How to Create a YouTube Playlist, Add or Delete Videos

You can create a YouTube playlist to select a variety of videos that you want to watch or share with people.

Once you’ve created a YouTube playlist, you can add, delete, or rearrange videos simultaneously.

YouTube playlist

You can configure playlists to be public and accessible to everyone, private and only for certain users, or not included in the list to not find them.

What are YouTube Playlists?

YouTube playlists are collections of videos that play automatically one after the other. Playlists are usually made up of related or related videos on a specific topic, e.g., this collection of puppy videos or easy-to-learn rock guitar riffs.

You can create playlists of your videos, select other people’s videos, or combine both.

Why YouTube Playlists are useful

As a YouTube viewer, playlists are a great way to organise or share your favourite videos for yourself. For example, you can create a playlist of your favourite songs or yoga classes. For creators, playlists are a way to attract viewers longer and improve the chances of their videos being discovered at all.

Longer times

One of the factors behind the YouTube algorithm that determines where your videos are placed in search results is how long users watch your videos.

Because playlists make it easier for users to relax and watch multiple videos in a row, there may be an increase in display time and search rankings.

Improve discovery

Playlists appear separately in individual video search results in YouTube and Google results. They will also appear in the “Suggested Videos” section and on your channel page.

When you create playlists, your content may appear multiple times in search results, both for the playlist and for the exclusive video.

Because playlists appear separately in search results, you can segment new keywords by creating a playlist from your existing videos. For example, let’s say you have a YouTube kitchen channel. They have a video about making ratatouille and one about making pancake, Suzette.

By creating a playlist for French recipes, you can target this keyword without creating a new video on the subject. Less work for you, more qualifications!

YouTube Playlist an Overview

YouTube playlists have become a great way to create selected content that you can enjoy or share.

On this huge global media platform, you can create playlists of your favourite music videos, great newsreels, music videos that you and your friends show, or millions of videos.

Once created, it’s very easy to add, delete, or change a YouTube playlist.

You can drag and drop videos at any time to rearrange their order, change their public or private status (or not listed), and endlessly rename the playlist.

But first, you need to create a YouTube playlist.

How to create a YouTube playlist

  1. Watch the first video you want to add to the playlist.
  2. Click the word “SAVE” below the video.
  3. In the pop-up window, click “Create New Playlist.”YouTube playlist an overview
  4. Assign a name to the playlist, select its public or private status, and then press “CREATE.”YouTube playlist
  5. To include a video, go to the next video you want to add and press “RECORD” again.
  6. Check the box next to the playlist where you want to save the video, and it will be added to the list. Please note that you can add a video to more than one playlist at a time.

Once a YouTube playlist has been created, you can find it in the left column of the YouTube homepage or open it by clicking on the three parallel bars at the top left of the screen.

How to Edit a Playlist on YouTube

After you create your playlist, you can change it from time to time. Fortunately, YouTube makes it easy for you. First, return to the playlist editor.

You will be able to make dozens of updates and changes to your playlist on this screen. For example, if you click the “Playlist Settings” button, you can customise the settings for your playlist.

YouTube playlist

On the “Basic” tab, you can make your reading list public (searchable and accessible to everyone), not listed (not available to all users except you) and private (only available to users you choose).

You can also choose the order of your playlist on this screen. Your playlist will automatically play in the order you added the videos. However, you can change the order to make it more dynamic. For example, you can showcase your latest or most popular videos above to showcase your best content first and get involved with the viewing experience early.

YouTube playlist

Finally, YouTube offers a unique “automatically add” feature. To create a full playlist on a topic, and automatically add videos to your playlist, enter the phrase you want to associate with your playlist. YouTube automatically adds new video content to your playlist.

Back on the Playlist Editor page, you can rearrange your videos by selecting the vertical ellipses to the left of the video or using the drop-down menu on the right to move a video up or down. You can simultaneously use this drop-down menu to select the thumbnail for your playlist. This is an important decision because images are such an important part of a YouTube user that they choose the playlist they want to watch.

To remove a video from your playlist, select the “x” to the video list’s right.

YouTube playlist

Here! If you can do these essential functions, you’ve just earned your black belt editing YouTube playlists.

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