How to Connect to Hotspot without WiFi

A few days ago, I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8, and I needed to download the Windows 10 WiFi driver. Unfortunately, there was no way to connect to the internet to download the WiFi driver. But, I have a smartphone with internet to connect to via the Hotspot. But, there’s no way to use the phone hotspot and connect to it via the PC WiFi since the WiFi isn’t working at the moment. Unfortunately, All the drivers I downloaded didn’t work. What is the way forward to connect without WiFi?

I attempted to connect my phone hotspot to the PC using USB with Bluetooth & tethering, and it works. So, it’s these techniques that I am going to share with you in this post. Afterall I was able to connect to the phone hotspot without WiFi. But, with the help of a USB cable.

So, if you want to connect to Hotspot on your phone without WiFi, follow the steps by steps I will share with you in this guide to connect your phone hotspot to your PC using a USB cable.


What do you need to connect to a hotspot without WiFi on your PC? There is no much needed. You need the following as the basic requirement to connect WiFi to the Hotspot using a USB.

  • USB (Type-C).
  • Phone Tethering.

Why we need USB

Since we want to connect to our WiFi without using Hotspot, we need to look for a means to make the connection happen. And with USB coupled with the phone tethering feature, it’s easy to connect directly to the phone internet without enabling the phone hotspot.

This will still not possible if your PC cannot recognize the USB cable after connection it. Therefore, you will need o use a working USB that you have connected to your PC before.

Also, when you want to connect to your phone hotspot without your computer or PC WiFi, there is no need to select USB options when it pops on your phone as you only need to pair the two devices when you enable your Bluetooth to use the tethering feature on your phone.

How to Connect to Hotspot without a WiFi

Now, when you get the USB cable ready, and you are ready to connect to your phone internet (Hotspot) without WiFi, here are the steps that you should take.

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Tap “Wireless & Networks.”Phone wireless and network
  • Tap “Tethering & portable hotspot.”Tethering and hotspot
  • Toggle to enable “Bluetooth tethering.” Once your connection is ready to share, connect your USB (Type C) to your phone and your computer, respectively.How to connect phone Hotspot without WiFi
  • Toggle to enable the option that says, “share your phone’s internet connection using a USB cable.”Enable USB Tethering
  • The connection set up will start installing on your PC if you are doing this for the first time.How to connect to Hotspot with WiFi
  • Now, type the connection verification code on your PC when it pops on your phone and tap “Connect.”How to Connect PC to Hotspot without WiFi
  • Your PC will start connecting to your phone. Once the connection is established, you will see “connect to PC via USB.”Connecting to PC

This is how to connect to a hotspot without WiFi. We did this using a USB cable and phone Bluetooth. However, once you are connected to the internet, do not turn off your Bluetooth to disconnect the USB from either of the devices.

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