How to Enable YouTube Custom Thumbnail on New Channel

Thumbnail sales YouTube videos so you wouldn’t want to joke about it. Even with the best video in the world without quality thumbnail, you will end up getting no view. Before anyone will watch your video on YouTube, thumbnail says much about it first. In the paste, it’s very easy to use and enjoy Youtube features, now you have a lot to do. To create YouTube custom thumbnail you must validate your YouTube account first, get some reasonable YouTube subscriber, and upload some videos into your YouTube channel, otherwise, you will be welcomed with a message that you can upload a custom thumbnail to your video.

Do not be confused, this doesn’t stop you from uploading video to your channel on YouTube, just that you will only have to use you video blur image and this will affect the rate at which your YouTube video trends. However, if you want to start a YouTube channel in a professional way, you must validate your YouTube account so that you will be able to upload a custom thumbnail to your YouTube video.

Once your YouTube account is validated you can go ahead to edit all your YouTube video to add custom thumbnails to them. In short, here is this post today, you will learn the rudiment behind how to enable YouTube custom thumbnail on new YouTube channel.

How to Enable YouTube Custom Thumbnail Feature

Here is the step-by-step process to verify your YouTube channel to enable custom thumbnail feature on your new channel.

1. Log into your YouTube account on any browser and click on your “Profile Picture” to select “Creator Studio”

YouTube custom thumbnail

2. Expand “Channel” and click on the “Verify” button

YouTube custom thumbnail

3. Select your “Country”, means of “Verification”, and enter your “Phone Number”, and click on “Submit”.

YouTube custom thumbnail

4. Enter the “Verification Code” forwarded to your phone number by “YouTube” and click “Submit”

5. You will see a congratulatory message that your account is verified. Click “Continue” to proceed

6. Now, YouTube custom Thumbnail will be enabled and you can now start uploading a custom thumbnail to your old and new videos.

This is all that you need to do to enable custom thumbnail on your YouTube channel. Meanwhile, without completing your YouTube verification process you will not be able to use a custom thumbnail even with 100,000 subscribers.

Please share your testimony with us if you were able to enable a custom thumbnail on your YouTube channel following this tutorial.

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