How to Connect Vizio Smart TV to WiFi

There are two ways to connect a Vizio TV to WiFi. It’s possible to connect a Vizio TV to WiFi without a remote (using Vizo Smartcast app & WiFi ethernet cable) and connect your WiFi TV to WiFi using a remote (connecting directly to a wireless network). Therefore, in this guide, how to connect Vizio TV to WiFi using both methods.

The first method is connecting your Vizio to WiFi without a remote we require you to have a LAN cable otherwise known as an ethernet cable. We will can also need to make use of the Vizio TV menu button at the back to navigate the Vizio TV source or input.

And the second method is how you can connect your Vizio TV to a WiFi without menu button at the back we center on how to connect the smart TV to the WiFi wirelessly but will require the WiFi passcode.Connect Vizio TV to WiFi

How to Connect Vizio TV to WiFi without Menu Button

To start with, we will consider the steps to follow to connect our Vizio TV to WiFi without menu button. But, we will need to make use of the Vizio smart TV remote. However, if your Vizio TV remote is not working but keeps blinking red light kindly check out this guide on how to fix a TV remote that is blinking red light repeatedly.

  • Switch on your Vizio smart TV and press the Menu button on your Vizio TV remote.
  • Navigate to “Network” to highlight it and press the “OK” button.
  • Select “Network Connection >>Wireless” to search for all available wireless networks in your coverage.
  • Find the “WiFi” you want to connect to from the list of available wireless networks and select it.
  • Enter the WiFi password and choose “Connect.”
  • Done.

Wait for a couple of seconds for the Vizio smart TV to connect to the selected WiFi. Once it has connected successfully a confirmation message will pop up telling you that you have successfully connected your Vizio smart TV to the selected wireless network.

How to Connect Vizio TV to WiFi without Remote

Alternatively, you can choose to connect your Vizio TV to your WiFi without using the TV remote control. Therefore, here in this section, we will consider how to connect Vizio TV to WiFi without remote. But, we will need to make use of the Vizio smart TV back button.

  • Get an Ethernet cable if your WiFi device doesn’t one. But, by default, there is an ethernet cable in the WiFi casing. So, do well to check it.
  • Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to your WiFi port and the other end to your Vizio smart TV ethernet port.
  • Press the “Vizio menu or source or input” button for about 2 seconds to pop up the smart TV menu.
  • Use the volume key [up and down]to navigate to “Network” and press the “source/input” just once to select t.
  • Use the “Vol keys” to “Network” and press the “source or input” button to select it.
  • Navigate to “Wired Network” and choose the option.
  • Once your wired internet connection is recognized and connected to your Vizio TV you can start using it.

Now that you know how to connect your Vizio smart TV to your WiFi without remote you should go-ahead to do just that. If you are unable to connect your Vizo TV to your WiFi using the menu back key please use the first method.

Can’t Connect Vizio TV to WiFi

If can’t connect your Vizio TV to your WiFi either use the option to connect Vizio TV to WiFi without remote or back menu button on how to connect your Vizio TV to your WiFi with the aid of your remote. Don’t stress out yourself, here in this aspect of the article we will discuss how to troubleshoot your Vizio smart TV WiFi if you can’t connect the Vizio TV to the WiFi.

Wrong WiFi Password

It’s believed that you chose the right WiFi network you want to connect with either in the process to connect using a wireless or wired connection. However, if the connection couldn’t succeed, we recommend that you check your WiFi password.

And in most routers or WiFi the username and password can be found at the back of the router on the self-care sticker. From our research, we discover that the basic or primary username and password for a new router is “Admin.” So, check out the back of your router for the exact password and username to access your WiFi on a wireless device.

However, if you have changed your router or WiFi password and username, do well to enter the exact password you changed to and username.

Here is our recommended guide on how to change your router or WiFi password for amateurs.

Enable your DHCP Settings on your Vizio

The second method we consider as a way to fix the Vizio TV that can’t connect to WiFi is to enable the DHCP settings on your Smart TV. The DHCP or dynamic host configuration protocol helps the smart TV and router to work as a unit.

  • Press the Vizio TV remote menu button.
  • Navigate to “Network” and press the “OK” button to select it.
  • Choose “Manual Setup” to pave way for editing your DHCP.
  • Then choose “DHCP.”
  • Is the DHCP option turned off? Select the right “arrow” key to turn it on and if it’s turned on, then turn it off and turn it on again.

Now, check whether you will be able to connect your Vizio TV to your WiFi network.

Recycle your WiFi

Here is another method to resolve Vizio TV can’t connect to WiFi. Just recycle your WiFi and the problem might vanish.

  • Turn of your Vizio smart TV
  • Unplug your TV (cold boot).
  • Reset the WiFi or router.
  • Switch on the TV and connect to the WiFi using your username and password.

The reason why you need to cold boot your smart TV is no more than clearing your TV memory to clear all glitches on the device.


Here we go again with another method to fix can’t connect Vizio TV to WiFi. This tip has to do with changing your router security settings to turn on the WPA-PSK option if it’s turned off.

And since the Vizio smart TV works better with WiFi when the WPA-PSK [TKIP] is enabled. Then it’s advisable to turn to what works.

  • Type your router or WiFi default web address into your browser and visit it.
  • Navigate to the WiFi settings and select it.
  • Enable the “WPA-PSK [TKIP]
  • Done.

Now, both the Vizio TV and WiFi should be working perfectly and as expected.

With this article, we have the belief that you should be able to connect your Vizio smart TV to your WiFi without a remote and the back menu button and at the same time, you should be able to connect your Vizio to your WiFi using the ethernet cable and fix the Vizio TV can’t connect to WiFi.


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