How to Connect Owlet to Wifi

Babies are a delight to every family; they are every parent’s responsibility to always look after especially their well-being and also provide for their needs. Baby monitoring products such s Owlet are becoming popular all over the world today. While these products are great to have they possess some difficulties in terms of use. So, here in this article, you will be taught how to connect Owlet to Wifi if you are having a hard time resolving your Owlet WiFi issue.

The Owlet Monitor is a wireless device and it’s one of the advancing baby monitoring technologies we have today. This smart device helps to monitor babies’ heart rates while asleep so that it alerts the parents immediately if any abnormality is noticed.

However, before the Owlet wireless device can work optimally, it has to be connected to your home Wifi network. The Base station of this wireless device can also be paired via Bluetooth and not Wifi alone. Recently, Owlet released its third-generation Smart sock which provides more comfort. The Owlet Monitor products include Smart sock 3, and Dream Duo.

Read on as we walk you through how to connect Owlet to Wifi without any hassle. Before you begin the connection process, ensure you have a readily available Base station, a Wifi password, and a 2.4G Wifi since 5G is not compatible. Once you have all these requirements, then you are good to go.How to Connect Owlet to Wifi

What is an Owlet?

In case you are just hearing the word, “Owlet” for the first time, you need to know what it is and also its functions. The following is what Owlet stands for:

  • Owlet is a wireless device that works by connecting it to your home Wi-Fi network for monitoring your baby’s sleep.
  • Owlet tracks your baby’s heart rate and Oxygen level while they are asleep.
  • This wireless device is wrapped around your baby’s foot to read these statistics.
  • Owlet notifies parents quickly in case their babies stop breathing or have impulsive heart rates while sleeping. It’s recorded that unintentional suffocation is one of the leading causes of death among children below one-year-old.
  • The Owlet baby monitor also alerts a mother once her baby has low oxygen levels and it’s capable of saving life on different occasions.
  • Owlet detects low oxygen levels with about 89% accuracy of the time.
  • How to Connect Owlet to Wifi

How does an Owlet Work?

The Owlet monitor works by pairing its base station to a Wi-Fi network via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. However, if you are pairing via Bluetooth, ensure the range of your router has a good signal and it’s up to 10 feet.

Owlet also comes with a free app that can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app is known as the “Connected Care App.” This app requires Wi-Fi and your Owlet Wi-Fi network to be connected to your home Wi-Fi network before it can work.

The app collates information for other Owlet products like Smart sock 3, and Dream Duo, it analyzes this information into trends.How to Connect Owlet to Wifi

Conditions to meet before connecting Owlet to Wi-Fi

Before you go ahead on how to connect Owlet to Wifi, you need to ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • The Base station must be plugged in.
  • Ensure you know your home Wi-Fi password.
  • Connect to a 2.4G Wi-Fi (Since 5G is not compatible).
  • Check and ensure that your internet is working by browsing a website on a wireless device that is connected to your home Wi-Fi.
  • Ensure that the base station is in close range of your router about 10 feet.
  • The base location can be changed after setup depending on signal strength.

Once all these conditions have been met, then, you can proceed on how to connect Owlet to Wifi.How to Connect Owlet to Wifi

How to Connect Owlet to Wifi

Before connecting Owlet to Wifi, you need the following requirements: an available base station, a home Wi-Fi password, and a 2.4G Wi-Fi, since 5G is not compatible with it.

In addition, ensure that the base station is positioned very close to the router with a better signal for your Owlet monitor. Also, check your internet connection and internet speed by browsing a website to be sure it’s working.

In a situation where your router or modem seems to have an issue, you can reboot the router and go ahead with connecting your Owlet to Wifi.

Here is how to connect Owlet and other Owlet products such as Smart sock 3, and Dream Duo to your Home Wi-Fi:

  • Go to Wi-Fi settings on your phone.
  • Click on the Owlet Network in the Wi-Fi settings.
  • You will see the network labelled as “Owlet-XXXXXXXXX.”
  • Tap on the OK option if you get an error message.
  • Check and ensure that you are connected to the Owlet Network.
  • Tap on Done in the upper-right corner.
  • Now, open an Internet browser like Safari or Chrome and enter in the search bar.
  • Tap on the Connect option next to your Wi-Fi name and enter your Wi-Fi password and name.
  • Once you enter your Wi-Fi password, click on Connect.
  • Finally, go to Wi-Fi Settings and reconnect to your Wi-Fi network.

