How to Disable Twitter Location

If you are an ardent Twitter user and a critic on the micro blog platform or would love to operate at a very low-level without getting tracked for a comment you made or for tweeting a particular Twitter handle you may want to disable your Twitter location. When you disable Twitter location other Twitter users will not be able to identify the specific location you are tweeting from.

This action works even when you enable your phone location to be able to trace your phone when you misplaced it or when you are using the Google Map app.

So, you don’t have to bother about your phone location feature whether it’s enabled or not. Once you choose to disable your location on your Twitter account all your Twitter followers and those that you are following will not be able to trace you to your location.

This act won’t affects your activities on Twitter. It’ll only make your Twitter location inviscible. You don’t have to be panic about your new followers, they’ll still be able to find you using your Twitter handle or searching your name through the Twitter search box.

Disable Twitter Location on Mobile

If you are operating directly from the Twitter mobile app it’ll be easier to modify your location on Twitter than to use Twitter desktop or be searching for a computer to log into your Twitter account before you can edit your location.

  1. Launch the Twitter mobile app on your Android. If you don’t have the mobile app download it from the Google play store.
  2. Click on the Twitter profile picture to the upper-right and click on settings and privacy.
  3. Find “privacy and safety” under account and click on it.
  4. Scroll the page that opens and  click on “Precise Location” option to open a new tab.Disable Twitter Location
  5. Untick the “Twitter precise location” to disable your location on Twitter.

You can enable it of course when you need to. However, you will be prompt to enable your phone location when you want to re-enable your location on the microblog platform next time.

How to Disable Twitter Location on Web

If you are using a web browser whether on phone or on PC, you can follow the procedures below to disable your location from being active on Twitter.

  1. Log into your Twitter accoun on your web browser
  2. Click on your profile picture and select settings and privacy from the drop menu.Settings and privacy
  3. Click on settings and safety under your profile information {see the image below}Disable Twitter Location
  4. Now, untick tweet with a location in the Twitter location option to turn off your Twitter location when you tweet.Tweet with Twitter location

This setting doesn’t affect Twitter for iOS and Android. To make sure you disable your Twitter location totally on mobile (Android & iOS) and on the web, you must follow the steps shared above.

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