How to Check Screen Time on Samsung

If you think you are spending too much time on your Samsung phone and you want to curb it what you need is a feature called screen time on Samsung phones. With the screen time on your Samsung, you can easily check out how long you have been on the phone. So, here we will walk you through how to check screen time on Samsung phone if you have one.

Although, Samsung isn’t the only smartphone with screen time, iPhone screen time works just like Samsung but with different settings and interface. So, if you own an iPhone and you’d love to know more about the time you spend using the device kindly check out this article on iPhone screen time

Smartphones like the Samsung phone have become an integral part of our modern lives, and because we use them to perform varying functions such as work and entertainment, it is often common to find out that you are spending hours daily on your Samsung phone.

While using smartphones has tremendous benefits and introduces ease into our routine, excessive use can adversely affect our physical and mental health.

Features like screen time have been introduced into various smartphones, including Samsung phones, to help you manage and track the time you spend daily using your smartphone.

This feature is essential because it can help you manage the negative aspects of using a smartphone, as the blue light emission from phones is known to interfere with our melatonin production, affecting our sleep. And prolonged staring at the phone can also cause eye aches and headaches while spending time on unproductive apps can affect productivity.

To ensure that you can manage and check screen time on your Samsung, the digital wellbeing feature was introduced, and we will discuss the digital wellbeing feature and how to use it to check screen time on Samsung in the remaining sections of this article.

What is Samsung Digital Well-being

The Samsung digital being, which was introduced on Samsung smartphones that run on at least Android 9, is a set of features that allows you to understand your digital habits so you can know how to handle them appropriately.

Some of the major features of Samsung’s digital well-being are discussed below.

  • Screen Time Tracking: This is an essential feature of Samsung’s digital well-being as it allows you to monitor how much time you spend daily on your device, and it is usually broken down by app categories.
  • App Timer: This is another essential feature that allows you to set a time frame for how much you want to spend daily on a particular app. Once the time you set is up, you will be unable to access the app until the next day. This can be very helpful to boost your productivity if you find yourself spending more time than needed on unproductive apps.
  • Wind Down: This is a fantastic feature, mainly if blue light emitted from the phone screen interferes with your melatonin production, disrupting your sleep. The wind-down feature activates the grayscale mode and puts your phone on do not disturb at specific times to improve your sleep hygiene.
  • Focus Mode: This is an essential feature to improve productivity, as it allows you to concentrate by temporarily blocking notifications from apps that might distract you.

From the features listed above, it is clear that the digital well-being app is an essential tool in having and maintaining a healthy digital habit.

The next section of the article will explain how you can use digital well-being to check screen time on Samsung.

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What is Samsung digital wellbeing

How to Check Screen Time on Samsung

The digital well-being Samsung app is used to check screen time and get detailed information on your daily usage, app usage, and how many times you unlocked your phone in a day.

You can check screen time on Samsung by following the instructions below.

  • Go to your “iPhone Settings”
  • Scroll down until you get to “Digital well-being and Parental Control.”
  • Click on view the overview of your screen time on the app, as it is the first thing you will see when you open it. The total time you have spent on your device will be displayed at the app’s top.
  • You can also scroll down below the main screen to see a detailed breakdown of your app usage. There you will find the list of your apps categorized by their time usage.
  • Below the app usage section, you can also find the details of how many times you have unlocked your phone during the day.

check screen time on Samsung

How to use the App Timer on Digital Well-being

The app timer is an essential feature of the digital wellbeing app that allows you to define the amount of time you want to spend daily on a particular app and ensures that the app becomes inaccessible once the time has elapsed until the next day.

You can use the app timer feature by following the instructions below.

  • Open the digital wellbeing app on your Samsung phone.
  • Click on the app timer to access the feature.
  • Click on the app option to choose the app you want to set a time limit.
  • Tap on the set time limit and set the specific duration you want access to the app during the day.
  • Toggle the switch next to the app timer option to activate the time limit on your chosen app.

use App timer on Samsung

How to use Wind Down on Digital Wellbeing

The wind-down feature on your digital well-being app is essential in developing healthy sleep hygiene as it activates grayscale to turn out the blue light that might distract your sleep, and activates the do-not-disturb mode to prevent notifications and other distractions.

You can activate the wind-down mode by following the instructions below.

  • Launch the digital well-being app
  • Click on the wind-down option.
  • Chose the time you want the wind-down feature to become active, and customize your night light intensity to what you find comfortable.

Once you set the wind-down time, your device will automatically go into wind-down mode activating grayscale and do not disturb once it is the set time.

Use wind down on Samsung

How to Check Weekly Screen Time on Samsung

If you use the digital wellbeing app on your Samsung, which is in every Samsung phone that runs at least an Android 9 version, you do not have to do anything to check weekly screen time, as you will always get a notification letting you know of your weekly screen time at the beginning of every week.


This article has explained how to check screen time on a Samsung device, and we also looked at the available features on the digital wellbeing app and how you can activate them for a healthy and productive use of your device.

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