How to Connect Airpods to Thinkpad Laptop

The years of using wired headphones or earbuds have been overthrown with the latest invention (Airpods) from the stable of Apple whereby your earbuds don’t have to be connected with wires and you won’t have to struggle with the wires before you can enjoy music at its peak.

This article will show you how you can connect Airpods to Thinkpad laptop and also the troubleshooting tips you can try in case you can’t connect Airpods to Thinkpad Laptop. Read on!

Although connecting Airpods to Apple devices like iPhones, iPads pair faster than when connected to non-Apple devices. However, so far the non-Apple devices support Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth connection of both devices is the only thing required for both devices to connect successfully.

The only reason why your AirPods won’t connect to your computer is that your Thinkpad laptop doesn’t support Bluetooth which is the necessary connection to connect.

Thinkpad Laptop is a Modern brand manufactured by Lenovo. The Thinkpad laptop has been designed for users who are usually on the run, making the laptop to be built with protective rugged shields that prevent the internal hardware from external forces.

Thinkpad laptop has a lot of wonderful features which include: a keyboard that is resistant to spill liquid, some models of Thinkpad series have fingerprint readers secures your files from unapproved users.

In case your ThinkPad laptop doesn’t support a Bluetooth connection, you will need to get an external Bluetooth adaptor (Dongle). It works perfectly just like the inbuilt Bluetooth technology. The only major difference is that the Bluetooth Dongle will be inserted into a single USB port for connectivity.

Connect Airpods to Thinkpad Laptop

How to Sync Airpods with Thinkpad Laptop

Before you begin the sync process, you need to keep the AirPods and charging case relatively close to your Thinkpad laptop during this process. Follow the steps below to sync Airpods with Thinkpad Laptop:

  • Click the Bluetooth icon in the system tray on your Thinkpad laptop.
  • Tap Add a Bluetooth device.
  • Go ahead and click on Add Bluetooth or other devices.
  • Wait for a few seconds to allow the laptop to detect the AirPods.
  • In case you can’t find your AirPods displayed on the available list, long-press on the Setup/Pair button behind your AirPods till the light turns white).
  • Tap AirPods.
  • Your Airpods have now been paired with your Lenovo laptop.

How to connect AirPods to Thinkpad Laptop

To connect any brand of AirPods to your ThinkPad laptop is very easy. Ensure your AirPods are within the charging case and are well-charged. Follow the steps below carefully to connect Airpods to Thinkpad laptop:

  • Tap the Windows key + I to launch Settings.
  • Launch Settings from the beginning Menu (This is the gear-shaped icon above the facility button).
  • Enter “Settings” within the Start menu search box.
  • Tap on “Devices”.
  • Verify Bluetooth has been turned on (the switch should be slid to the right and display a blue color) at the topmost of the “Bluetooth & other devices” section.
  • Tap “Add Bluetooth or another device.”
  • Select “Bluetooth” right within the Add a tool window.
  • Open the lid of your AirPods case.
  • Long-press on the tiny button behind the case for a few seconds till the status light in front of the case begins blinking white.
  • The AirPods should be displayed among the list of available devices for pairing (they might appear as “Headphones” first and then change to “AirPods” after a few minutes).
  • Select “AirPods”.
  • Tap on Done to complete the process.

The Thinkpad laptop will connect with the AirPods and you’d get a hit message. Now, you will hear your laptop’s audio via the AirPods.Connect Airpods to Thinkpad Laptop

Can’t Connect Airpods to Thinkpad Laptop? Try these Fixes! 

In case your Thinkpad laptop doesn’t recognize your AirPods, despite all the steps you have taken earlier, then some things must have been some reasons behind these issues. Check out some of the most effective fixes:

Restart your Laptop (Turn it off and back on again)

Try turning your Thinkpad laptop off and back on again. By doing this, you can fix the easiest of problems, including pairing issues.

Ensure your AirPods are in pairing mode

Be sure your AirPods are in pairing mode and you are long-pressing on the setup/pairing button accurately. Open the lid of the charging case to ensure your Airpods have been Placed in the pairing mode.

Unpair and repair the AirPods

In case your AirPods worked perfectly before and are still included on the available list of Bluetooth devices on your Thinkpad laptop, you can try unpairing and pairing them again. 

Keep other devices within reach away 

At times, having your previously paired devices close by can disrupt the connection process, specifically with Apple devices. Ensure to keep them physically away to initiate a successful connection between your Airpods and Thinkpad laptop.Connect Airpods to Thinkpad Laptop

Update your AirPods

In case your AirPods refuse to pair with your Thinkpad laptop, you can try updating your Airpods through your iPhone or iPad. A firmware update usually fixes issues like this. If this doesn’t solve your issue, try the next fix below! 

AirPods Are Connected To Thinkpad Laptop But No Sound

Are you in a situation whereby your Airpods are connected to your Thinkpad laptop but you can’t get any sound coming from it, you should try the fixes below:

  • Increase your volume: Sounds absurd right? Simply try increasing the volume of your Airpods, at times, little fixes like this help. All you need to be sure of is that your AirPods are connected to your Thinkpad laptop. Check your volume settings to ensure they are increased for you to be able to hear the sounds coming out of your Thinkpad laptop.

Switch Audio Output: It’s likely your Thinkpad laptop is still using its speaker as the audio output even after connecting your AirPods to it. Below is how you can switch to your Airpods audio output:    

  • Right-click on your Audio icon located on the taskbar.
  • Tap on Open Sound Settings.
  • In the output section, you have the option to switch your audio output to that of your AirPods.

Clear Data and Clear Cache

Another way to fix the problem of can’t connect Airpods to Thinkpad laptop is to clear all data and clear the cache occupying unnecessary space on your device. Follow the steps below to clear data and cache:

  • Choose “Bluetooth share” and then click on “Storage”.
  • You will be directed to Clear Data and Clear Cache from Storage.

You can as well turn on the Safemode on your phone, then try connecting your phone again to Airpods Bluetooth. That’s it! At least one of these fixes should work for you and allow you to connect Airpods to the Thinkpad laptop without any hassle.

I hope this article was timely for you and it has helped you to connect Airpods to Thinkpad laptop easily. Let’s hear your view about this post in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more educative articles on your Gadgets fixes. 

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