How to Install App Valley on iOS for iPhone and iPad

Apple app store is the usual place to download apps for iPhone and iPad officially without jailbreaking your phone. However, it’s not all apps and games that are available in Apple app store are free to download. There are paid apps also which require you to pay before you can download them. And instead of paying for paid apps in Apple store, App Valley make it all free without jailbreaking your iPhone and iPad.

App Valley is alternative to Apple apps store to download cracked, modified, and paid apps for free without jailbreaking your iPhone. The Appvalley does not require a login access or Apple ID to download paid apps for free, modified and cracked apps without jailbreaking.

App Valley is not like iPASTORE that requires your iPhone to be jailbroken and must have Cydia installed on it. Or Cydia alternative like INOJB.

If you are scared to jailbreak your phone and will like to download paid, cracked and modified apps without paying for them in the Apple apps store, then you should consider download and install Appvalley app on your iOS device.

The App valley works for iOS all version including iOS 11.12. When you download and install App Valley you can search and install popular apps like Spotify to download games, Pokemon Go, Minecraft pocket edition for free.

However, if you have decided to download and install the Appvalley on your iPhone and iPad follow these steps to download and install the cracked and modified apps downloader without jailbreaking.

App Valley

Features of App Valley

The following are some of the features of App Valley modified and cracked app downloader on iOS for iPhone and iPad for free.

  • Appvalley does not require Apple ID to download and install
  • There is no jailbreak access required
  • With App valley, you can download all paid apps for free, download modified and cracked apps without jailbreaking your iOS device
  • App valley does not require an additional app or software to work
  • App valley only occupy a limited space on your phone storage
  • The number of paid, cracked, and modified apps you can get from App valley is more than what you can get from other stores.

These are some of the popular features of App valley app for iOS and Android before you go ahead to hit the download button. Meanwhile, if you have an Amazon firestick and don’t know how to install it and do a complete setup, here is a guide on how to setup Amazon firestick and Fire TV.

App Valley Regular vs VIP

App valley tweak, cracked, and modified apps downloader on iOS for iPhone and iPad is divided into two versions. The regular version and the VIP version.

The VIP is the premium app with customer support when you are unable to download a specific app and get to know the reason why you cannot download the app or game.

Both the VIP and regular version give direct access to download and install apps that are not available in Apple apps store but the number of apps in the VIP is much more than the apps that are available in the regular version.

However, and in this case, I will share with you the exact procedure to download and install App valley regular version over the VIP.

How to Install App Valley on iOS for iPhone and iPad

Here, we are going to discuss the step-by-step procedure require to download and install App valley on iOS for iPhone and iPad. The same procedure can be used to install App Valley directly on all version of iOS. The procedure also works for iOS 12, 11.3 and iOS 11+.

1. Open a browser on your iPhone or iPad and visit Appvalley’s official On the website, you will see two different images, the regular and the VIP.

2. Click on install App Valley to start downloading the app on your phone. If there is a warning click on Allow to continue the download.

3. Click on it to start to install. Click on install again and again and wait for the app to finish installation and you will see a screen that the installation is complete.

4. Click on Done and the app icon will be added to your iOS apps icon.

Now, you have successfully downloaded and installed the App valley on your iPhone or iPad. To start using the app without any error, the app must be added to your phone as a trusted app. However, in the next section, I’ll share with you the step by step procedures required to add apps on iOS devices as a trusted app.

Add App Valley as a Trusted app on iPhone

To add tweaks apps installed on iOS for iPhone and iPad as a trusted app follow these steps.

  • Go to phone settings
  • Tap on the General option
  • Tap the Profile & management
  • Find the name of the app manufacturer
  • Click on add as a trusted device
  • Click trust and you are done.

This process is not only for App valley, it can be used to add all apps that are not downloaded from Apple apps store to your phone as a trusted device.

How to Fix App Valley not Downloading

There could be a conflict when you are trying to download and install Appvalley on your iPhone or iPad or even both. Here, we take a look at the possible reason why you may not be able to download and install Appvalley.

Set Time & Date

You can spend the whole day trying to download and install apps on your phone, both Android and iOS when the time and date are not correct with the exact day date and time. When you are having difficulties downloading any app on your smartphone with an error message not related to a network issue, the first thing to do is check your time and date and make sure it’s correct. However, to free yourself from this headache set your iPhone and iPad time and date to automatic.

Go to phone settings >> date & time >> automatically

Setting this will let your phone use your network provider’s time and date which is most accurate compared other sources.

Re-download the App

There is a possibility that the app is corrupt before the download is completed. Try to re-download the app valley tweaks app again and follow the procedure describe in this article to download and install it again.

Download Tweak Apps with App Valley

This is probably the solo reason why you want to download and install the tweaks apps downloaded on your iOS device. However, to search and download apps using the newly installed Appvalley follow these procedures.

  • Go to iPhone app menu and click on App valley icon
  • Type the name of the app E.g, Minecraft pocket edition or Pokemon Go
  • Click on the search button
  • Click on download button beside the app or game
  • Click  allow from the popup
  • Download and install

That is so simple. With this app and the process shared in this article, you should be able to download all your favorite cracked and modified apps without jailbreaking your phone and without Apple ID.

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