How to Fake GPS Location on iOS 11 without Jailbreaking

With all OS tracking individual locations to improve search results and try to monitor users current location, some people do not really like it. For Android users, you can simply use a fake location feature in Android OS called mock location. For iOS users, the mock location feature is an unimaginable feature, however, with the iOS 11, there are a few apps to fake GPS location on your device.

Whether you want to be more cunny about your location tracking or you want to be more successful in playing games like pokemon go with a joystick, or hide your location without a trace and you do not want to jailbreak your iPhone iOS 11, this guide will cover the entire process.

A game like Pokemon go requires a consistent location and without you hide your current location or mock your old location with your current location you may not be able to play the popular game. However, with a fake GPS location app for iOS, you don’t have to worry about Pokemon Go tracking your location.

Fake GPS Location

How to Fake GPS Location on iOS 11 Manually

You can fake your location on iPhone running iOS 11 without jailbreaking your device so that you won’t stand a chance to brick your device.

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However, there is a manual approach which requires software to manually hide your location while the second approach requires the use of iOS app to hide your location on iOS 11 without jailbreaking as well.

Backup your iPhone

The first procedure is to back up your iPhone device with the latest iTunes software. The procedure to back up your iPhone using iTunes doesn’t require a technical effort.

First, download and install the latest iTunes for either PC or Mac and connect your iPhone or iPad or iPod to your computer with a USB cable. The backup will start automatically and if it doesn’t, initiate it on your own and start the backup process.

Download and install iBackupBot Software

In order to successfully back up your iOS 11 device without a jailbreak, you need an additional software called iBackupBot. Once you have successfully backup your iPhone to your Mac or Windows computer download and install it.

How to Configure iBackupBot Software

This configuration is necessary after you have installed the iBackupBot software for your computer’s OS from the link provided above.

Now, launch the iBackupBot software and it will automatically detect the initial iTunes backup files on your computer. Now, while the iBackupBot software has successfully loaded the necessary files, now, use the software to navigate as shown below.

“System Files” > “HomeDomain”  > “Library” > “Preferences,” or navigate to “User App Files” > “com.Apple.Maps” > “Library” > “Preferences.”

Either way will lead you to com.Apple.Maps. Now, click on the com.Apple.Maps file for a modification to able to mock location directly on your iOS 11 without jailbreaking.

Modify iBackupBot Software Preference

Once you have successfully access the com.Apple.Map following one of the approaches shared above, then follow the procedure below to modify the preference to enable mock location on your iOS 11.

The modification we’d modify in the com.Apple.Map setting is to block the data starting the string with a tag “<dict> tag.

Find the >dict> tag in the iBackupBot preference paste the code below under the <dict> tag


Once you have successfully added the code above click on save and close the iBackupBot software.

Turn Off “Find My Phone” Settings

If you are used to iCloud accessing find my phone should be a problem. However, for simplicity, click on Settings >> iCloud >> Find my Phone.

You will prompt to log into your iCloud account, and enter your iCloud login information to successfully disable “find my phone”. While your iOS 11 is still connected to your computer navigate back to the iTunes software installed.

Restore your iOS Backup

The purpose of the modification is to alter the <dict> tag and modify the code to pause the data starting string. Now, navigate back to iTunes and restore your backup files to your device.

Fake GPS Location on iOS 11

After you have successfully restored your iPhone backup click on the Map app and browse for the location you want to fake. To the bottom of the screen, you will see all the necessary information about the new mocked location. Tap on it and click on the option that says “Simulate Location”. This option will confirm that you are in the same old location.

Apps to Fake GPS Location on iOS 11 With App

The easiest way to mock location on iPhone or iPad or iPod is using a fake GPS app for the iPhone without going through the entire process shared above. With the fake GPS app for iPhone you do not need to modify any file, the app does the modification job and fakes your location with the same “Simulate Location” in the iPhone map.

Fake Location App

If you don’t want to manually mock your location on your iPhone without jailbreaking, fake location app is a choice of app to automatically simulate your location on iPhone. The app interface is user-friendly and easy to use. There is no need for configuration to start using the fake location app.

After you have successfully installed the app on your iPhone launch the app and select the new location you want to mock. This app doesn’t require file modification, all you need to do is make the app active on your device and you are safe with your current location.

Fake GPS Location

This is another popular spoofing app for iOS users to mock location on iOS 11 without jailbreaking and without com.Apple.Map file modification.

When you are sure of the new location you want to mock playing games that requires location like Pokemon Go this is definitely the best app to download and run to hide your location without a trace.

The app uses the Apple Simulator location feature to hide your current location and start showing the simulated location as your new location making it different from the Pokemon Go game to detect you are playing the game from a different source.

It’s easy to fake GPS location using an Apple on iPhone without jailbreaking your device. Also, if you don’t like to stalk your phone with tons of apps, the iBackupBot procedure to modify your iPhone back to access the Whichever of procedure that suits you works perfectly.

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