How to Reset SimpliSafe Base station

Do you want to learn how to reset SimpliSafe base station? If yes, this article has got you covered as we would explain how you can reset SimpliSafe base station.

SimpliSafe offers a variety of security gadgets and systems that are widely used, particularly in residential and small business settings. These systems include security cameras and alarm systems that notify the owner of a break-in.

SimpliSafe must be connected to the internet in order to function and connect to the main server. It’s possible that the connection will drop or become unstable, and the only way to fix it is to reset the SimpliSafe base station.

How to Reset SimpliSafe base station

How to Reset Simplisafe Base Station

If you are having issues with your SimpliSafe, one of the easiest ways to resolve it is to reset Simplisafe base station.

To reset SimpliSafe base station, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Disconnect the base station.
  • Using a Phillips-head screwdriver, remove the battery cover from the device’s bottom.
  • Remove one battery and leave it out for at least 10–15 seconds before replacing it.
  • Replace the battery cover.
  • Wait a minute or two after plugging in the base station for a new connection.
  • To ensure that your system is working properly, arm it.

If you have followed the steps, then you have been able to reset Simplisafe base station successfully. You can now use your SimpliSafe camera to confirm if the issue has been resolved.

How to Reset SimpliSafe Keypad Pin

Your master PIN gives you access to your SimpliSafe keypad menu and allows you to disarm your SimpliSafe system.

In situations where you might have forgotten your keypad pin, or you fear it has been compromised and what to change it to something else.

Follow the steps below to reset SimpliSafe Keypad pin.

  • Open the menu on the SimpliSafe mobile app by tapping the three-bar symbol.
  • Then select Settings.
  • Now click PINS.
  • Choose which PIN you want to reveal and/or update.
  • To expose and/or alter the PIN, tap the second line labeled PIN.
  • Save your settings, and be sure to click Done.

With the steps above, you will regain over your SimpliSafe. So, ensure you follow the step as described.

How to Reset SimpliSafe for New Owner

If someone else would be using your Simplisafe, either because you are moving and do not want to go along with it to your new abode, or you sold it to someone else, then you have to reset SimpliSafe for the new owner.

The steps required to reset SimpliSafe for the new owner are quite simple and basic and are listed below.

  • Call SimpliSafe at (888) 692-0229 to remove the SimpliSafe Base Station from your account.
  • Change the Master PIN on the SimpliSafe Security system from the keypad, online, or by contacting SimpliSafe.

Once you have done this, the new owner of the Simplisafe security system will be able to create a new Simplisafe account and add the base station.

How to Connect SimpliSafe to WiFi

If you want to connect SimpliSafe to WiFi, simply follow the instructions listed below.

  • Press the menu button and input your 4 digit master PIN.
  • Then, using the right rocker, navigate to System Settings and choose it.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose WiFi. Within a few moments, your keypad will display a list of available networks.
  • Scroll to a network and select it with the right rocker to connect to a network.
  • Enter your network’s password here. The Base Station will attempt to connect to the network, and if it succeeds, the keypad will notify you. If you are unable to log in, you will be prompted to re-enter your password to confirm it.

Once you have followed all of these steps, then you have been able to connect Simplisafe to WiFi.

How to fix Simplisafe Base Station not Connecting to WiFi

If you are having issues with your Simplisafe base station not connecting to WiFi, you can employ a few troubleshooting methods to resolve the issue.

The solutions are listed below.

  • Make sure your router is transmitting your network on a 2.4 GHz signal rather than a 5GHz frequency. (To enable more coverage, the SimpliSafe system is programmed to work with 2.4 GHz WiFi networks.) 2.4 GHz networks are substantially more effective at penetrating walls and floors than 5 GHz networks.)
  • You’ll need to re-enter your password on your keypad if your SSID (name of your WiFi network) and/or WiFi Password have recently changed.
  • Check to see if your SSID is concealed. If this is the case, go to your WiFi Router’s network settings and make the network discoverable.
  • Attempt to reconnect after power cycling your base station.
  • Reset your WiFi Router.
  • As you try to connect your Base Station to your WiFi network, try bringing it closer to your router.

After following these steps, try to use your Simplisafe to confirm if the WiFi issue has been resolved.


This article has looked at various issues concerning the SimpliSafe security system. We looked at how to reset SimpliSafe base station, reset Keypad pin, reset SimpliSafe for new owner, connect Simplisafe to WiFi, and what to do when Simplisafe is unable to connect to WiFi.

While attempting to carry out any of these tasks, if you run into any form of difficulty, it is recommended that you contact the SimpliSafe customer support team for expert assistance.

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