Note that the Owlet Network will disappear from your Wi-Fi once your base station has successfully connected to Wi-Fi. The Owlet base station comes with different indications on its surface especially if such is for Wi-Fi.

Once you see a green indicator light up at the bottom of the base station, then it means you have successfully connected to Wi-Fi. This is how to connect Owlet to Wifi.

How to Connect Owlet to Wifi via the App

Since Owlet comes with an App known as the Connected Care App. This app requires Wi-Fi and your Owlet Wi-Fi network to be connected to your home Wi-Fi network before it can function.

To connect Owlet to Wi-Fi via the Connected Care App, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Connected Care App and go to the Account tab.
  • Click on the Cam under “My Owlet Devices”.
  • Under “Owlet Cam Settings”, click on Wi-Fi.
  • Here you will be directed to pair your Cam to a different Wi-Fi network.

This is all about how to connect Owlet to Wifi via the connected care app.How to Connect Owlet to Wifi

How to Connect Owlet Smart Sock 3 to Base Station

The Smart sock 3 is a third-generation wireless device recently released by Owlet. Here’s how to connect Owlet Smart Sock 3 below:

  • Plug in the Owlet Base Station to the wall socket.
  • Afterward, plug the Smart Sock 3 into the Base Station.
  • While plugged in, the Base Station will broadcast a Wi-Fi network for setup.
  • Once it is connected, the app will search for compatible home networks so it can connect to the Base Station.

Now, this is how to connect Owlet Smart Sock 3 to the Base Station.How to Connect Owlet to Wifi

How to Reconnect Owlet Smart Sock to Base Station

In case you need to reconnect Owlet smart sock to Base Station, follow the steps below:

  • Turn the Base Station over.
  • Quickly tap the small, rectangular button three times within 3 seconds, and you will hear a beep or chirp sound.
  • Now, press the big, round button twice within 2 seconds and then wait to hear the chirp or beep sound.

It should be paired by now! This is how to reconnect Owlet smart sock to the Base station.

How to Connect Owlet to Bluetooth

The Smart Sock and Base Station can also be connected via Bluetooth low energy. Owlet uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (2.4 GHz). The Base Station also uses Wi-Fi to communicate via your internet to our cloud. You only need Wi-Fi if you want to use the app to view live readings or view them remotely.How to Connect Owlet to Wifi

How to fix Owlet not Connecting to Wifi

In case after connecting Owlet to your internet connection and rebooting your router and modem, you are still encountering some issues, you can try the following troubleshooting tips below on how to fix Owlet not connecting to Wi-Fi. Here is how you can fix them:

Reset The Base Station

You can try resetting the base station and see if this fixes the issue. You can do this by:

  • Connecting the Base station to a power source.
  • Press the base and registration buttons on your Base station altogether.
  • Wait for your Base station to reset and reconnect back to Wi-Fi.

I hope this fixes the problem of can’t connect to Wifi. If not, you can proceed to the next fix.

Reset Owlet Wi-Fi

Press both the main Base Station button and the small button simultaneously for about 10 seconds to hard reset the Base Station while it’s plugged in. This will clear all previous wireless network credentials. Now, you can repeat the regular steps on how to connect to Wi-Fi.

Connect to 2.4G Wi-Fi

If you still can’t connect Owlet to Wifi, you can contact your internet provider and ensure that your Wi-Fi is 2.4G Wi-Fi. Therefore, connecting to a 2.4G Wi-Fi is very important since 5G is not compatible, if not, your Owlet might encounter some issues.

Double-check your Internet Password

Ensure you entered the correct internet password. You can also move the Base Station closer to your internet router for setup, then move the Base Station back to the nursery (you may need more bandwidth for setup). Now, restart your phone and try connecting to WiFi again. You can as well reset your home internet router.

Install the App again

You can reinstall the app and reconnect your device such as Dream Duo, Smart Sock 3, etc. This should fix the issue, but if it doesn’t proceed to the next fix below.

Powercycle the App

To fix the issue of can’t connect Owlet to Wifi, you may just need to run a power cycle by force-closing the app and disconnecting the base station for about 5 minutes. If that doesn’t help, then you may need to call an Owlet representative to look into this for you!

With all the steps outlined in this article on how to connect Owlet to Wifi, I hope you can now connect your Owlet to your home wifi without any hitch. Feel free to drop your comment in the section below to share your experience while connecting.

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