[SOLVED!!!] – How to Connect Hotspot to TV

You should be able to connect to a public or private Hotspot if you have a wifi-enabled TV or a Smart TV.

Most wifi-enabled TVs are smart TVs, and it’s not difficult to determine if yours is one. However, you might not easily get the hang of it if you are not Techy.

But that shouldn’t be a barrier since the steps required how to connect Hotspot to TV are pretty easy.

Simply activate your device’s Hotspot or connect to a router and search for wifi devices on your smart TV.

Isn’t that it?

Well, it depends on your TV brand, but generally, there are some things you ought to know when performing such connections.

And below, I will be going over all of those and how to connect Hotspot to a TV properly.

How to Connect Hotspot to TV

If you are using a smartphone as a Hotspot device, the internet might be a bit slow when compared to a router; however, I will be breaking down the steps you should follow if you are using any of those.

How to Connect Hotspot to TV using  Android Phone

How to Connect Hotspot to TV andriod phone

If you are using your Android phone as a Hotspot, here is how you should go about it:

  • Start your Android device.
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Network Settings.
  • Tap on “Hotspot” and toggle it on.
  • Now go to your Wi-Fi-enabled TV.
  • Go to your TV’s WiFi settings and search for your Android phone’s Hotspot name.
  • Once you see the SSID name of your device, Hotpot, select it and enter the password if required.

NB: This is pretty straightforward; however, the procedure might differ slightly depending on your brand. However, if you are having issues navigating to the TV WiFi, use the manual as a guide for that.

How to Connect Hotspot to TV with an iPhone

How to Connect Hotspot to TV iphone

If you use an iPhone, here is how you can go about that.

  • On your, iPhone Navigate to “Settings.”
  • Find the search box and type “internet” or “connection” into it. Doing this will show up results pointing you to where you can access the device’s hotspot.
  • Once you’ve located the hotspot, toggle it on.
  • Now, get the TV remote for your Wi-Fi-enabled TV.
  • Next, go to your TV’s Wifi settings and search for your Android phone’s hotspot name.
  • Once you see the SSID name of your device, Hotpot, select it and enter the password if required.

Now that you know the general approach, let’s delve into two popular brands to give you a better view of how to do that on your TV.

How to connect Hotspot to a Samsung TV

How to Connect Hotspot to TV samsung

I assume turning on a Hotspot on your Android phone, iPhone, or Router shouldn’t be a problem.

And connecting a Wi-Fi-enabled TV to your phone or router hotspot shouldn’t be a problem either.

If I am wrong about that, stop and read the post below.

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Else, here is how to connect Hotspot to a Samsung TV.

  • Turn on your Samsung Smart TV and choose TV from the remote.
  • Navigate to Menu > Network.
  • Select Network Settings, then Wireless.
  • Choose the name of your mobile Hotspot from the list.
  • Enter the password for your Mobile Hotspot.
  • Then, click the Next button. Now, your smart TV will try to connect to your mobile Hotspot.
  • When finished, press Enter to confirm.

Why is my TV not Connecting to my Hotspot?

When your TV won’t connect to your Hotspot, it usually has problems like the ones listed below.

  • Your Hotspot is malfunctioning.
  • Your device cannot be used as a Hotspot, according to the service provider.
  • You wish to utilize a non-Hotspot-compatible app.
  • There isn’t enough data on your phone.
  • Software glitch

Since you are aware of all of these, here are the proven troubleshooting steps to take to resolve it.

Restart your Television

Your smart TV and smartphone should both be powered off and on again to reset any connections or settings that could have been the source of the issue.

All these steps listed above are called power cycling.

That being said, here is a clearer way to carry it out:

  • Turn off your smart TV and disconnect it for 30 seconds.
  • Then, reconnect it and turn it on.
  • Connect to your mobile Hotspot again to determine whether the connection problem has been resolved.

Perform a software update for your TV’s firmware

Sometimes the problem could come from an error or glitch in a firmware version, and all you need to do is update the firmware to resolve it.

If you haven’t done so, simply follow the steps below to update your TV firmware.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu on your smart TV.
  • Navigate to Support > Software Update.
  • While you are on this page, check to see if your smart TV has the most recent upgrades. If it does, then the problem might not be coming from the firmware.

So you might have to perform a factory reset. But before doing that, try restarting your TV and seeing if it is connecting to your hotspot device.

If it isn’t, perform a factory reset.

Factory Reset your smart TV

Since you’ve gone through all the troubleshooting steps above without any positive results, here is how to go about it.

  • Turn on your smart TV and use the remote to choose the menu option.
  • Select Self-Diagnosis from the Support menu.
  • Then, choose Reset and click Enter.
  • If prompted, enter your PIN or passcode and click Yes on the next box to confirm.
  • During this procedure, your smart TV may restart many times.
  • Set up your smart TV and attempt connecting to your mobile hotspot when the reset is complete.

Can I use my Mobile Hotspot to watch Netflix on my TV?

Yes, you can. However, you might face some issues, such as buffering or a lagging internet connection. Furthermore, your phoenix may lose its power too quickly.

How to Connect an LG TV to a Wi-Fi Network

Firstly, you need a hotspot to connect to, maybe from your smartphone or your internet router. You must also ensure that you have Internet access.

if both are fulfilled.

You have to turn on the hotspot on your smartphone or router, depending on which one you wish to use.


  • Turn on your LG Smart TV and use the TV remote to choose “Menu.”
  • Select Setup > Connection Settings from the menu.
  • Select Wireless and from the list of wireless connections,
  • Select the name of your mobile Hotspot.
  • After that, enter the password and press Enter to confirm.
  • Your LG Smart TV should be linked to your mobile Hotspot.

Can I use my phone as a Hotspot for my TV?

You can use your phone as a Hotspot device if it has the necessary configurations, just like your modem router. However, it might be a bit slow, especially if your smartphone doesn’t support 4G.

Additionally, most phones can only last as long as 5–24 hours depending on the phone, but with a Hotspot running, it will be much shorter.


By now, you should have figured out how to connect Hotspot to TV. However, there are a few things you need to know. If Hotspot doesn’t seem to work for you, you can try connecting to your TV with USB tethering or Bluetooth tethering if your TV is enabled with those options.

To access these files, simply search for them in your phone’s settings. 

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