How to Clean TV Screen

Occasionally, we have had to clean our TV screen. We might not have taken actual note of it, but a clean TV screen gives pleasure and enjoyable experience on channels and TV visuals generally.

Cleaning a TV screen might appear easy. But most contemporary HDTVs have coatings on their surface that shouldn’t be tampered with else; they get ruined.

Meanwhile, at certain points, especially during harmattan, your HDTV screen needs a goo and nice treat. This isn’t something you should leave to the kid in the room, for safety sake, you should handle it personally and make sure to follow our how-to guide on cleaning TV screen.

We will give each TV its own guide as they have special and different body components.

How to Maintain an LG Television screen

Most of these TVs employ almost the same guidelines to maintain their delicate screen. Cleaning the LG TV screen is best done by;

  • Using a dry cloth material.

shows cleaning a TV screen with dry cloth

  • No application of any kind of liquid
  • Cleaning should be done with the power cord unplugged.

shows unplugged TV power chord

  • A gentle wipe should be made to prevent scratching.
  • Endeavor not to clean with any chemical like alcohol, benzine, or others.

shows a liquid being sprayed on a TV screen, which is wrong

Cleaning Panasonic TV Screen

shows panasonic TV screen

Panasonic TV has a specially treated display panel that should be minded when cleaning. With mild lint-free clothing, wipe the panel surface gently. If the screen is unusually dirty, soak a lint-free cloth in diluted liquid dish soap after cleaning dust off its surface.

The concentration of the soap in the liquid should be proportionately 1 part soft liquid dish soap mixed by 100 times the proportion of the water. Having made this measurement, wring the cloth to remove excess liquid.

shows liquid being sprayed on panasonic TV screen

Use the mild cloth to clean your Panasonic display panel then proceed to wipe it evenly with different mild and dry clothing until the surface is dry and free from any liquid substance from the previous wipe. Be careful not to hit or scratch the display panel with fingernails and other hard objects as this could tamper with the smooth texture of the HDTV screen.

Extensively, do away with volatile substances such as insect sprays, thinner, and solvents. Your TV screen coming in contact with these harmful substances might lead to a degradation in display quality.

Samsung Television Screen Cleaning

Samsung TV screens have an exterior and screen that can easily get scratched in the process of cleaning and maintaining them.

Ensure to clean the screen with the cloth provided or a mild cloth to prevent scratches on the screen.

Shows cleaning samsung screen with soft clothing

  • Do not spray water or any liquid directly to the screen.

shows a liquid being sprayed on a TV screen, which is wrong

  • Do not use any flammable liquid such as thinners, benzene, or any other cleaning.

Any liquid that comes in contact with the screen may cause an internal failure, electric shock, or fire outburst when or while the TV is switched on.

How to Clean Sony TV Screen

shows Sony television

Like most other HDTVs, Sony TV has a gentle and mild guide as to cleaning it.

  • Wipe the LCD with a gentle, mild clothing material
  • Do not at any time spray flammable substances on the screen or any part of the TV.

shows liquid being sptayed on TV screen, which is damageable

Hard stains can be removed with a slightly moistened cloth with a considerable solution of mild soap and warm water. For usage of chemically pretreated clothing, a guide is provided on the package and should be strictly followed in cleaning your Sony TV screen.

  • Never spray water or detergent directly on the screen. It may drip and extend to the lower part of the exterior or TV screen and consequently gain access to the TV set. This may cause shock or damages in the wiring and connection of the product.

Cleaning Toshiba Screen

shows toshiba TV

Toshiba TV screen is not left out in the mild and precautious guidelines to its users. You should clean your Toshiba screen by following this guide;

  • Perform cleaning only with dry clothing (flannel, cotton).
  • Wipe the display panel surface gently.

Unlike other TVs, Toshiba cautions against any liquid substance on the surface. Furthermore;

  • Hard clothing may cause a scratch on the surface
  • Avoid using substances like acid, alcohol, alkaline solvent cleaners as they may cause damage to the TV screen.

As though all TV manufacturers aligned to give seemingly similar precautionary guidelines on the treatment of each HDTV, the treatment of these Television screens is important, and every aspect should be taken into consideration.

These are the strict and likely sacrosanct perspectives of the makers of these TVs. Most owners’ manual is copied from the others. Take the fragile nature of the LCD screen; for instance, the front screen is totally different from the glass front of a plasma TV. Meanwhile, this does not mean that caution shouldn’t be taken.

The bottom line is that, when it’s about TV screens, they are expensive and delicate. Do not be tempted to mar their surface by employing cleaning methods that the manufacturing companies are not in support of or do not advise.

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