How to Reset Spectrum Router

Do you think you need to reset your Spectrum router? Then we got you covered. This article will show you the steps to take to reset Spectrum router step-by-step.

Internet connectivity is a huge part of our modern life, as we use the internet for various reasons, including communicating at work, learning new skills and solidifying old skills from the internet, connecting with loved ones, and meeting new people on various social media spaces, work, and entertainment.

Due to the importance of internet connectivity in our day-to-day activities, it can be quite frustrating when your internet goes off abruptly, as it could destabilize your plans and activities for the day.

The Spectrum brand is trusted to deliver fast internet connection both at home and in the office, and while they deliver most of the time, there are times when your internet goes off.

When this occurs, the solution most times is thankfully quite easy, you will only have to reset Spectrum router, and your internet connection will be back.

The article’s section below will explain how to reset Spectrum router when your internet connection goes off.

How to Reset Spectrum Router

The easiest solution to employ when your internet connection goes off is to quickly reset your Spectrum router.

Different methods are available to achieve this, and we will discuss all available methods that can be deployed to reset a Spectrum router in this article section.

Before you reset a Spectrum router, you can first attempt to reboot the router to see if your internet will come up.

Follow the instruction below to reboot the Spectrum router.

  • Unplug your router from the power source.
  • Reconnect the router to the power cable after approximately 60 seconds.
  • If you use a wireless adapter, you should also unplug it and plug it back after approximately 10 seconds.

If you have followed the steps above and your internet connection is still unavailable, you can proceed to reset Spectrum router, either via the mobile app or website.

Reset Spectrum Router using the Mobile app

If you have the mobile my Spectrum app installed on your mobile phone, you can reset your spectrum router by following the instructions below:

  • Log in to your my spectrum app on your mobile device.
  • Then click on the services tab, and select the internet tab from the options.
  • Select your spectrum router.
  • Then select restart equipment.
  • Click on the restart equipment option again.

Once you have followed the instructions, your Spectrum router will reset itself, and after a couple of minutes, your internet connection should be back.

reset spectrum router

Reset Spectrum Router using the Browser

If you do not have the spectrum mobile app installed on your phone, you can still reset the Spectrum router by logging in to the Spectrum website using your browser.

You can reset a Spectrum router via the browser by following the steps below.

  • Open the browser on your computer or mobile phone.
  • Then log in to the Spectrum website.
  • Then select your services option, and click on the internet tab.
  • Now select your Spectrum router from the available equipment list.
  • Click on restart equipment.
  • Select restart equipment again.

Following the instructions above will help you reset your Spectrum browser. Once you are done with the steps, you should wait for a couple of minutes, and your internet connection should be back.

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Minimum Requirement to use Spectrum Router on your Computer

There are some system requirements you must meet before the Spectrum router works efficiently on your Windows or Mac Computer.

For a Windows computer, the following minimum requirements must be met.

  1. The Windows operating system must be at least a Windows 8.
  2. Internet speeds up to 300 Mbps require an 802.11 N  router, while internet speed above 300 Mbps requires an  802.11 AC router.
  3. Full duplex Network Interface Card (NIC) of 1000 Mbps

For a MAC computer, the following minimum requirements must be met.

  1. The iOS operating system must be at least  OS X 10.6 version.
  2. Internet speeds of up to 300 Mbps require an 802.11 N  router, while internet speed above 300 Mbps requires an  802.11 AC router.
  3. Full duplex Network Interface Card (NIC) of 1000 Mbps.

What is the Purpose of the Spectrum Router Red Light?

The Spectrum red light is a signal that something is wrong with your router.

If the red light is a flashing red light, it means the router is having difficulty connecting to the internet.

If the red light is a solid red light, it means there is something wrong with the router itself.

You can follow some of the troubleshooting methods below to fix the issue with the router.

  • Check if none of the connection cables are damaged, and ensure they are correctly plugged into the router. If damaged, you have to replace the cables with a new one.
  • Restart your Spectrum router if it is an internet connection issue.
  • Contact the Spectrum customer support centre to confirm if there is a connection outage, as this might be the issue with the router.

Any or all of these solutions should be employed when your Spectrum router shows either a flashing red light or a solid red light.

What do the Spectrum Modem Lights Signify?

The Spectrum modem has various indicator lights that have different meanings to help you understand what is happening with the modem at a particular point in time.

The blue light indicates that everything is working perfectly well. The green light, which is majorly found in older spectrum modems, also indicates that everything s working quite well.

The white light indicates a slow internet connection or that there might be a problem with the connection.

The yellow light, which is primarily seen in the upstream or downstream indicator, implies that data is being transferred slowly.

A flashing red light indicates that there is an issue with the internet connection. A solid red light indicates that there might be an issue with the modem itself.

The absence of any form of light indicates that there is no power on your modem.

spectrum modem light

Spectrum Troubleshooting Methods

Depending on the issue with your Spectrum router or modem, there are various methods you can use to resolve them.

Some of the Spectrum troubleshooting methods for the Spectrum router are listed below.

  • If your Spectrum wifi router internet connection is slow, you can confirm by going here to do a speed test.
  • If the result is low, confirm that your ethernet connection cables are properly plugged in.
  • Disconnect some of the devices that are connected to the router, as many device connections can reduce the internet speed.
  • Reduce the distance between your router and other devices, as the best wifi signal for a strong internet connection, is about 125 feet.
  • Check the router to ensure it is compatible with your selected network.

If you still have issues with the router after following any or all of these steps, you should reach out to the Spectrum customer care center for further assistance.

What to do When You Cannot Sign in to your router

If you cannot sign in to your wifi router, you can attempt any of the solutions below to resolve the issue.

  • Check the ethernet connection cables between the router and your computer, and ensure it is properly plugged in.
  • Ensure that you are inputting the correct sign-in details and that your caps lock is not on.
  • Ensure that your router and computer IP address is on the same subnet.
  • Ensure that your browser has Java, JavaScript, or ActiveX enabled.
  • Clear your router configuration to its default settings.
  • Close the browser, and relaunch it.


This article has explained the various methods you can use to reset Spectrum router. We also looked at some troubleshooting methods you can employ when you have issues with your router and modem.

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