagram dark mode on Android.

Step 1. Open settings. This is found in the home screen, you can also locate your settings via the search box in your home screen, or you can also open setting via your app drawer.

Dark mode instagram

Step 2. Tap to open display: often in the third grouping of the options. Tap and proceed to the next step

Dark mode instagram

Step 3. Locate night mode and tap to switch on

Night Mode

Quick Settings

If scrolling through your settings is not something you want to do every time you need Dark Theme, there is a much faster route that involves pinning it to your Quick Settings, which are considered the big tiles that do appear whenever your notification bar is pulled down.

To add or incorporate Dark Theme to your phone’s Quick Settings, you need to pull your notification bar entirely until you can see a very large grid of tiles. You may need to pull down twice on the notification bar. Then, click the pen icon at the bottom of the drawer.

This will open a separate set of icons that you can add to your thumbnails.

Press and hold the dark theme icon and drag it to the top folder, as well as the WiFi, Battery Saver icons and Airplane Mode. If you drop it close to the top of the grid, it will also appear in the thinner toolbar that appears when you first drag the notification bar.

Press the back button to finish. You can now activate the Dark Theme by lowering the notification bar and just tapping the icon.

However, low light or dark mode Instagram only works on the latest Instagram app. Therefore just as you’re upgrading your Android or iOS version, also endeavour to update your Instagram to the latest version to enjoy the soothing feel of surfing your feeds late at night in low light and Low Battery consumption.

Note that using this setting alters the general appearance of your device and changes everything to dark mode.  You can equally set it back to light mode via the same process for both listed devises if it is found not to be compatible with important apps in your device.

Some Android apps help to enable dark mode for devices that are still below android 10, but it’s not guaranteed that some of these apps work perfectly well.

Some of these apps can be found in the android play store.


Instagram’s dark mode is an alternative colour palette that replaces the usual white Instagram surface with shades of grey and black.

Using apps in dark mode can improve your phone’s battery life if you’re a particularly heavy user, as white pixels consume a lot more than black pixels. This is especially true for phones with AMOLED screens where the black pixels are completely turned off.

Many people also find that the dark mode reduces eye strain, especially at night, due to the reduced glare.

After all, Instagram’s dark mode looks good, and when it comes to the apps we use every day, more and more options are welcome. WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter have dark modes, so it’s great to see Instagram join them.

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